October 21, 2015
10:00 PM PST

It was late at night, and Marty and Jennifer were sitting in the living room - and they were snuggling on the couch together, as they were wearing their fleece pajamas. On the stereo, one of Marty's CDs was softly playing.

"Well, Jennifer," Marty said, smiling, "I remember when we first visited this day, our family life was not anything like what we had dreamed of. I guess Doc is right, though, when he said that our future is whatever we make it. Our future really is not written yet."

"At least our personal future isn't," Jennifer replied. "Although, I tend to wonder how much truth there is to that idea. After all, we wouldn't have all the inventions that we have today - if Doc wasn't around to create them. Then there is also the fact that I came up with the script for Jaws 5, as well as naming the baseball team in Miami."

"Yeah, you've been pretty disloyal to our home team," Marty ribbed his wife, slugging her playfully.

"I really couldn't help it," Jennifer protested. "I thought that the name 'Miami Gaters' had a nice ring to it, and I just took so much pride in the fact that the team liked my suggestion for their team's name so much. I never even realized that, when I became good friends with Tracy Holt, I would actually influence the script for Jaws 5 and the name of the Miama baseball team. You never even told me the name of the Miami team in 2015 before that happened."

"Well then, I guess I can't really blame you," Marty said, smiling. "Although, if Doc did choose to stay in the Old West, the technology of this year might be very different. Although, considering that Doc did use the Mr. Fusion to power the flux capacitor, we might have ended up with a paradox on our hands. I guess it's good that he had decided to build that time train, and then move his family back to the 1980s."

"Of course, your music career had probably changed the music scene in this timeline a bit," Jennifer suggested. "So maybe Doc's assertion that your personal future is not written is still true. We're also considerably more well off in this timeline, as you did end up becoming discovered. We can even remember our wedding with pride, as we did get married in a real church, instead of that tacky Chapel O' Love."

"Oh, yeah, I am so glad I decided not to race Needles," Marty replied. "It's so amazing how that one incident could have drastically affected my own future. I still remember how, when I was stranded in 1955, Doc's gravestone was in Boot Hill Cemetery. I guess, when Doc was sent back to 1885, the timeline then changed around me - as I was outside of my own time. When Doc and I were hopping through different realities, it turned out that the timeline with Doc's gravestone in Boot Hill Cemetery had spawned a different universe. That same Doc that I had briefly visited in 1955 of that reality had managed to prevent his own death from occurring, and he took Clara back to 1985 with him."

"I wish I could have joined the two of you," Jennifer said, wistfully. "It appears that the two of you had a lot of fun. I would have liked to have met other versions of myself. It must have been quite a surreal experience for you, eh? I mean, they're all pretty much versions of your life could've been like, if some circumstances had changed."

"Well, it did get a little frustrating," Marty said, sighing. "We weren't sure if we would ever return home. I have to admit that it was rather interesting to meet all those other versions of me, though. It was really unsettling to visit that universe where I ended up getting shot by those Libyan terrorists, though. That was quite a scary moment of my life, as that was the moment when I had my first brush with death. At least he was brought back to life."

"Yeah, I guess it was just luck that the gun jammed when it did," Jennifer said, smiling. "Maybe we'll be even able to live a long and plentiful life - as our distant relativess, Martin and Juniper, did."

"Remember what originally happened to Martin and Juniper, though?" asked Marty. "I'm still convinced it was Seamus' spirit begging for us to go back in time to prevent his brother's death. It's rather amazing to think that to think that our family lines have crossed in the past. As Martin and Juniper were not our direct ancestors, we could still legally marry. I have a feeling that we are destined to live a long and plentiful life, as they were able to. Also, when you think about it, we both were also able to prevent terrible tragedies from happening to us."

"I think Seamus was a really good mentor to you," Jennifer said, smiling. "It's like both you and Doc were fated to go back to 1885. I wish I had gone back with you both. I also remember that Juniper's sister, Clara, had died that year - before we went back in time to save Martin and Juniper."

"It's amazing the one incident had led to the other," Marty remarked. "As nice as it was to save a few lives, though - we have to keep in mind that we can't go back in time to save everybody. Remember how tragic the September 11 bombing was? I was so tempted to want to go back in time and prevent that terrible tragedy from happening, but Doc had given me a really long lecture on that. The Pearl Harbour tragedy was so terrible, as well - but preventing that incident could have possibly made things worse. For all we know, one of those people in that ship could have ended up becoming the dictator of this country. You never know."

"You're right, Marty," Jennifer replied, sighing. "We do have to be careful whenever we travel through time. It's a good thing that Doc decided to put the time machines to rest in 2005. Of course, that was the same year you retired from touring full-time - so that you could spend more time with the family."

"Of course, it's inevitable that Junior and Harmony will eventually discover the time machine," Marty commented. "I don't think we should even try to prevent that from happening, as we might have a paradox on our hands. Besides, it seems like the time machines has kind of taken a life of its own."

"I know Doc did consider destroying the time machines a few times," Jennifer added, "but he always ends up deciding against it, insisting that he might need them again someday."

"Well, anyway, darling," Marty said, as he stood up, "should we start baking some brownies? Junior and Marlene will be coming home in about an hour or so."

"They shouldn't stay up too late," Jennifer said, with concern. "I want to be able to see Junior graduate from high school this year. Of course, Junior does remind me you as a teenager - but there is still his future that we really need to consider. You sure did manage to improve the lives of your parents, and you also managed to improve our own lives. We don't our son to end up having a future of bad luck, you know."

"That's very true, sweatheart," Marty said, as he threw his arms around his wife and kissed the top of her head. "I think we should start baking some brownie, as I am pretty hungry. I have to admit I'm rather glad that Junior isn't home right now. That way, we can lick the bowls and spoons ourselves."

"Yeah, I agree," Jennifer said, smiling. "We may be adults, now - but we do still have our sweet teeth."

"Mom! Dad!" called out a familiar voice. "I'm home!"

"Uh, shucks," Marty mumbled, "I'm afraid I just jinxed us. Now he'll want to lick the bowls and spoons."

"Don't worry," whispered Jennifer. "I have a plan." Then she called out, "Hey, Junior, I just bought you a huge box of butterscotch ripple ice cream. Would you like some?"

"Yes, Mom," called out Marty Jr, as he stepped out of his bedroom.

"Works like a charm," Jennifer whispered. "He can have his ice cream, while you can lick the bowls and spoons."

"Thanks, sweetie," Marty whispered. "Gee, it's so hard to believe that our son looks exactly the same way as I did, when I was his age. I have to admit that I kind of miss being his age."

"Our children are so lucky to be able to take after you," Jennifer said, sighing wistfully. "I sometimes wish I had a daughter who took after me. Oh, well, our son does look very cute."

"Mom, Dad," Marty Jr said, as he stepped into the room. "I almost forgot. I have a little present for you both."

"Oh, what is it, honey?" Jennifer asked, smiling.

"Harmony and I were making some lemon drops with her parents," Marty Jr explained, "and I figured you'd like some."

"Thank you so much, honey," replied Jennifer, as she grabbed a bag from her son. "You are so wonderful."

"Thanks, Mom," replied Marty Jr, as she hugged her mother. She then hugged her father.

"Thank a bunch, sport," Marty replied, smiling fondly at his son. "I really love you a lot."

"I love you too, Dad," Marty Jr said, as he left the room.

Marty and Jennifer smiled, as their watched their son bring a heaping bowl of ice cream to his bedroom.

"Like father, like son," Jennifer whispered to her husband. Marty just smiled back.