I do not own Sky High, I own my characters however I may not own the many people they are based on.

Summery: There had been rumours spreading though out the students of Sky High during summer vacation of transfer students who: 'had been so bad they got kicked out of Europe' with a reputation that 'puts Peace to shame'.

There and Back again

First day back, a certain group of old freshman now new Juniors are amongst a gathering crowd in the sports hall (no barriers, just seats). Principle Powers ordered a gathering of all students and teachers to announce a new plan for the school.


"Thank you Coach Boomer. Before we begin, freshman are to remain here to be sorted into hero and hero support groups, all other students report to the designated areas of the school to receive a time table, Coach Boomer will tell you these areas after I've finished speaking. Now, I expect you've all enjoyed your vacation, but I also expect all students to leave the immature games at home. As some of the teachers know, I visited a relatively new Super School during a part of last term and summer vacation, I was inspired by that visit to replace the old timetables to include new subjects, you will decide on one creative subject and one extra curriculum subject. These lessons will only be once a week, but, depending on their success, hours may be increased next year. The creative subjects include; Media Studies, Art and Design, 3D design, Textiles, Creative writing and Graphic Design. The extra curriculum activities include: Driving/Flight Theory, Foreign language, Sport, Aromatherapy, Hero's of the past present and future, and (to please most girls) hair and beauty. (Lads sigh, girls gossip) These lessons will begin next week, which means that at some point within the next few days, all students will need to sign up to take the subjects you wish to be placed in, otherwise, Coach Boomer will have the privilege of fitting you into any of the available subjects. Bare in mind, only a certain amount of students can fit into each subject so sign up soon to guarantee your self a place. Now, before I leave, I've heard most of you talk of the transfer students from Europe. They have not been kicked out of their old school! I expect you to treat them equally and not discriminate them or I assure you, you will be dealt with accordingly! Thank you."

Principle Powers transformed into her energy self and darted out of the room leaving the students to be once again ordered around by Coach Boomer.

(Very short, I know but I had to get the characters in at least one lesson together.)