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October 21, 2015
6:00 AM PST

"Hey, honey," Jennifer McFly called out, as she gently shook her husband. "It's time to wake up! You don't want to be late for work today."

"Yes, darling," Marty replied, as he stretched his arms. "So do you know what day it is today, Jennifer?"

"Uh, I'm not sure," replied Jennifer. "So what is special about today?"

"Well, remember back when we were seventeen?" Marty asked. "Doc had taken the two of us forward to this date. It's hard to believe that our son was very different in that timeline. At least, he's not in any danger of going to jail today."

"Okay, okay, now I remember," Jennifer said, smiling. "Yeah, our son is a lot more confident in this timeline. I believe it was today that he and Harmony were planning to watch Jaws 19 at the Holomax Theatre. It's amazing that the Jaws series caught on so well."

"Now, don't forget, dear," Marty reminded his wife. "You had a major part in coming up with the script for Jaws: Rising - which was the fifth film in the series."

"Oh, yeah, that will always remain my favourite film," Jennifer replied. "Well, I guess I should get up now - and make breakfast for all of us. What do you think I should make this morning?"

"How about pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream?" suggested Marty. "We know the kids love that a lot."

"Sounds good then," Jennifer said, smiling. "So should we head over the Cafe '80s at 4:30 this afternoon? It would be interesting to see if Doc or your younger self shows up. Should we do it, or do you think that's too risky?"

"Well, we could be discreet about it," Marty said, smiling. "I have to say, it would be real interesting to see my younger self again. I kinda miss being a teenager."

"Well, our son reminds me a lot of you as a teen," Jennifer commented. "Speaking of which, we'd better make sure he's up now. We don't want him to be late for school, again. Then I'll be in the kitchen, making the pancakes. We do still have some batter left over the other day. I can't imagine the instant stuff would be as good."

"Yeah, this may be 2015 now," Marty replied, "but newer isn't always better."

Marty threw his arms around Jennifer, and hugged her tightly. He kissed her on the top of her forehead.

"I love you, honey," purred Jennifer.

"I love you, too, sweetheart," replied Marty, huskily.


"It's time to wake up, Junior," called Jennifer, as she entered the bedroom.

"Yes, Mom," Marty Jr mumbled, sleepily. "I'm getting up."

"I'm making strawberry pancakes for breakfast," added Jennifer, "your favourite."

Marty Jr immediately sat up, as his stomach growled with hunger. He was looking forward to this day for a long time. He was a huge fan of the Jaws series. He was especially a fan of Jaws: Rising, which his mother wrote the script for. That movie had also starred his favourite actor, Michael J Fox.

Marty Jr wasn't exactly looking forward to school, though. He shared the same luck as his father and grandfather of being called a "slacker" by the school principal. Jeb Strickland was just as disagreeable as his grandfather, Steve.

Marty Jr just finished getting dressed, as the telephone on Marty Jr's goggles began to ring. He checked to see who was calling - and he realized it was his best friend, Harmony Brown. Marty Jr slipped on the goggles, and he took the message.

"Oh, hello, Harmony!" gushed Marty Jr. "How are you this morning?"

"Oh, so you are awake!" gasped Harmony. "I gather you must be excited about this afternoon. It's hard to believe that the Jaws series has become so successful."

"Yeah, it's really awesome," replied Marty Jr. "Well, Mom saw to it that I got up this morning. She decided we should start having breakfast together as a family, again."

"Oh, good for her," Harmony said, smiling. "As much as I really hate to agree with Strickland, we have to admit that he does have a point. If you don't take school a little more seriously, you might have problems later in life. You really cannot expect to become a rock star yourself, just because your father was one."

"Oh, Harmony," groaned Marty Jr, "why are you being so discouraging."

"I'm not meaning to be discouraging," replied Harmony. "It's just that we need to be realistic about this. Not everyone who dreams of becoming a rock star actually ends up becoming one. I mean, don't get me wrong, Marty. I hope you do get discovered someday, but there is always the possibility that it might not happen."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Marty Jr said, sighing. "It's just that music really means a lot to me, you know. Well, I smell Mom making pancakes, now."

"Hey, Junior," called out Jennifer, "I really need to use the phone. Could you wrap it up, please? Breakfast is almost ready."

"I need to hang up, now," Marty Jr told Harmony. "See you at school."

Marty Jr then went into the kitchen, where Jennifer was placing pancakes onto four different plates. Marty Jr's stomach growled again.

"Why can't you just use your cellphone, Junior?" insisted Jennifer.

"It's because I want to be able to see Harmony," replied Marty Jr.

"Oh, wow, pancakes," breathed Marlene, as she went to join everyone at the table.

"It's so nice that the four of us can eat together in the morning," said Marty Sr.

"You make great pancakes, Mom," Marty Jr said, admiringly.

"Thank you, honey," replied Jennifer, as she kissed the top of Marty Jr's head.

Marty Jr smiled to himself, as he thought of how fortunate he was to be able to have a loving family. He still wasn't looking forward to school, though.


Marty smiled to himself, as he saw Marty Jr and Marlene head off for school.

"Sometimes, Marty," Jennifer said, "I wonder if there's something more to our son's relationship with Harmony, than just being best friends."

"Oh, Jennifer," Marty said, laughing, "they've been best friends ever since they were babies. You and I didn't meet each other until we were sophomores in high school. I am pretty sure there is nothing going on between our son and Harmony."

"You know what this would mean, though?" Jennifer said, smiling. "If Junior ended up marrying Harmony and having a kid, we'll finally be related to Doc."

"Uh, no, not really," Marty said, quietly. "I see what you mean, though. We would finally have a common descendant. We shouldn't try to push it, though. Maybe they are fated to marry someday, or maybe they aren't."

"Well, Junior never dates anyone for very long," Jennifer pointed out. "At any rate, it's great to see that we did end up having a happy family life. I now do remember the first time we did visit this day. We ended up living in Hilldale, and you ended up being fired from your job, and you never did become a rock star."

"It seems surreal to think that we're living this day twice," Marty replied. "I mean, it seems even more surreal than when I went back to November 12 of 1955 - because we ended up reaching this day again through the natural course of time."

"Maybe I should see my younger self again," suggested Jennifer, "if it turns out that our younger selves do end up coming to this date again."

"I really don't think Doc would recommend it," Marty said, sighing. "Even heading over to the Cafe '80s might be a bit risky, but I do have to admit that I'm curious."

"I am still so proud of our son," Jennifer said, smiling, "when he took a stand up to Griff Tannen a couple years ago. Griff has since then stopped harassing Marlene and Harmony. Maybe we should do something a little special tonight."

"Speaking of Griff Tannen," said Marty, "I wonder if he and his gang plan to show up at the Cafe '80s tonight. It's amazing to see that Griff and his gang look the same as they did, when we first came here. I have to admit that it would be nice to see them crash through the window of the Courthouse Mall and get arrested again."

"I still remember how we married at the Chapel O' Love," Jennifer recalled, "when we first visited this date. It's nice to know that we actually did have a big wedding this time around. So other than our family life, everything else stayed the same?"

"Yeah, it sure does," replied Marty. "The Cafe '80s is still there, the pond in front of the Courthouse Mall is still there, so is the Holomax Theatre. I have to say that the 3D shark hologram there still looks fake."

"Oh, Marty," Jennifer said, laughing, "at least that shark doesn't terrify you this time, right? We should maybe catch Jaws 19 tomorrow."

"Come to think of it," Marty said, "I also wonder if that little girl that I 'borrowed' the hoverboard from will be boarding by in the Courthouse Square this afternoon. I wonder if she'll even be wearing the same clothes this time."

"Well, Marty," Jennifer said, sighing, "we should maybe head to work, now. We'll be meeting at the Cafe '80s at around 4:30 this afternoon."

"Right, darling," replied Marty, as he hugged his wife.

As the two of them headed off for work, Marty smiled at the thought that he was able to make a better future for himself.