When Edward said those words, I couldn't help but to feel happy, but also scared. I was about to speak when Carlisle interrupted.

"Yes wolves, so if I were you, I would leave" He said and I looked at Carlisle surprised

He looked at me and he simply smiled and then crouched down like the rest of the family had already. I looked around to see that they were all ready to fight. Fight for me? Then the man looked back to his pack and then faced Carlisle.

"Well then, let's do this!" He ordered and quickly morphed into a wolf

Like that, they all lunged at each other. I didn't know who to go after but it wasn't that hard of a choice since one of them had chosen me already. It was the one I had fought before.

He didn't even wait as he snapped at me so carelessly, but it was so careless that it surprised me. He ended up pinning me to the ground. He dug his nails into my shoulders, but I didn't give him the pleasure of seeing me in pain, so I just glared at him and growled. He got off me and I ran after him. As he turned around, I gave him one good punch in the face and made him bleed out of his mouth and I froze. He noticed this and to my shock turned back in to a man. He walked up to me and I was just frozen. I didn't move towards him or away from him, I just stood there. He wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me against him and his hot touch on my skin made me shiver. His closeness made me smell him more and God, did he smell bad. He smelled like a wet dog. He leaned down and I could feel his hot breath on my neck.

"You want me" He said in a low voice

I didn't move or say anything.

"You want my blood" He said now facing me, his mouth only inches away from my face, "What would happen if I were to kiss you with these lips full of blood?" He taunted

I growled and stepped back, but when I did, he pulled me to him and kissed me. The minute his mouth was on my lips they felt so hot against mine. This kiss was not the same as Edward's; this kiss from this wolf was disgusting and as I was about to pull away I tasted it... blood!

I pulled him against me and I kissed him eagerly, but with thirst as I licked the blood inside his mouth. Then he knew I would soon lose control and he pulled away. He faced me and looked at me with fear. I smiled widely. I didn't just want to fight him anymore, but I wanted to kill him. I wanted his blood. The rational me was gone now and the only thing left was the monster that I feared and hated.

I slammed him against the ground and scratched his cheek as he screamed. I leaned in to lick his wound and he winced. He struggled, but I made him look me straight in the eyes. His eyes seemed glazed over and he soon stopped struggling. I touched his cheek softly and ran my hand down to the base of his throat. I kissed his throat lightly and heard him gasp.

"No, please don't" He begged and I faced him

It seemed that he was getting his senses back, but I didn't care. I wanted blood and I was going to get it.

I leaned down and as I licked his throat he gasped again. I was about to bite him when I was suddenly knocked off of him. I was pinned to the ground by Edward. I growled and fought against him, but he just held me closer and now I was gone completely. I heard talking, but I was too focused on blood that nothing else mattered and then Edward got off of me. I thought he had let me go, but instead when I got up he took my hand and he started running. I tried to get out of his grip, but it was no use. He let me go and then I smelled it... blood! I didn't care whose it was, I just went for it. I didn't know how long I drank for, but I drank until I was completely satisfied. I took my last drop of blood and in my hands was a deer. I threw it aside and I stood up turning around to see Edward.

"Satisfied?" He asked and I nodded, "Bella, look at me" He said

I didn't, making him grab my face and kissed me quickly before pulling away.

"See? It's alright" He said trying to make me feel better, but I shook my head

"I was a monster" I said as I looked down at my hands and then clutched them into fists, "I am a monster" I repeated

Edward hugged me tight and I dry sobbed into his chest. I felt my knees give out, but he held me up. I stopped and I looked up to face Edward and at that moment I realized that I might be a monster, but with Edward I felt like I was just Bella.

When Edward looks at me I feel safe. I don't know if its love; all I know is that I can't leave Edward. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him like there was no tomorrow.

Edward was mine. I didn't even know why he had chosen me, but he had and now I was his as well. The kiss was tender, not lust filled or passionate, just plain like an old couple's kiss.

"What about the others?" I finally asked

"The wolves stopped once they realized that one of their own was hurt" He said

"What does that mean for you guys?" I asked

"We agreed to leave" He said

"Oh no, Alice is going to hate me" I said

"No, Alice loves you; they all do"

"Liar" I said

"They're happy that I've found someone" He said as he hugged me

"So? That doesn't mean they have to like me" I said

"You know they like you. Don't ever doubt that" He said, "As a matter of fact, they're worried sick about you. Their thoughts keep attacking me" He said with a smile

"I still feel bad" I said

"It's okay" He said placing a soft kiss on my lips, "Are you ready?" He asked as he took my hand in his

The path I was following was unsure, but what I knew was that Edward was a for sure thing. With Edward, I could go anywhere. I would follow him to my own death.

"Now or never" I said gripping his hand tightly


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