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Theme: I is for Isis.


Paradisio – Dante


She'd saved him twice, but she wasn't his master and he wasn't hers. She was free now, and in the human world. The world of light. Heaven.

It took awhile to wear him down, but she had been created and trained to wear him down, after all. It was nice to do it for herself and not for him.

He even saved her again, from Mundus, chased after her for her own sake, and cared more about the fact that she was alright than that the amulet he had given her contained the soul of the woman she had been modeled after. She was first in his heart, not second. Even if he hadn't admitted it yet, the knowledge made her glow.

After that, he stopped going on so many solo missions. She knew he'd done it to stay away from temptation: she knew she was gorgeous when she fought. She'd needed to chase him to Vie du Marli, now she was by his side. Not all the time, but most of the time.

Did he want to keep an eye on her in case anything else happened? Unnecessary, but sweet.

She knew she kicked ass.

She was alive and able to enjoy her time with him because of Eva. The one she had hated had brought her back to life.

If it weren't for the fact it might bring up the whole 'incest' thing, she might say she somehow felt like they were sisters. They weren't the same person, but both of them loved Legendary Dark Knights who fought for humanity.

Eva wouldn't have brought Trish back to life if she hated her and wanted her away from her son. So, maybe she had the blessing of her future mother-in-law? The thought made her smile. It wasn't like Eva could nag and point out her flaws from inside the amulet.

A lot of the time she wasn't sure whether Dante was looking at the amulet or her cleavage. He looked in that direction a lot, then looked away not wanting her to catch him. It was cute, she wanted him to look at them, that was what they were there for.

She was pretty sure she was bigger than Eva had been. A minor little victory and petty given her gratitude, but still.

Dante certainly liked her boobs.

He certainly liked her.

It took awhile for him to get comfortable with her hitting on him, but then she did it constantly. It was so fun. Silly Dante, thinking he could resist her.

Kissing him under the mistletoe, that was fun. Little magical memories kept accumulating, and even though she couldn't wait to see what the sex would be like she really did love this.

She loved him.

He said that he would only date humans, and he did go on some dates to try to prove his point, but she spied on him and he wasn't having fun in that way even though they threw themselves all over her Dante. Hers. Who else fought beside him? Who else 'forgot' to lock the bathroom door so he sometimes accidentally walked in on them in the shower, humming and a graceful shadow behind the curtain?

Who else zapped him when he did something stupid, knew all his little quirks and habits down to what kinds of drinks he liked in what moods, was the one he had given his family heirlooms to?

Some got engagement rings passed down through their fiancee's family, she got guns. Not to mention the sword and the amulet, priceless treasures on which the fate of the world hung.

She was as valuable as the world to him. He had left these on her grave: losing them nothing next to losing her.

She knew it was only a matter of time, as much as Dante protested.

Only a matter of time until she was in heaven.