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End is just the Beginning

I wanted a perfect ending.

Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme

And some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Life is about not knowing, it's having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it,

Without knowing what's going to happen next.


Chapter 1: Home

Horrible would not suffice to describe her condition. She's tired, cold and far from warm comforts of her dorm.

Sometimes things happen that just don't make sense. A great amount of faith is essential for a man to be convinced that they occur for a noble purpose. Feuille Myers, on the other hand is still debating with herself on what can be a good reason for waking up late and feeling all stressed-out because it's the day of exams and she's still clueless how on earth she is going to make it on time. To make matters worst, rain is pouring down really hard.

Feuille remained static, quietly panting as muscles on her legs ache after running an incredible speed to reach the bus stop as quickly as possible. She remembered feeling confident the day before but to her dismay, things are currently going out of control. Feuille's emerald eyes darted from left to right, anxiously seeking someone she might knew. Misery indeed adores company. Then a familiar image of a young girl with dark purple hair tied in an unruly ponytail had met her sight. She was wearing a grey checkered skirt that ran down to her knees and a white blouse with matching blue bow and black long-sleeved vest. Nothing really peculiar, it's the typical uniform of girls in her school. Except for one detail though, her mismatched socks, one striking yellow orange and one neon pink. Yuck! Have she heard anything about style and aptness. Feuille raised an eyebrow in disgust.

Then realizations flowed in every single fiber of her well-being. Her eyes nearly popped out when she discovered that the lady she bombarded with criticisms was in fact her own reflection against a mirror wall of a store nearby. Feuille had been immersed in confusion. She swears by her mother's grave she wore white socks. What happened? She knows not. Perhaps being too preoccupied with morning predicaments is immensely hazardous.

Feuille blinked twice and it became clear why people have been throwing curious gazes at her. What adjective would describe her state? Well, if there's any, it's far from 'horrible'. Clinging unto the remaining fragments of her sanity, she smiled and tried to figure a way out. Nonetheless, vexation had contaminated her mental processing and that's when she started stomping her feet as if knocking on the ground. Open up! Open up! Would you be so kind as to swallow me right now? Please, I beg of you. Then after a moment or so she heard the bus coming.

Even upon entering the vehicle, her mind remained up in space. Feuille slowly made her way inside and took the only seat remaining. She felt pathetic. Series of unfortunate events came to her like a thief prowling in the dark. It was utterly unexpected. But when all lights seem to go out, a tiny spark conquered her apprehension and odd enough, it came from her cell phone's screen.

The message from her best bud Miley gave a faint glow and it read, Cheer up darling! Exams were cancelled because of a typhoon coming. Also, there's this really awesome announcement posted in the bulletin board. Check it out! By the way, Clarence is celebrating his birthday today and he's having a pizza party at his place. Another bonding time, what do you think? So are you going or are you going? Meet us inside the school's main building. Take Care.

Feuille bit her lower lip in an attempt to suppress her laughter of pure joy and relief. It's astonishing that everything dreadful her mind had visualized was now gradually leaving her like dandelion seeds carried away by the wind. However, there's still one surprise destiny has in stored for her, an implausible surprise just patiently waiting to be revealed.

"Nice socks."

A placid and deep voice brought her back to reality. Feuille suddenly had the 'oh' experience then rationality once again flowed through her veins. She faced the guy where the sound came and her eyes glistened in amusement. How could she miss noticing her odd seatmate?

"Thanks," she acknowledged his comment. Was that supposed to be a compliment or was he mocking her. Well, she honestly doesn't care. However, Feuille had kept her stare glued on him. She cannot remove her orbs away from the magnificently bizarre sight before her. He's not your everyday hunk. Truth to be told, he's someone who screams eccentricity loud and clear. Nevertheless, he's stunning and fascinating in his own way. He sat with his feet on top of the bus seat, legs pressing against his chest. He wore an old-looking blue baggy pants and white long-sleeved shirt. Both appear too big for his skinny and gaunt body. Disheveled raven locks fell to his forehead, slightly covering his round dark eyes which seem to be shaded with black pastels underneath. His skin was like expensive porcelain, smooth and white. Feuille teasingly likened him to a panda bear, the breed which instead of eating bamboo shoots, eats delicately sweet chocolate bars. His character was oozing with peculiarity and at the same time oozing with charm.

"You fancy some?" His lazy tone was heard once more. Feuille thought he must have been feeling unease with her staring incessantly at him. So with an apologetic look she said, "I'm sorry for doing that and I'm not really into sweets. Thanks for the offer anyway."

Seconds passed then every functioning organ in her digestive tract protested madly. She remembered that she skipped the most important meal of the day and now sugar level in her system pleads to be replenished. Feuille wants to succumb to her need but self-control which is her nature, prevailed. She chose to adhere to the old traditional rule of not accepting anything from people who are strangers. But being a total contradictor to herself, she inwardly said, Just ask one more time and I'll gladly accept that tempting chocolate. Come on, ask again.

The guy just smiled, turned his gaze at the window moistened by the downpour, then said, "Yeah. I also think that it's inadvisable for you to consume such food. You seem to be gaining weight than the last time I saw you."

His blunt statement didn't sound right to Feuille's ears. Did he just say I gained weight? Fine, enough with self-control and nice gal mode. "You really have guts, huh? Telling me that I've gained weight," she exclaimed as she gritted her teeth in infuriation. "Are we even close?" Driven by seething anger, she smacked her bag right into the stranger's face. Sadly, all of that were just mere intentions of her mind. She struggled to remain calm as she repeatedly chanted herself the words, Behave Feuille, behave.

Making mental connections is man's most crucial learning tool. But though how irrational, Feuille cannot deny the idea that an unlikely connection between her and her seatmate had been formed. Since it was irrational, she doesn't want it to continue any further. She took out her i-Pod and plugged the earphones carefully to her ears. This act, she believed, blocked all means of contact from the outside. She let herself be engulfed with Christina Aguilera's dulcet voice. Still, the words which came from the uncanny guy echoed in her senses more loudly compared to the music.

Than the last time I saw you… than the last time…

Strange because she had a feeling that he met this guy somewhere she can't recall. Was it déjà vu? She wanted to ask him what he meant but decided not to bother with it anymore. Instead Feuille focused on thinking about the gift she'll buy for her friend. For starters, Clarence is obsessed with anything Japanese, Death Note in particular. He downloaded every episode and watched it at least five times a day. Well who wouldn't be addicted to its witty plot? Its characters are also really interesting. Light Yagami, an ultimate illustration of human psyche while L Lawliet, the erratic detective possessing great powers of deduction.

"Wait a minute," she said blankly almost taken aback. "L?" Feuille turned her head left and heard three words that changed her life forever.

"I am L."

His declaration gave Feuille an electric shock. It was simply ridiculous. Who in their stable mental state would believe what he just said. She started laughing, not knowing how to react.

"Care to elaborate what's so funny?" His eyes were large and innocent.

"You can't be L, mister. Stop fooling with me."

"I've looked forward to this day and I'm glad." The stranger's face was dangerously close to her. "It is I, Feuille. I had expected that manner of response from you. I'm well aware too that it's difficult to accept facts that would conflict the reality you believe." His voice sounded earnest and convincing.

"How did you know my name?" She sounded startled.

"A little faith is all I need. Innocent lives are at stake. You just have to trust me." He offered his hand to Feuille, "Let's go home."

Swallowing, she said, "Stop this non-sense already. I am in no mood to ride your crazy antics." She rose up as she noticed the bus nearing her school. "And never stalk me again. I'm warning you." She abruptly rushed out of the vehicle and hurried inside the university. For a moment, she stood under the cold rain while deeply contemplating. Honestly, Feuille wanted to reach his pale hand. Her heart was sending messages to her brain she couldn't understand. She wanted to cry but considered it idiotic since she doesn't know the source of her grief. Sorrow consumes her painfully little by little. It was absurd because her brain cannot picture any reason yet her heart does. Seconds later she hesitantly followed her vague impulse.

Feuille returned to the school's gate in search of the annoying weird guy. She felt warm liquids dripping down her cheeks when she couldn't find any trace of him. Then a gentle hand tapped her shoulder. She quickly turned around and found out that it was Clarence, her friend who looks like Tom Cruise but prefers to be Katie Holmes.

"Silly lass, why are you soaking wet?" Clarence said in a concern voice as he sheltered her under his pink umbrella. "Here, take my hanky and dry your self."

A lovely girl with bouncy red locks holding a blue umbrella approached them. Her hazel eyes widened slightly, "Are you okay, Feuille?" Miley pushed Clarence aside to get a better view of her best friend. "You're crying honey, why?"

Why? The same inquiry Feuille had been brewing in her thoughts. "Nothing, Miley. Tears of joy. Exams were cancelled, right?" She forced herself a chuckle.

"Yeah right," said Clarence slowly. "Being your shallow self as usual."

"Don't mind him," said Miley while giving Clarence a death glare. "So have you been informed of the announcements?"

"Not yet, I just arrived."

Out of the blue, a trio of red, black and yellow colored umbrellas came marching excitedly towards them.

"Did you guys have the immunity?" A petite lady wearing large silver earrings asked in a high-pitched sound.

"Cassie!" Feuille flung her arms around her friend. "How's Barcelona? The campus had been so dull when you're gone. We missed you a lot."

"I missed you too," said Cassandra blushing. "Barcelona's cool and it's a haven full of really hot men. It's fantastic. I bought some souvenirs too."

"Unfortunately, those hot men were too tall to notice even the top of Cassie's head." Kuzhu interjected while placing a goofy smile on his Indian face, teasing the petite lady.

"Oh, shut up—"

Another voice spoke and this time it was deep and matured. "Anyway, back to the topic. Are you guys exempted from the exam?

"Well, what do you expect Andre?" Miley said in her cocky tone.

"Am I included?" Feuille asked briefly.

"Definitely," beamed Clarence, "You made it to the Dean's list and so did we. That's why we're exempted." His words took a moment to penetrate Feuille's preoccupation about the odd guy from the bus. Then she let out a shriek, "I don't believe it! Oh, that's wonderful! I've been loaded with so many troubles…oh—"

"It's settled then, no exams, then no need to review." Said Kuzhu with a grin plastered on his lips. "Let's get the party started. Elite six, let's celebrate our achievement."

"Huh," Cassandra smiled mockingly, "Elite six your face. Can't you see we're more like the mighty-morphing power rangers? Just take a look at our color coded umbrellas."

"Power Rangers? Never thought of that." Andre said ironically as he fixed his eyeglasses. He continued, "Still, there's one more thing we're missing…"

Feuille, Miley, Cassandra, Kuzhu and Andre screamed at the top of their lungs, "Happy Birthday Clarence!"

"Rejoice co'z you're one year closer to death!" said Kuzhu jokingly.

"Thanks a bunch for reminding!" He replied sarcastically. "I think I just lost my appetite."

In life each struggles to find the right path and right decisions. It's not always easy to know what that is or where it will lead. Nonetheless, Feuille is thankful that her friends and loved ones had always been there to provide the balance to help her make it through. But what would she do if the people whom she loves were separated from her in a chance to meet and gain new company. Who would she choose?


"Everything is ready, L. We're just waiting for your orders."

"I'm not yet ready Watari." L busied himself consuming cakes, candies and melons. He was stressed and Watari knows this very well.

"Having second thoughts?" Watari sat beside L in an attempt to provide him encouragement.

"I'm starting to grow unsure of the path I already opted to embark." L spoke impassively but hints of pure sadness linger in his voice. "I am seeing myself as a hindrance to the kind of setting she had always aspired.

"Young man, we could always fall back and stop complicating things, you know. It's not a crime to forget all the sacrifices made and return to our comfort zones," said Watari, weighing every word.

There were no signs of reaction in L's face whatsoever after hearing what Watari had suggested. It gave him an odd, creeping sensation in the pit of his stomach though. L had never accepted defeat. He's not the type who'd surrender unless given a logical reason. If ever given any valid rationale to impede him from his task at hand, his hard-headedness will surely take over. But this time it's different. He let Watari carry on since he can't figure out what to say.

"We can always choose to quit and surrender to fear..." Watari stretched his hand to touch L's head then smiled, "…but it is not this day. Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly. But he that dare not grasp the thorn—"

"Should never crave the rose." L finished for him. He took the last small piece of cake then stood up. L looked at his companion, his eyes soft and sincere. He unconsciously scratched the back of his head. It was way too corny but he proceeded anyway. "I wouldn't have made it this far without your guidance Quillish. I owe it all to you." The old man nodded in response.

L has poor social skills and only has few people whom he trusts. He was thankful though that he was blessed with a reliable friend like Quillish Wammy. Each word coming from him was like replenishing water from the spring of life. It nourishes, purifies and rejuvenates his drained soul. L began walking, back hunched, hands inside his pockets. He's now prepared to accomplish what he had scrupulously planned since the beginning. There might be failures along the road but at least he won't ever regret that he failed without even trying. And for the record, he is L Lawliet. He's sure to win in the end.

He lifted his hands in the air and beckoned the ace character in his script, Armonia Jastin Beyondllemason, his Shinigami partner. Jastin spread his enormous wings encrusted with colorful jewels then hovered above L. "I thought you'll give up and become a looser. Heh, humans are really interesting."

"I was just playing cynical back then."

"Young lad, after you got what you wanted, I expect you to honor our agreement. It took a lot to get here. I won't let you waste your potential."

"I'll be true to my word, let us leave."


"Mmmm, I can still taste the pasta sauce in my tongue. It is indeed the most delicious of all carb delivery system." Feuille said staring at the newly washed plate in her hands.

Though everyone had a great time watching horror films, playing UNO cards, competing in Wii and drowning themselves with pizzas and pasta, still nothing beats the delight given by one of the most constructible deed a man could contribute to his society, cleaning. Clarence's house looked like it was attacked by a killer tornado once the party was over, so the friends agreed to help restore order before the birthday boy's strict mom arrives from work.

"Yeah, the sauce is so damn good. It's an old family recipe." Clarence boasted with pride.

"How old?" Cassandra asked.

"About two hours and three minutes," he said abruptly.

Giggles filled the room then after every single corner of the house were free of rubbish, Andre began speaking, "I don't really want to be kill joy but we ought to go now. It's late."

"I second the motion," Miley looked at them with a grin. "Feuille and I still have a long walkathon to do."

"Before we leave, Rence, just a friendly advice…" Feuille's voice was serious and threatening, "Don't open your gift when you're alone and also expect the unexpected."

"What the heck did you guys hid underneath that gift wrap?" Clarence's arched his brow then immediately opened his present before them. His azure eyes widened in surprise. He remained speechless for a moment then beamed, "Good lord of the rings! This…is…so…cool." He hugged them randomly and thanked everyone for giving him two plush toys modeled after Light and L. He also received a replica of the infamous death note.

"See you!" Miley said, frantically waving her hand.

Once goodbyes were said, they started leaving. Feuille accompanied Miley since they will pass through the same routes. After walking for miles, they finally saw a familiar street sign which was lightened by the moon. The calming aroma of green grass lingers in the air, streetlamps were brightly glowing, crickets are audible and the neighborhood was quiet in general. Well, save for two girls laughing hysterically.

"We ought to separate our ways now my beloved." Feuille was imitating a British accent. "No goodbyes."

Miley gave her an earnest grin, "No goodbyes. Take care and by the way, nice socks!"

"Well, this is the new fashion trend." Feuille smiled, "Goodnight."

Seeing her friend gradually walking away, Miley sensed an unusual feeling of lost. "Oh, she will be fine. I'm just being paranoid." She contentedly entered her house's gate however she halted and was alarmed when her shoelace snapped.


Miley heard an earsplitting scream. She then hastily dashed to its source recognizing it was Feuille. Her heart thumped uncontrollably for she didn't knew what to expect or what to do. She just followed her instincts to save a friend in trouble. When she set her foot on the place, she saw a sloppy looking young man carrying Feuille who appears to be unconscious. With all her guts, she said "I…I've called the police and I'll advise that you better put her down."

L saw her dainty hands trembling but her voice was stern like a mighty lion. "Logically if you lack man power, you won't inform a criminal that authorities will capture him because he will either take you as hostage or run away. Both are no-win scenarios. But candidly speaking, I admire your bravery Miss Michaela Lorraine Langley."

"You know my name? Howcome—"

"I'm also a friend of Miss Myers and in behalf of Feuille, I would like to thank you for being so good to her. We must go now, nice meeting you. Farewell." He gave her a cat-like smile then talked to an invisible entity beside him, "Jastin, please do your task." Miley felt something touched her hand and to her surprise, a huge flying creature stood before her.

"Cooptare difficile debebimus cooptare. Exspes sumus quod finis est incertus."

Miley turned her back and started walking as if nothing had happened. She will never recall anything that occurred and her memories of Feuille being taken away will remain hidden. The shining stars in the black velvet firmament are her sole witnesses. The only footprints that will remain are their voices which seemed to echo in the breeze.

No goodbyes

No goodbyes

To be continued...

Author's Note: The Latin phrase Jastin said is translated in English as, " To choose is difficult but we must choose. We are not without hope because the end is uncertain." I have no idea how could that chant sent someone to short term memory loss but I really like the meaning so I placed it there. Hope you enjoy reading and don't forget to review. Thanks!