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Chapter nine

When Naruto woke up the next day, Sasuke was already gone, obviously gone to school. The door opened and Mikoto walked in.

"Finally awake are you? Hurry up and get washed, Itachi needs to talk to you."

Naruto blinked, confused. Why would Ita-niisan want to talk to him? He shrugged and hopped into the bathroom, having a quick shower. When he was done, he got dressed and made his way down the stairs. Mikoto was talking on the phone when he entered and she turned to him and smiled.

"Ah, Itachi, Naru-chan's just come down, I'll hand you over to him."

She gave the phone to Naruto and walked away and into the kitchen. Naruto put the phone to his ear.

"Naruto?" Asked a familiar voice,


"I have something to tell you. Your father's trail is in a couple of weeks and you will be needed to be there to give a statement. I've already talked to Sasuke and he has also agreed to give a statement as well since he is attending the same school of you and can, in a way, give evidence of your injuries."

"W-will he b-be there a-as well?" he asked, terror evident in his small voice.

He heard a sigh on the other end and Itachi said wearily,

"Yes he will be. But don't worry. If he tries anything, I'll shoot him since you are under my protection. Understand?"


"Okay, good. You should go get breakfast…or lunch now since you've obviously only just woken up."

"Okay Ita-niisan, see you later…"

"Yeah, see you."

Naruto put the phone down and bit his lip. He didn't want to give a statement…he was too scared. Even the thought of being in the same room as the man made his blood run cold. He snapped to attention when there was a hand on his shoulder. He looked into Mikoto's dark eyes. She smiled gently at him and gave him a hug,

"Don't worry dear; we'll all be there as well. We won't let him do anything to you."

The blonde nodded stiffly and Mikoto asked,

"What would you like for breakfast?"


X Timeskip 2 weeks X

Naruto stared down at his lap as he was sat up in bed. Sasuke was sleep, but the blonde couldn't sleep. He was scared, really scared. He didn't want to go to the trail. He slowly climbed out of bed and decided to go downstairs and sit in the living room for a while…maybe all night.

When he got there, he blinked when he saw that the lights were on. He peeked into the room and saw Itachi lounging on the sofa, drinking something. Evidently he had only just got back from work and was relaxing a little bit before going to bed. The man must of sensed him and looked in his direction,

"Shouldn't you be in bed Naruto-kun?"

Naruto hung his head and said in a small voice,

"I can't sleep…" He made to go but Itachi's voice stopped him.

"Why don't you sit in here for a little bit?"

Naruto blinked and stared at the man, who motioned the blonde to sit next to him. Naruto complied and sat next to the elder sibling. They were quiet for a little bit and then Itachi asked,

"Why are you so scared of him?"

"I-I don't want t-to see him…"

"He can't do anything to you. There will be a whole court room full of people and besides, if he did anything, he'll prolong his sentence."

Naruto nodded and fell silent. No words were exchanged and Itachi said,

"You should go to sleep. You need all the energy you can get tomorrow."

Naruto nodded as Itachi stood up and went into the kitchen. A moment later he came back and looked down at the blonde and handed him a cup of water. The dark haired male then sat next to the blonde saying,

"Drink that. I may help."

Naruto nodded and drank the glass quickly, realizing how thirsty he was. Itachi sat back down next to him, giving a small yawn. When Naruto was done drinking, he just simply put the empty glass on the table in front of him. He gave a yawn and without even thinking about it, he lay down on the sofa with his head on Itachi's lap.

The elder male did nothing to get the blonde off his lap, knowing that Naruto would fall asleep. After a little while, Naruto's breathing evened out into a sleeping pattern so the small blonde was finally asleep. Itachi gently removed the blonde's head from his lap and then carried his adopted brother up the stairs. He entered the room to see sleepy ebony eyes watching him,

"Oh, you have him. I was wondering where he had gotten to."

"He couldn't sleep. Now move, I'll but him on the bottom so I won't wake him up."

Sasuke climbed out of the bottom bunk and watched as Itachi placed the blonde teen on the bed, covering him with the sheets. The elder sibling then turned to Sasuke and said,

"Are you going to sleep with him tonight?"

"W-what!?" Sasuke asked, feeling angry and surprised.

"You had no objections the other week. And Naru-chan could do with the comfort."

"Whatever." Sasuke said, but climbed up onto the top bunk. He heard Itachi give a chuckled before walking out of the room. Sasuke stayed awake for a while, silently fuming. How dare his brother say such things to him! He was going to get that bastard if it was the last thing he did. He was brought from his thoughts when he heard a whimper from the bunk below him. He leaned over the side to see that Naruto was tossing in his sleep, mumbling quietly. Sasuke gave a sigh. He was never going to get to sleep if the blonde was going to be like this. Silently, he climbed out of bed and sat down on the bed next to the blonde. He then reached out and shook the blonde's shoulder. Naruto woke up with a start and stared at Sasuke, blinking rapidly,

"Sasuke?" He asked, his words slurred slightly due to the fact that he was half asleep.

"Yes Naruto, it's me. Did you have another nightmare?"

Naruto looked away and mumbled a 'Yes.' The Uchiha gave a sigh,

"Get back to sleep dobe."

He moved to stand up, but was stopped when a small tanned hand grabbed onto his arm. He looked at Naruto, who looked a little bashful, refusing to look the elder teen in the eyes.

"Yes?" He asked, wondering what was up with the small blonde.

"Er…I don't wanna sleep alone…can…you…?"

Sasuke gave a sigh,

"Alright. As long as you get to sleep. Move over then."

Naruto shuffled over slightly and watched as the raven haired teen settle next to him.

"Happy?" Sasuke asked. The blonde nodded and snuggled a little bit closer, laying his forehead on the elder male's shoulder, his breathing quickly becoming that of a sleeper. The Uchiha felt a little uncomfortable with being so close to the blonde. He was a teenager and well…you know… Need more be said?

He gave a soft sigh and tried to push those thoughts from his mind. He turned his face away from the blonde and gave a tired yawn, falling off into a deep sleep.


Sasuke was abruptly woken when the alarm clock sounded. He slammed his hand on the blasted thing and moved to get up…but he couldn't. One of Naruto's arms was draped across his chest and one of his legs was across Sasuke's own. His face was also nuzzled into Sasuke's neck. The Uchiha gave an irritated sigh. He shook the blonde's shoulder,

"You can get off me now Naruto. We need to get up!"

Naruto stirred and yawned slightly, tickling the raven's skin with his breath, causing Sasuke to shiver slightly. The blonde then realised their position and immediately got off, blushing brightly,

"G-Gomen Sasuke! I didn't mean to do that!"

Sasuke sat up and got out of bed, stretching slightly,

"It's alright. You're just a cuddly kind of person."

Naruto, if he could, blushed deeper and looked away,

"I can't help it, can I?"

Sasuke chuckled at that and walked into the bathroom, leaving the furiously blushing blonde alone on their bed. He had a quick shower and went back into his room, pushing Naruto into the bathroom. He dried himself off and dressed in his suit that Mikoto had laid out for them. He turned around as Naruto entered the bedroom with a towel around his slim waist.

"Your suits there get changed and then come down for breakfast." Was all he said before walking out of the room and going down the stairs. He made his way into the kitchen, making himself some breakfast. When he had finished, Naruto came into the room, looking uncomfortable in his suit. Sasuke thought he looked very hot with his hair slightly damp and clinging slightly to his cheeks and forehead. Sasuke unconsciously licked his lips.

He shook his head and turned away from the blonde to prevent those kinds of thoughts from appearing in his head. He didn't need that right now. He then turned back to the blonde, frowning when the small blonde did not make himself something to eat. The blonde was, extremely slowly, coming out of his shell. He was still nervous of doing things like taking food or drink without permission. He still had a lot of things to learn, but then, Sasuke wasn't surprised.

"Naruto, aren't you going to have something to eat?"

The blonde seemed to snap out of his daze and then nodded. Sasuke noticed that his little blonde was paler then he was before. The raven haired male gave a sigh and then stood back up from the stool he had been seated on,

"I'll make you something then dobe. You should eat something."

Naruto didn't really pay any attention. He was still lost in his turbulent thoughts.


After what seemed an age to the tiny blonde, they were sat on the prosecution side with the lawyer that was hired by the Uchiha family, Sasori. The man was a little strange since he had some fascination with puppets. His assistant, a feminine blonde male called Deidara was seated on Sasori's right. Sat next to Naruto on his left was Mikoto, holding his hand tightly. The rest of the family was seated not so far behind him. His eyes went to the crowd there, and he blinked when he saw his teacher, Kakashi, the head-teacher Tsunade and the school nurse, Shizune there as well. They noticed his gaze and smiled at him. That made him feel slightly better. There was a jury of about 12 people already seated. The judge, an old man called Sarutobi, was reading a piece of paper that was in front of him.

"That bastard should come in a minute." Sasori said quietly. Deidara looked over at the defence side and gave a disgusted noise,

"That Orochimaru guy gives me the creeps, un."

Naruto, curious, looked over to the lawyer on the defence side, and had to agree with the older blonde. The man was a sickly pale colour with long black hair and golden eyes. Next to the pale man was another, younger male with white hair and large round glasses. He looked like a nerd.

The blonde's attention was then attracted to a side door near the dock (The place where the prisoner stands). The door opened and he flinched slightly, tightening his hold on Mikoto. She stroked his hand, trying to calm him down. In through that side door and roughly put in the dock was non other then his degenerate father, Iwao.

The man was now sporting a short black beard and seemed to have a permanent scowl on his face, making him look grotesque. His hair was longer now and slightly greasy and his face had a couple of dirt stains on it. He noticed that Spike was brought in as well; looking nervous, but not scared as if he knew that he had done wrong and was ready to accept the consequences of his crime. He was clean and shaven, unlike Iwao. Naruto looked behind him to see Sasuke glaring daggers at Iwao. Itachi's face was blank, but there was a slight sneer on his lips, only noticeable if you looked closely enough.

Naruto turned back to stare at the judge, trying hard not to look at Iwao and have a panic attack or something. The judge looked up, glancing at the prisoners, an expression of disgust flickering across his feature before returning to normal, and faced the court.

"This caught in now in session. The crimes that are put forward by the prosecution are against the defence, Uzumaki Iwao and 'Spike'. The crimes on Iwao's behalf are that of corruption, perverting the course of justice, fraud, child abuse and rape. The crimes against 'Spike' are possession and the selling of drugs as well as a first degree murder. May the prosecution speak."

Mikoto nudged the small blonde and he hesitantly stood up and went to the witness stand, aware of dark menacing eyes fixed on him.

He sat down as Sasori stood up and approached him. Sarutobi watched the scene patiently, looking at the small blonde with interest, noticing how pale and scared he looked. Also the fact that he tried his best so not to look at the filthy man in the dock, who was glaring menacingly at his son.

Sasori smiled reassuringly at his client and said,

"Okay, Naruto-kun. At first, I'll ask you some simple questions and I want you to answer me truthfully, alright?"

Naruto nodded, biting his lip slightly.

"Okay, first, tell the court your name and your relation to Uzumaki Iwao."

"I-I'm Uzumaki Naruto, I'm Iwao's son."

The jury raised their eyebrows at the fact that Naruto referred to the defendant by the use of his first name.

"Okay, now. How did you end up living with the Uchiha's?"

"On a drug raid… they f-found me…unconscious…in my r-room…" Naruto trailed off, shuddering as he tried not to think about it, but he carried on, skipping a little bit, "I was in hospital for a week…and t-the Uchiha's adopted me. I've been living with them for about two weeks now."

"Okay now. What was it like when you were living with your father?"

"H-horrible…" He stopped and looked at Mikoto, who smiled brightly at him and he continued, glad for the support the kind woman, "It w-was frightening…"

"What kind of things did he do?"

"He b-beat me… always. And he n-never gave me any food. I had t-to get that myself."

"What about his alliance with the drug dealer known as 'Spike'."

"Spike always came around and in exchange for money he always gave information on things like drug raids and the like-"

"I never you little shrimp!" Iwao roared, shaking his fist at the blonde. Naruto flinched violently and tried to inch away, but he was still in the witness stand, so he couldn't. Sarutobi glared at Iwao and said,

"If you are to speak out of line again, I will not hesitate to have you silenced. Understand?"

Iwao was silent for a little bit, and then nodded, giving a small grunt. Sarutobi looked at Naruto and said,

"You may continue."

Naruto stayed quiet, still in a state of shock after the interruption from Iwao.

"Naruto-kun?" Sasori said gently. Naruto snapped his blue eyes to the red head, blinking slightly,

"What happened the night of the drug raid?"

Naruto gulped visibly and hesitated before answering,

"I-I came home like usual and went to bed e-early. I was awakened by noises i-in the kitchen… He then c-came into my room with a k-knife." Naruto took a small shaky breath before saying, "H-he used the knife on me, cutting me all over. H-he then tied me up and…" The blonde stopped, unable to continue.

Sasori glanced at the fuming Iwao and then looked back at Naruto again,

"And…" He prompted. Again, Naruto gulped before saying in and extremely quiet voice,

"H-he r-raped m-me…"

Sasori gave a nod and a small smile at him, as if saying 'Well done'. The judge frowned lightly,

"Is that all?"

"Hai, your honour." Sasori replied. Sarutobi gave a nod and said,

"Okay, you may sit down Naruto."

Naruto let go of the breath he had been holding and went back to sit next to Mikoto. She smiled and hugged him whispering,

"You did well Naru-chan." He gave a nod and smiled slightly at her.

"Thank you…okaa-san?"

She looked a little shocked and then smiled gently, glowing a little bit as Naruto referred to her as his mother.

"Call up the next witness." Sarutobi's voice called.

"Uchiha Sasuke, may you come up to the stand please." Sasori said, looking at the youngest Uchiha. Sasuke stood up and took his place. Sasori turned to him and said,

"Like before, I will ask you some simple questions and I want you to answer me truthfully. Now, how do you know Uzumaki Naruto?"

"When we were younger, we were best friends, but we had a falling out. We didn't talk much, but we attended the same school. He also didn't talk much to anyone and was mainly alone. Though we were never friends for that period, he always had some injury….a new one every day. Near the time of the drug raid, the injuries had gotten worse."

"Your elder brother Itachi was in charge of the raid, is that how you found out about it?"

"Yes. The next day I visited Naruto in hospital. He moved in with us a week after the…incident."

"I take you've made up with him and are friends again?"


"Okay, thank you Sasuke-kun. You may sit down."

Sasuke stood back up and returned to his seat, glancing at the small blonde, giving a small smile. Naruto blinked, surprised. He had never thought that Sasuke would consider him his friend again. Maybe good did come out of this.

The next few witnesses were Kakashi, Tsunade and Shizune. They all said the same sort of thing; Naruto was generally a shy, but sweet boy in classes, had no friends and always had some sort of injury and, like Sasuke, said that they got worse before he went into hospital. Kakashi and Shizune also commentated on the blonde's reluctance to go home when he was sick. The doctor then came up and commentated on the state of the blonde's health; the severe malnutrition and the many deep cuts he had received during the rape. He even had Naruto show the court room the bandages that he still wore.

And being in charge of the raid and being the blonde's 'older brother', Itachi also gave a statement, showing the judge and jury the pictures that had taken during the drug raid of the blonde. Also, he gave evidence that the rape was committed by Iwao as the seamen found in the blonde had been tested for its DNA signature. The DNA from Iwao and the seamen matched perfectly. He also gave all the evidence showing the man's corruption in the police force and also gave evidence for Spike's crimes, proving that Spike had indeed bribed the man with over £900,000 which was all in a foreign bank that could be accessed anytime. The Jury all looked shocked and angry. When Itachi was done, Sasori turned to Sarutobi and said,

"The prosecution has spoken." The old man nodded and waved for the red haired lawyer to sit down. When he did, Sasori whispered to the blonde,

"Don't worry; I doubt he has hardly any defence."

The police that were guarding Iwao grabbed the man and led him to the witness stand, where the dark haired man sat, a deep scowl still on his face. He glared at Naruto, causing him to flinch and move closer to Mikoto.

Orochimaru stood up and gracefully made his way over to the prisoner.

"Okay, state your name and occupation for the court." He said in a quiet voice that made Naruto shiver.

"Uzumaki Iwao. I work in the police force in the domestic violence."

"Okay then… how do you plead?"

"Not guilty." The man spat as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Mikoto gave a soft laugh beside Naruto and whispered to him,

"Does that man know how strong the case is against him?"

Naruto gave a faint smile and then looked at Orochimaru, avoiding eye contact with his 'father'.

"Okay…did you give information to the drug dealer 'Spike' willingly?"

"No, he threatened me. He told me that if I didn't give him the information he wanted, then he would kill me and my son-"

"You liar!" Spike roared, glaring at Iwao. The filthy man sneered and said,

"Not so touch now, eh, Spike?"

"Enough! Iwao, just give your statement." Sarutobi said, glaring at Spike to be quiet.

"As I said, they threatened to kill me and my son if I didn't give what they wanted…"

Sasori raised a hand and Sarutobi noticed,

"Yes, Sasori-kun?"

"May I ask the defendant a question?"

"You may."

Sasori stood up and looked Iwao in the eyes,

"Did you physically and sexually abuse my client in any shape or form?"

There was a deep silence in the courtroom as everyone waited for the man's answer. Then,

"So what if I did? He deserved it since he's done nothing right. He's a useless piece of shit."

Mikoto gave a little hiss, her eyes narrowing at the defendant as she wrapped an arm around Naruto's slim shoulder and saying to him,

"Don't believe a word he says Naruto. He's wrong." Naruto nodded, glad that for one, someone contradicted the corrupted man,

"So you admit to the crime of domestic violence and rape?" the red haired lawyer asked.

"I can't say no, can I? Are you a retard?" Iwao snarled. Orochimaru glared at Sasori and then turned back to Iwao.

"So Spike threatened your family?" He asked, a little anger in his voice.


"Okay, I think that is all…"

Iwao was led back to the dock and Spike was dragged over. Orochimaru's lip twitched slightly and said,

"State your name and occupation."

"My name is Spike. I'm unemployed,"

"How do you plead?"

"Guilty of the crimes. But of threatening Iwao and the boy? That is false."

"Ah… so you did not threaten Iwao?"

"No. He accepted my bribes willingly. I was also witness of some abusive attacks on his son."

"But you did nothing to stop it?" Sasori asked suddenly.

"No… not at that current time. I never thought of the boy since he was so quiet and spent most of his time hiding away in his room."

"Did you know anything about the rape on Naruto-kun?" Sasori asked.

"I did not know until the drug raid." Orochimaru looked pissed. It wasn't surprising since Sasori was slowly taking control. The two often had cases against each other…with Sasori winning most of the time of course. He wasn't one of the best for nothing you know.

"Uzumaki Naruto?" Sasori asked suddenly. The blonde looked up at the man and the lawyer asked,

"Do you agree with Spike that Iwao accepted the bribes willingly?"

"He did…" Naruto replied, noticing Spike's relieved expression."

"Okay, thank you" With that Sasori sat back down and smirked at the pissed pale man.

"Has all the evidence been given?" Sarutobi asked. There was an agreement on both sides.

"Okay. The jury will be given an hour to come up with a decision. Dismissed for now."

Mikoto stood up, her arm still around the small blonde. They left with the other members of the Uchiha family as well as the Lawyer and his blonde assistant. When they had gotten out of the way, Sasori smirked,

"Iwao has no chance. The evidence we gave was to strong."

Mikoto gave a sigh and looked at the pale looking blonde,

"Would you like something to drink dear?"

Naruto nodded absently, staring off into the distance. He knew that they were going to win the case, but it didn't help the fear that gnawed at him on his insides. What if Iwao escaped? The man would then try and kill him. He shivered at the thought.

"Naruto!" A voice called. He blinked and turned, only to be caught in a crushing hug, his face being pressed into an impressive set of breasts. It was Tsunade, obviously since it wasn't that hard to recognise her…even blindfolded. The woman let go of him and looked down at him. She smiled at him,

"You did well, brat! And you look a lot healthier then when I last saw you!"

Naruto stared up at her as Kakashi and Shizune appeared. Kakashi ruffled his hair,

"Nice to see you again. I miss you and your poetry." Shizune smiled widely at him, but didn't say anything. It was nice to see them again. Mikoto looked at the three in a calculating manner, a light frown on her face. Tsunade turned to the woman and asked,

"How has Naruto been?"

Mikoto smiled and stroked Naruto's hair,

"Naru-chan's such a sweetie! He helps me with chores unlike some people!" She said as she glared in Itachi's and Sasuke's direction. They shrugged, not really paying attention to the woman. She chuckled and said,

"Come on. We should grab something quick to eat and drink and then go back."

They agreed with her as they moved off to find the nearest place to eat.


After the intermission, they all returned to court to hear what the Jury had to say. Everyone was silent, holding their breaths for the answer that was to be given. One member of the jury stood up and faced the judge,

"We find both defendants guilty of all crimes-"

"Fuck!?" Iwao growled, load enough to be heard by the whole room. Sarutobi glared at the man before turning back to the jury.

"Is that your final decision?"

"Yes. You may now pass on the sentences."

"Ah… 'Spike'. You have been found guilty of all crimes put to you, but since you admitting your guilt, you will receive twenty years, understood?"

"Yes your honour." Was the meek reply.

"Uzumaki Iwao. You have also been found guilty of all crimes charged. You are to serve 30 years as well as 10 years hard labour before that, do you understand?" Iwao narrowed his eyes slightly, but nodded stiffly. Naruto breathed a sigh of relief. The man from the jury raised his hand again. Sarutobi looked at the man again and nodded his head, saying that he could speak,

"All money that Iwao has at this current moment in time should go to his son in compensation for what he had done." The man said, his statement supported by nods from the rest of the jury.

Naruto's mouth dropped and Mikoto gasped next to him. Sasori gave a low whistle and whispered,

"That's even better then I hoped for. This Jury has a good sense of justice."

Sarutobi smiled and said,

"Since that money doesn't belong anywhere at the moment, I agree with you. Court is adjourned, take the prisoners away." And the bang of his hammer echoing through the room signalled the finality of his decision. Iwao looked furious. Not only was he going to be locked away for the rest of his life, all his money was going to the little blonde, who looked completely shocked by that.

Iwao gave a low roar, punching the two policemen, sending the two flying. Spike tried to restrain him, but Iwao grabbed his hair and slammed the man's face into the bar of the dock, neatly knocking him out. Before anyone could react, he ran towards the prosecution stand and leaned over the table. Naruto gave a cry as the man viciously grabbed a handful of his golden locks, yanking on it hard. Mikoto gave a harsh cry and tried the stop the man from hurting her adopted son any further, but was slapped away along with Sasori and Deidara, who tried to help the small struggling blonde, who was panicking and clawing at the man's hand in an attempt to get Iwao off him. As more police appeared to try and apprehend the man, Itachi calmly stood up and went over to Iwao, who snarled at him, his fist tightening on Naruto's hair, making him whimper in pain. Right hand gripped the wrist that held Naruto and twisted it, neatly breaking the man's wrist, causing him to let go of Naruto with a loud cry of pain. The blonde stumbled backward, only to be caught in a strong embrace. He looked up at Sasuke and without thinking, clutched at the older teen tightly, his whole body trembling violently. Sasuke tightened his hold on the smaller male, glaring at Iwao.

The greasy haired man glared at Itachi, who looked at him in a calculating manner. Without changing expression, the Uchiha's left hand clenched and he brought his arm back before letting it lash forward at Iwao, hitting the man square on the jaw. The man cried out as he fell backwards, being caught and roughly handcuffed by about four policemen. Iwao glared up at Itachi,

"You little prick! I'll get you for that! I'll slice you open and slit your throat when you least expect it! And I'll kill that godforsaken son of mine-"


Everyone stared in shock at the menacing figure of Mikoto, who was standing in front of the now silent criminal, her poised near her shoulder after slapping the man around the face. Iwao looked up at her, shock evident in his cunning dark eyes as his cheek reddened y the force of the impact.

"HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU TALK TO MY SONS IN THIS MANNER! You have no son anymore! He's my son now! Leave him alone or I shall give you a punishment that will make it seem what the court is giving you a walk in the park! Take this…this…thing away and out of my sight!"

The policemen quickly dragged away the shocked man, leaving the courtroom. Spike had been woken up, but had been taken away for medical treatment.

Fuguko kneeled down next to Sasuke and Naruto, who were seated on the floor; their mouths wide open after that display from their mother,

"You see boy's…that's why I try my best not to anger her…she's scary…" Fuguko said in a quiet voice that was only heard by the two.

"I-I noticed…" Naruto said weakly. Mikoto kneeled in front of him and pulled him into a tight hug,

"Oh, Naru-chan! He didn't hurt you to much, did he?"

Naruto rubbed his slightly throbbing scalp, wincing slightly. Deidara checked him and said,

"You'll be fine…and I think Iwao's not doing himself any favours at the moment, un."

Sasori chuckled,

"Yeah. He's going to pay for that little display."

Mikoto smiled at Sasori and Deidara,

"Thank you two so much. How about we all go and get something to eat, ne? And Naru-chan needs to calm down as well; it's been very straining on him, the poor baby!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes and muttered,

"He's not a baby…"

"He's my baby!" Mikoto said haughtily and as if to prove the point, she hugged Naruto close to her again. The blonde gave a sigh, but decided it would be best to let the woman cuddle him.

"He's a smart boy…" Fuguko commentated.

Mikoto shot the man a glare and said,

"Come on, let's go and celebrate!"


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