Tibby heard a piercing scream on the other end. Oh my god, my mom just died, Tibby frantically thought as the scream droned on. She heard the phone being put down and someone running. A few minutes later, the screaming ceased, and Alice came back on the phone. "Honey? Are you still there?"

"Yes, Mom, I'm still here…" Tibby muttered. She had a feeling her mother had not heard the news.

"Sorry, Tibby, I didn't hear the last thing you said. Katherine dropped her Popsicle and wanted a new one," Alice laughed. "So, what were you going to tell us?"

Tibby gripped the phone in her hands. "I'm coming up to see you guys this weekend," she lied through her teeth.

"Really?" Alice sounded perplexed. "A few minutes ago, you sounded like you were crying…is everything okay in New York?"

Tibby sighed. "Yeah, it's just I'm," she blinked back tears, "homesick."

"Oh, sweetie," Alice murmured. "It's your first time away from home for a while, and I know you must be so lonely without Brian up there."

"Yeah…so, I'm leaving on Friday afternoon…I'll be there by night."

Tibby heard her siblings laughing and jumping around in the background. "Katherine and Nicky are so excited you're coming!" Alice chuckled into the phone. "We all are."

Too bad I'm not as excited to see you guys, Tibby thought to herself, but shook the thought out of her head.

"Can't wait," Tibby said softly. "May I please tell Brian something?"

"Of course, honey. Here he is," Alice chirped. "See you Friday!"

Brian's husky voice on the phone brought fresh tears to Tibby's already-damp eyes. "Tibbs…you didn't tell them…about-"

"No." Tibby snapped, and then took a deep breath. "I'll tell them when I come to see you guys."

"Promise?" Brian urged.

"Promise," Tibby tried to sound hopeful, but it was pretty hard. "Bye."

Tibby's fist was shaking as she tenderly knocked on the solid oak door of her house. In the 5 hours it had taken her to drive down, there was never a minute where Tibby didn't think about what she was going to do with the baby. As she stood on the porch, she tried to remember what they had learned back in Middle School about how babies developed. It probably didn't have any fingers or toes, Tibby thought as a wave of nausea came over her. It was just a blob of life in her stomach. Suddenly, the door flung open and Tibby was embraced by her enthusiastic mother. "Tibby! You're here!" her mother cried, her cheeks flushed with happiness. Tibby was afraid her voice would give away her emotional state, so she just forced a smile and gave her mother a hug back. "Brian is coming in about twenty minutes. We're all going to have a 'Welcome Back Tibby' dinner," Alice chuckled. As her mother led Tibby through the house, she looked down at her stomach and gently poked it. It felt a little firmer, she thought with a grimace. "Tibby? You haven't said a word since you've been here," Alice stopped waking and turned to her daughter, conern in her eyes. "I have to talk to everyone. Once Brian gets here," Tibby trembled. Alice nodded slowly. "Okay…I'll call everyone down and we can sit in the living room."

An hour later, the Rollins and Brian were sitting on the worn hemp sofa in the living room.

"So, dear," Alice murmured, rubbing her hands together in anticipation. "What is this 'news' you have to tell us?"

Tibby looked at Brian, whose eyes were staring ahead at some invisible point.

"I…Brian and I," Tibby began, "have some news."

Alice and Tibby's father must have caught the tone in Tibby's voice, because Alice's eyes grew wide with concern. "Is it…bad news?"

Tibby shook her head. "No."

Brian continued to absentmindedly drum his fingers on his knee when Tibby gently nudged him. He groaned inwardly and placed his hand on hers.

Tibby took one more breath before stating the news.

"Mom…Dad…everyone else. I'm pregnant."

There was a silence in the Rollin's family room. Huge tears formed in Tibby's eyes, and before she could stop them, she was sobbing, her head between her knees. "I'm sorry," she wailed. "We used protection! I swear! Brian knows-"

Mr. Rollins interrupted. "Brian? This Brian?"

Tibby nodded ever so slightly.

"So this means…." Mrs. Rollins said in a soft voice, "that Brian is the father?"

Tibby gingerly lifted her head and faced her parents. "That would be correct."

Alice suddenly stood up, which made Tibby frozen with fear.

Her mother walked over to Brian and kissed him gently on the cheek. "Take care of my girl," she whispered in Brian's ear. Brian gripped Tibby's hand.

"Are you…happy?" Tibby asked her parents, who both had sentimental smiles on their face.

"There's nothing that makes us happier knowing that we will be grandparents in less that a year," Alice beamed.

Tibby could not believe her parents excitement. Suddenly, everyone was talking and laughing and smiling, and Tibby was embraced by multiple people at once.

After telling the whole story to her parents and siblings, Tibby took Brian by the hand and lead him to the Rollin's back porch. The sky was a dusty blue, and the air was cool but not sharp. "I guess we're going to be parents," Tibby laughed, rubbing her stomach. Brian leaned over and kissed Tibby's cheek. "I guess we are."

To my Faithful Readers:

I'm really not sure if I'm going to continue this FF. It might be the end of Tibby's story…I've lost interest in writing, and I'd rather stop at the high point, then continue to give you crappy unmotivated writing. Sorry! Thank you all for reading.