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I walked along the road's edge hitch hiking for a ride to the nearest town, even though I could get there faster on my own two feet. I wasn't sure yet of where my abilities had come from, but I knew I wasn't human anymore. The wind blew like crazy making my hair go all over the place. I wrapped my arms around myself waiting to shiver at the cold air since I had no sweater, but I didn't feel anything. Instead I did it out of habit; an unnecessary habit at that. All I wore was a t-shirt with ripped jeans and combat boots. If I were human, I would be freezing right now. I felt dirty because I had been wandering this road for days and not once had I cleaned myself. I hadn't taken a shower in a long time, but yet I was more beautiful than when I had left home. Nothing made sense to me anymore; somehow I had become alluring. I shifted my backpack from one shoulder to the other; another habit of mine which was unnecessary. I did a lot of unnecessary things, like breathing. You're probably wondering how I ended up here or how I became like this, so let me take you back to a couple of months ago.

'Finally!' I thought as I literally ran to my house once I was out of detention

As I neared my house, I couldn't help but to shiver at the thought of what might happen when I reached my front door. I walked slowly, trying to prolong arriving to my house, but that didn't work. My father was already opening the door and running up to me as I approached the front steps. I looked past him to see my angry mother grinning evilly at me. I turned to my father who was already at arms reach. He gripped my upper arm pulling me into the house.

'Damn another bruise' I thought as I tried to wiggle myself out of his grip as he flung me through the front door

"You little whore! Who where you with now?" My dad screamed practically for the whole neighborhood to hear

He pushed me to the floor hard. My mother closed the door behind him and I tried to get up, but my mother quickly slapped me, putting me back down as I let out a groan.

"Did I raise you to be a whore and let all those men touch you like you were some piece of meat!" I shook my head at what my mother was accusing me of and became angry.

I was going to make it end now!

She made all this stuff up about me and then brainwashes my father to believe her garbage, but no more; not anymore! I looked at her with determination as I got up, pushing away my father's hands that tried to keep me down. I looked at her trying to scream at her through my eyes as I glared at her.

"You're wrong" I said in a hiss

"You little bitch" My mother said sounding offended

"I'm not all those things you say I am" I shouted

"How dare you..." My father started to say

"I'm better than you!" I finally snapped

"You open your legs to anyone and you think you're queen of the world?" My mother scoffed

"You don't know me! Your own daughter! Do you truly think that I'm all those things you say I am?.. And even if I am, do I deserve all those beatings from both of you?!" I said screaming and crying out of anger

I looked at them waiting for them to say something, but it was my mother to react. She slapped me hard enough to make me bleed as I laid on the floor crying. I closed my eyes at the stinging tears and then I heard it; the snapping of the belt. Once again I was broken to nothingness by my parents as I did nothing while the belt smacked against me. The burning sensation started to creep up on me and then suddenly my eyes snapped open as if I had woken up with a jolt. I pulled away from my father and stood up ripping the belt from his hands, slamming it to the ground.

"No more!" I screamed

I ran up stairs full of adrenaline packing my bags in mere seconds. I kept saying "no more" over and over until finally I ran out of the house. I ran in fear as I turned back to see my father waving his belt at me.

"Don't you dare come back! Never! Do you hear?!" He screamed as I saw my mother behind him glaring at me

It was dark by the time I reached a road heading out of my town. The road was fairly empty, only seeing a couple of cars pass by every couple of hours. I was too weak from all the running and I was hurting physically from the beating. It was no surprise to me when I collapsed on the side of the road. I hoped someone would pull over and come to my rescue. I waited as I felt my body start giving up on me or was I giving up on me? Who knows. It had begun to rain and it only got harder and louder with every minute. I found myself begging for death. I leaned on a tree as I closed my eyes and awaited my demise and that's when I heard the growl. I thought my prayers had been answered as my mind went blank and I felt this intense pressure on my shoulder.

My body was being moved. I could tell that much as the burning pain ran through my veins. I couldn't help but convulse as I screamed fearing that I would go mute from so much screaming. I tried to claw out the pain that ran through me, but I was rapidly held still. I knew I wasn't alone as I felt a cold hand constantly caressing me gently, but even then I knew I would be alone.

Now here I am; some kind of creature and my only guess, if I'm not crazy, is that I'm a vampire. I can't really believe it, but whatever way I see it, it doesn't matter; I'm a monster. I knew I was a monster the minute my eyes shot open and a young looking man stood over me. He was asking if I was okay; if I needed any help. At first I thought to reply, but in a second, my train of thought changed. I paid no attention to whatever he was saying anymore and before I could register anything, I had him underneath me. I was sucking and tearing at his neck, it was really messy until I felt no heart beat. It felt so natural that it scared me. Somehow, I knew exactly what to do and that's when I knew I had to be some type of demon. I hated myself and tried my hardest to stay off the road as I tried to hide out in the woods, but I couldn't control myself. That weakness made me hate myself even more.

All I know now is that I 'eat' humans and it feels so wrong, but I can't help it. Guys in particular have been paying more attention to me and slow down to pick me up often. It's strange because before this, the cars would just drive by me not giving me a second glance. These men, the old and smelly ones, are the ones I feed on since only perverts like them would pick up a young girl like me. I try to justify my actions somehow. I think of myself as hero helping the world by getting rid of all this perverted men. It helps that I can tell if they're bad or good; its like if I had a meter that said either good or bad. That's how I determine my next meal. I know it still doesn't justify it fully, but the world could do without perverted men.

My name is Isabella Swan and I'm seventeen years old. I went from running away from monsters to becoming one.