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Warning: This is a Yaoi fanfic- boyxboy SasuNaru. Don't like? Bugger off. Also contains child abuse etc

In this story, all the characters are the same age (16)

Naruto snapped his eyes open and quickly slammed his hand on the alarm. He lay still for a second and sighed in relief when he heard no other noises. He slowly got up and made his way into the bathroom for a shower. He removed his clothes and pulled a face, seeing bruises and cigarette burns cover his body. Well, that's what you get when you live with your abusive father. Every night it was the same thing. His father would get roaring drunk and think it fun to beat his own son. Naruto had tried to run away many times, but as always, he was brought back to hell. Oh, how he hated it.

He finished with his shower and dressed in his school uniform, making sure that the jumper he wore covered his arms, making sure that all the bruises and burns were covered. He quietly made his way out of his room, being careful not to wake his father. Even though the man never woke until late morning, you could never be so careful. Naruto remembered with a shudder the time he accidentally woke up the old man and he had received a really bad beating… he wasn't able to go to school for two weeks. Not even bothering for breakfast, Naruto picked up the little money on the counter and left the house, breathing a sigh of relief. He walked slowly down the street, looking at his watch and realizing that he was early for once and sighed, wondering what he was going to do. No-one wanted to look at him, let alone be his friend. He was the black sheep of the flock, the one that no-one liked. The reason? Uchiha Sasuke. Sasuke hated Naruto with a passion, and those feelings where equally returned. Sasuke always wanted a fight with Naruto and always bullied him. And Naruto had no idea why, since when they were younger, they were the best of friends. When had everything changed? When had Sasuke turned so cold towards him, when had his own father turned against him, beating him as if he was worth nothing? His father didn't care about Naruto, he didn't care if Naruto skipped classes, in fact, the only reason Naruto even went to school was to get away from his father, oh and English and Art, the only two subjects he liked. English, because Kakashi-sensei never had anything planned, so Naruto always wrote poetry, which Kakashi really liked, and art because he was good at it. He always used art and poetry to express his pain of loneliness. Naruto entered the school quietly, ignoring the glares directed at him. He made his way up to the library, having nothing better to do. He sat right at the back and pulled out his science homework. He sighed as he scanned it, nothing but a bunch of questions to answer, but that was expected of Jiraiya-sensei. Who Naruto secretly thought was a pervert since Jiraiya wrote the books that Kakashi would read during lessons and giggle at. Naruto sighed as he got to answering the questions.

When he had finished, the bell went signaling the first lesson, which was English. Naruto stood up, packing his stuff up and leaving the library. He stopped by his locker briefly before arriving at his class, sitting in his usual corner. No-one sat near him, so he was pretty much alone. He watched as all the others filed in through the door, no-one taking notice of him. He watched as Sasuke walked in with a disgusted look, which didn't surprise Naruto as Sasuke currently had two of his fangirls latched on him. Sasuke roughly shook them off and sat with his usual gang which comprised of Hyuuga Neji, Tenten, Sabaku no Gaara, Haruno Sakura, Yamanaka Ino and a few others. Naruto looked away to look at another gang of people that were not as popular as Sasuke's gang, but still too important to pay attention to Naruto, which had Nara Shikamaru, Inuzuka Kiba, Hyuuga Hinata, Aburame Shino, Akimichi Chouji and Rock Lee. Naruto sighed sadly, getting out his book.

From across the room, Sasuke noticed that Naruto was alone, again. Naruto hated Sasuke, but Sasuke didn't really hate the boy. The reason why Sasuke was so cold towards the blonde was because Sasuke was afraid. He had discovered a few years back that he fancied the blonde boy, and Sasuke was afraid, so he distanced himself from the boy. Even four years hadn't erased his feelings and every time Sasuke saw Naruto alone, it broke his heart, since it was his fault. He wasn't paying attention to Sakura as she ranted away on how much she loved him, all his attention was focused on the blonde on the other side of the classroom. Sasuke thought that Naruto was quite cute. Although he was male, Naruto could have easily passed off as a girl with his feminine looks and slightly feminine body. Sasuke thought that it was a shame that the boy hid his body under those baggy clothes. Sasuke loved his blonde hair and eyes that were as bright as the bluest skies and he had whisker marks on his cheeks that made him look feral… and Sasuke loved it.

His thoughts were interrupted when their teacher, Kakashi entered… half an hour late.

The man laughed and said,

"Sorry, but I found a lost kitten and-"

"SHUT UP!" most of the class shouted, not wanting to hear the perverts excuse. The made shrugged and took out him book, saying,

"Sorry guys, but I was looking after my cousin's children, so I was unable to plan the lesson, so do what you want."

He then sat down and started giggling and blushing while he read the book. Sasuke sighed. He always had an excuse for not planning a lesson, so they always did what they wanted. Sasuke turned and started talking to the others, though keeping an eye on Naruto out of the corner of his eyes. Eventually, the bell went and Sasuke stood up, only to have Sakura immediately latch onto his arm. He growled at her, but she didn't get the hint. He roughly shook her, not caring that she fell over, and walked out of the room, only to find that he was behind Naruto. He poked the blonde in the back and Naruto turned around and scowled when he saw who it was.

"What do you want teme?"

"Nothing dobe." Sasuke smirked, but he didn't receive an answer from him. Naruto turned around and disappeared into the flow of students. Sasuke used bullying as an excuse to touch the blonde, that and to make sure no-one realised his crush. He turned away and walked with Neji to their next class, which was Sport. The got their kits and went into the changing room and got changed and Sasuke noticed that Naruto was not there, again. Ever since Sasuke broke up with Naruto, he never did any sport at school, so Sasuke has never seen what is under all those baggy clothes.

"Sasuke?" Sasuke snapped his head up and looked at Neji, who was frowning as he realised that he was lost himself in thoughts about a certain blonde boy.

"I've been saying your name for the last ten minutes. What's wrong with you?"

Sasuke scowled and said,


Neji shrugged, but let it go as that. They finished getting changed and went outside. Sasuke wasn't interested in doing Sports and wondered off, not that the teacher noticed anyway. He was about to wonder back when he spotted Naruto sitting out of sight near the kitchen. The boy was drawing something, although Sasuke couldn't see what he was drawing. He then watched as the boy stopped drawing and reach into his bag, pulling out a drink. Naruto drank for a moment and then returned the drink to his bag. Sasuke noticed that the blonde winced. Sasuke frowned slightly as Naruto pulled up the sleeve of his jumper to reveal his bare arm, and what Sasuke saw made his eyes go as wide as saucers. There were bruises and small round burns all over his arm and Sasuke winced, wondering who the boy had gotten into a fight with.

Naruto sighed and pulled down his sleeve, covering the injuries back up. Sasuke frowned and decided to confront the boy on what happened.

Naruto sighed as he pulled the sleeve over his bruises and burns, returning his attention to his drawing, or would have if not for the interruption.

"Oi, dobe, what are you doing here, shouldn't you be doing sports?"

Naruto looked up to glare at Sasuke, but he didn't reply, deciding to look away instead. There was silence for a few moments and then Sasuke asked,

"Who gave you all those bruises and burns?"

Naruto tensed and gritted his teeth, cursing himself for the slip.

"Oi, I asked you a question dobe."

Naruto growled, shoving his stuff back in his bag and turned to face Sasuke saying,

"It's none of your business Teme. Leave me alone, not that you really care any way! Just piss off." And with that, Naruto turned and ran, leaving a confused Sasuke behind.

Naruto sighed. He had run out of the school to the nearest park. He couldn't go home yet; his father would still be there, since he worked from noon to about six. And ironically earning enough to get drunk every evening and also other luxuries, which of course none for his own son. Naruto looked at his watch. 10:30. Damn, several hours to waste. He decided not to go back to school as 1- They rest of today's lessons he hates and 2- Sasuke saw his injuries and would pester him about them. Naruto sat on the swing, watching as a mother played with her son, the father encouraging them. Naruto averted his gaze, it was too painful. He sighed, standing up and walking off into town. He took out his wallet and looked at his small amount of money. He pulled a face as he put the wallet away, just enough to buy him something small for lunch.

Suddenly, hand grabbed his arm in a vice like grip that caused him to gasp at the unexpected pain. He gulped and turned around to look straight into his father's eyes. He trembled at the man's intense gaze.

"What the fuck are you doing out of school, you little prick?" He asked venomously. Naruto opened and closed his mouth a few times, but he couldn't reply. The man sneered, which marred his slightly handsome features.

"Cat got your tongue?"

Naruto bit his lip, but didn't reply, receiving a scowl from the man. The man roughly dragged Naruto over to the car, and opened the door to the back seat and shoved Naruto into the seat behind the passengers' seat. He then got into the drivers seat and started the engine. Dread filled Naruto as the man drove off in complete silence. Naruto could feel the man staring at him with his dark brown eyes though the rear-view mirror.

"I'll ask you again, runt, what are you doing out of school?"

"I-I ran off." Naruto replied quietly. The man snarled, but didn't say anything. The ten minute drive seemed like hours, but they stopped outside their apartment complex. His father got out and glared at Naruto until he had gotten out of the car. The man grabbed Naruto's collar and dragged him up the stairs. When they reached their apartment door he opened it and pushed Naruto so hard that he fell to the floor. The man closed the door, staring at Naruto menacingly. Naruto trembled, his breath quickening with fear.

Just then, the phone rang. The man's eyes flashed and he stepped over Naruto towards the phone, picking it up.

"Uzumaki residence, how may I help?"

Naruto sighed in relief, though he knew that the two would not talk long.

He heard his father put the phone down and he bit his lip. A hand grabbed his hair and pulled him further into the living room, throwing him against the wall. Naruto looked up at the cruel man, eyes wide. The man brushed his black hair out of his face before removing his belt.

"I'm taking the next few days off work, so you better behave, prick. Now, take your shirt off." He ordered.

Later, Naruto lay in bed, hissing every time he moved, pain shooting over his back. He wondered if any of the neighbours had heard his pain filled screams as his own father whipped him mercilessly. Naruto closed his eyes, tears slowly leaking from underneath them. He opened his eyes when he heard his bedroom door opened and the looming figure of his father came in, sneering slightly though his cigarette. He came and stood beside his bed, glaring at Naruto.

"I hope you learned your lesson today. If not, I'll be forced to repeat that lesson."

"I-I learned m-my lesson."

"Good." He took a pull of his cigarette and blew the smoke at Naruto, almost choking the blonde with the retched smell. The man chuckled darkly. He took the cigarette from his mouth, looking at Naruto in a calculating manner. Oh no, Naruto thought. His father grabbed Naruto's hair and tilted his head so that his neck was exposed. Naruto whimpered.

"Pl-please don't!" The man put the cigarette to Naruto's neck, leaving a small round burn. The man repeated this ten times, all on his neck. He looked at Naruto's tear filled eyes and then replaced the cigarette in his mouth. He let go of Naruto's hair and walked out, slamming the door behind him. Naruto covered his eyes with his arms and cried. He cried until he was too exhausted to move and he fell into a nightmare filled sleep.

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