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Chapter 1


Usagi hasn't seen Mamoru for the next seven days. There hadn't been any youma attacks and she had been getting up earlier for the past days so she didn't run into him in the mornings either. He wasn't even in the Arcade lately. All in all she found herself missing his quirky smile, dark hairs and twinkling navy blue eyes of his. Heck, even the teasing seemed to be missed now!

But despite all this nostalgia, Usagi was guiltily glad she hadn't had any encounter with the dark upper-classman. After that night one week ago, she wasn't sure what would have she done if running into him.

Now, that she knew who Mamoru really was during their night encounters, she just looked at him differently. True, her feeling for him hadn't changed, not at all; if so they seemed only to become intensified. Yet… her conscience (sounding so annoyingly like Luna…) didn't allow her to trust him completely no matter how much her heart's been arguing with it.

Yes… Luna and senshi's warnings and suspicions about Tuxedo Kamen sounded to much plausible now. Really, what was his agenda in this whole Dark Kingdom mess? What was he going to gain in this fight? Why was he doing it all? And was he really an enemy…their enemy? Then why bother with the savings? Why not to let her – Sailor Moon – die? So many questions… And her heart was so confused… and hurt… and she really didn't want to think about Mamoru and him being the enemy…

No! Not anymore… Usagi shook her head abruptly. Now was not the time to think about him! Yes… now, it's time to shop!

With her spirits lifted up, Usagi quickly gathered her purse and bag and left to the temple where she was supposed to meet with Rei, Ami and Mako for their weekly shopping time. Maybe her friends' presence will take her mind of Mamoru ('though it hadn't happened so far…) She really hoped to relax for the next few hours. And maybe… maybe that strange feeling will go away too.

She ran the familiar way to the temple thinking about her latest concern, her blonde pig-tails flapping behind her like some kind of mystical veil.

For the past week Usagi had been feeling as though someone had been watching her from afar, as if someone was there behind her watching carefully her every move and it was making her hairs tingle with this strange feeling of… awareness that someone was near.

Well, to tell the truth, it wasn't really an unpleasant feeling. She definitely hadn't felt threatened by it. But, what was even more bizarre, she felt more… protected and safe. And that was the only reason why she hadn't told anyone about this. She trusted her guts' feelings and, now, they didn't warn her of any danger. Besides, she didn't really think it was important enough to bother her other senshi and guardian cat. They had so many other things on their mind…

And honestly, if it had been the enemy they would have probably attacked already! Yes, she really shouldn't worry any her friends with this.

With that settled I'm off to Rei-chan! She'll be mad at me for being late – again!


After taking Usagi to her house that night, Mamoru decided to make sure nothing like their last adventure have ever happened again. Thanks to his alter-ego, he was quite capable at protecting her himself. And he that's what he had indented to do.

Mamoru had been tailing Usagi form afar for the whole past week always making sure she got everywhere safe and in one piece. But it seemed she had a lot of places to be and even more time to wander the city. Never was he so close to the tardiness at his school or at work, but his Odango-chan's safety was what matter the most. And really, his latest work just plain sucked! Now he had the reasons to drop it and look for something better.

So that it's why Mamoru found himself in the over-crowded mall on the sunny and rather hot Saturday, instead of his usual visit in the Arcade with Motoki and later doing his carefully planed studying.

And Kami, was he bored already! Did the shopping really require so much time? He never remembered his shopping taking this long! And if Usagi will visit one more store with clothing then he will just plain scream! Pick the blouse already (no matter the color, I'll even pay of it!) just pick it and both of us can go home! Honestly! Odango will be his death… by boredom. Usagi, really, be a dear and go home already!

Mamoru was really contemplating leaving his Odango and heading off to Arcade when suddenly her group of friends entered one particular store. No, he mentally groaned another one? That's it! I'm- wait a moment… that's a "Body's Arts"… A tattoo shop! Now Odango what are you planning?

He was really tempted to go right in there and ask her bluntly. But he willed himself not to. It wouldn't bring him any good for her to see him now. Yes… he'll wait outside hidden slightly like he did the whole past week.

It took her almost half an hour to finish her business there. Did she or one of her friends get a tattoo? Has she even to guts to get a tattoo? No, she was there probably for Rei or that brunette… Makoto, right?

There she is! Finally! Hm, none of them have the aid band on her. Maybe they just wondered about getting one.

He watched carefully as four friends walked past his hiding post never noticing him. He sighed in relief when their backs where facing him. Now he can stalk them but maybe he should put a bit more distance and-

"I can't believe you've got one Usagi-chan!" exclaimed Rei "Never thought you have it in you."

"Well, a dare is a dare, now isn't it, Rei-chan?" asked a slightly flushed blonde. She looked really smug for proving Rei wrong for once.

"You go girl!" laughed Makoto slapping Usagi on her back.

A tattoo? Usagi got a tattoo?! Kami, now he's doomed! Odango's gonna be his death, definitely, she's gonna kill him with his unanswered curiosity! What did she get? And more importantly where? He didn't spot a place where she could have gotten it, no aid-bands on her slender, beautifully curved body… He shook off the mental image scolding himself. You can't think like that! Get you mind out of the gutter, Chiba!

"Thankfully, these tattoos are fading after a month" Usagi said sounding rather relieved "I don't know what I will tell Okaa-san if she sees it."

"Don't worry, she won't" said Rei watching her blonde best friend that managed to surprise her yet again.

"Yea, and they do fade after a month. They even become dimmed after two weeks or so. I checked it myself" said Makoto and lifted her left sleeve showing her tattooed shoulder. "See, the lightening is already fading and it's been only a little more than two weeks"

It fades? No! He has to see it before it's gone! Damn, now he'll be more obsessed with Usagi than before! Odango! You'll drive me crazy!

The girls stopped not far away form Mamoru's hiding spot to look at Makoto's tattoo. He was still able to hear them clearly but his sight was highly limited. And he couldn't change his position or they would see him for sure. Now, he didn't wanna even think about talking himself out of it if that happened!

"Oh, it's so like you, Mako-chan!" Usagi gushed, gaining Mamoru's full attention. He watched her back carefully listening to every word the girls said.

"Hai, it really suits you." Said Ami, her face brightly red, then she swiftly lifted her right leg showing her ankle. On it was a little blue drop that seemed as if falling down. "Just like mine suits me"

The girls looked at her flabbergasted their mouths hitting the floor. Even Mamoru was taken aback a little. But he quickly recovered. He was a geek too after all, and he knew what little schemes could be born in one genius's mind. He smiled at this.

"A-Ami-chan…" whispered Usagi sounding amazed.

The said girl got even brighter than before and squeaked "I-I've got it two days ago when Mako-chan mentioned it. Always wanted to have one" Then she smiled mischievously "But it's only week long. It started to fade already."

The other girls watched still shocked until Rei yelled.

"I can't believe I'm the only one without it!"

The others looked at her for a moment then burst out laughing.

"Sorry, Rei-chan. Seems you're outnumbered now!" said Usagi really amused.

"Honestly! Even Ami-chan got one! I had to get one too!" said a flushed Rei already on her way to the tattoo shop.

"But the shop is closed now…" said the blonde girl not smiling anymore and stopping her friend.

"Usagi was the last customer. They even stayed open fifteen minutes longer for her tattoo to be done." The blue-haired girl looked sympathetically at her friend too.

"Oh, well, I'll come on Monday then." Rei said sulking a bit.

"And speaking about Usagi-chan's tattoo…"said Makoto lifting the front of the smallest girl's blouse "isn't her being the most fitting here?"

Usagi squeaked when Makoto lifted the blouse but didn't stop her friend. Makoto couldn't have lifted it that much anyway. Now, all girls bended a bit to get a better view of Usagi's tattoo.

Mamoru, on the other hand, has been cursing his bad luck as Usagi's back was facing him and he couldn't see anything. What is it? Damn it! Why couldn't she stand facing him? Damn!

"You're right Mako-chan" said Rei, still examining the little piece of art "her tattoo is chosen perfectly with the white and pink ears and that cartoon-like smile and all."

"Personally, I like the Moon the most" said Ami watching it closely.

"Yea, it fits perfectly! Rabbit of the Moon!" said Makoto laughing.

Tsukino Usagi… So the rabbit got a rabbit on the Moon. Cute. But still, I haven't seen it! And I must!

The girls started her walk again clearly heading home. Mamoru on the other hand wasn't paying them any attention his mind scheming possible ways to see the blasted tattoo on Usagi's belly, the mental image already making him groan. For the first time this week Usagi hasn't been followed.


end of part one


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