Tibby sulked into the lobby, still in her flannel pajama pants. She collapsed in on of the overstuffed armchairs and hoped people couldn't tell she had just cried in her soup. As she waited, she began to think about the dreaded word: if. IF I was pregnant…IF there was an actual baby in my stomach….with actual feet and fingers. Well. Maybe not yet. Tibby wasn't so sure how the stages worked. As she sat considering the possibilities, Lena raced into the lobby, carrying 3 plastic bags. "Tibbs... I'm... here…" Lena said between gasps for breath. "Any…signs?" Tibby shook her head. "No…it's been a week overdue. I'm scared Lenny…" Tears welled up in her eyes. "I think I'm-" Lenny placed her index finger on Tibby's quivering lip. "Shhh…Tibbs, I think it's going to be ok. Now, I didn't spend over 40 dollars worth of tests just to watch you cry. Are you going to do it alone…or came I come in?" Tibby closed her eyes. "I want you in there with me. I need you in case I am. you know." Lenny closed her eyes too. "I know Tibby. I always do…"

The heavy bathroom door creaked as it shut behind the two girls. Tibby groaned. "Ok, Lena, how the hell am I supposed to do this?" A small smile flittered across Lena's face. "Well…I think you're supposed to...'go' on it." Tibby's face looked blank. "What do you mean 'go' on it? Like, sit on it!" Lena grew red. "No Tibby…you're supposed to URINATE on it!" An uneasy silence settled between the girls, but Tibby was the one to break it when she burst into laughter. Soon Lena joined in, and it wasn't long before the best friends had tears streaming down their faces. "Ok, ok…here. You can open it, and I'll sit down on the toilet," Tibby announced. Lena clawed through the plastic. "Ok, here it is…now, on the count of three, you pee. One….Two…Three…."

"It CAN'T Be positive! This must be defective…we should return it, Lenny. There is not way I'm pregnant! I'm 19, for God's sake! How could this happen?" Tibby was sobbing hysterically in her dorm room. Lena was desperately trying to calm her down, but nothing could stop Tibby's tears. "Shhh...Tibby…I promise everything's going to be ok. We should make a few phone calls, though.." Tibby shut her eyes. "Lenny…my parents…what are they going to say? How am I going to tell them they're going to be grandparents? And Brian…" TIbby's voice faded away at the sound of Brian's name. Lena gave a small smile. "Hey, maybe he'll be excited to be a dad. You know Brian. He's always there for you, as am I, Tibby. " Tibby slowly opened her eyes and sighed. "Ok, Lenny. But, before we call my parents, or Brian, I want to let my best friends know." "My thought, exactly, Tibbs," Lena said softly. "Now, let's make some phone calls…."