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Chapter 1:

The odd pair

Two figures step quietly and unnoticed into the dark streets of an unknown city. A young man in his twenties and a young girl no older than ten stepped over a bridge and into the small quite city. The young man kept a sharp eye out as the young girl walked calmly by his side. Both of them had swords at their side, though they had no intention on using them this night. The young man looked around taking in his surrounding should anything or anyone attack him and his young female companion, suddenly a female voice yelled out in anger,

"Hitokiri Battosai!" The young man turned around and noticed a young woman with long black hair holding a sword made of solid and sturdy wood glaring at him. The young girl that had been so calm hid behind the young man, clinging to his shirt sleeve. The young man and girl were in the shadow of a tree, hiding their faces. The woman stepped foreword, yelling out in terrible anger that made the young girl jump in fear. "I have found you! For too long you have murdered at will! Now! It Ends!" The young man cocked his head to the side, he asked confused,

"Oro?" The young woman with the sword ran foreword her eyes filled with anger and hatred,

"Do not play the fool! You are the only one who would dare carry a sword in this night!" She swung her sword at him but the young grabbed his companion and dodged with a jump backwards. The woman caught herself and readied herself for another attack, but instead watched as the young man and girl fell into a wooden fence, busting two boards in half. The woman who attacked him blinked, as he raised himself up and looked down at the little girl,

"Are you alright?" The little girl looked up and nodded, still clinging to his shirt. The woman shook her head,

'This is the Hitokiri Battosai?" The young man shook his head as he stood the young girl up,

"No. This one is but a Rurouni. And this one's traveling companion is but this one's niece. Right Tomo?" Tomo nodded as she reached down for her sword, she shot the woman a deathly glare as she started to unsheathe her sword but the young man shot a look down at her and shook his head sternly, "No." The little girl snapped with an astonished look on her face, her hand still on the handle of her sword ready for the draw.

"But Uncle!" The young man held up a finger to his lips and said,


"But!" She started; the young man grabbed her wrist and gave her a stern and merciless look,

"Didn't this one tell you to hush…?" The little girl nodded and opened her mouth to arguer but the man put his finger to her lips, "Now hush." The young girl released her grip on her swords handle and replied with a soft whisper,

"Yes Uncle." While the two were arguing the woman looked at the young man, he was unusual. His hair was the color of that of a fierce flame but his eyes were the color of the sky and were soft and naïve. He wore long white Hakanna pants and a baggy red shirt with a white shirt underneath, he also had a strange 'x' shaped scar on his left cheek. The young girl was a little more discreet but not by much. She had long silky like black hair and blue eyes. But she was wearing a small purple kimono with a floral okobi, her hair was done up nicely in a big blue ribbon. The young man looked up with innocent look and smiled, the little girl turned around and looked up at the woman with innocent, pleading eyes.

"We are travelers. Swordsman and child in training with no destination…we just crossed the bridge when you stopped and attacked us. How could a murder be my fault?" The woman looked too embarrassed to speak. But then she noticed that both the young man and girl had swords,

"How do you explain those? No one is allowed to carry blades! Especially children!" The woman grabbed at the young man's sword and unsheathed it, but she was suspired to see it was just a saka-bato. A reverse blade sword, the young girl drew her sword and held it out for the woman to inspect, she gigged in a childish tone,

"How many could me and my Uncle kill with Saka-Bato's? Look." She pointed to the blades, "They have no wear. No stains…we have never used these blades before. We merely carry them for protection against bandits." The woman looked at the blades and sighed,

"So you two are really just…" The young man nodded as the young girl put away her sword,

"Rurouni's…Hai." The woman opened her mouth to say something but a strange sound rang through the silent summer air,


The sound of a whistle. The young girl looked around, alarmed at the sound. The young man shot a look at her and shook his head. The woman, still holding the man's sword gasped and turned to run. Throwing his sword in the air,

"The Police Whistle! I have to go!" The young man grabbed for his sword as it spun in the air,

"ORO!" As he caught his sword the young girl bent down to the ground,

"What do you think Uncle? Should we check it out and give her a hand?" The young man nodded, his face not looking so innocent and naïve anymore,

"Hai…she may need help." The pair stood up and sprinted after the woman in silence. Not letting her know she was being followed. Little did the three know they were going to become apart of each others lives for years to come.


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