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Chapter 2


The Monday morning was as warm and sunny as the past few days. The birds were singing cheerfully, small children walking happily to school and adults hurrying to their respectful works. All in all the day was wonderful and everyone seemed happy and content.

That is until they walked past a certain corner in Juuban District.

No matter how a happy and bright the day seemed, when someone had passed the dark stormy form of a handsome upper-classman, they hurried away as fast as possible. No one wanted to be at the receiving end of the dark-haired man's look. It was just too scary!

The upper-classman's mood wasn't really that surprising, considering Mamoru's last thirty-six hours. After that scene in the Mall on Saturday afternoon, Mamoru went home to distract himself from the annoying need to satisfy his curiosity. 'I will not think about Odango's tattoo!' was like his mantra that day. And at first it worked. It wasn't that hard to occupy himself with other things. Some books and school reading assignment, some cleaning (not that his apartment needed it…) an interesting (under other circumstances) science program on TV and the day had passed relatively good. (If you don't count the seventy-four times he thought about Odango and her blasted tattoo, of course…)

Anyway, the Saturday wasn't that bad. But the Sunday…

After another night disturbed by Her Royal Pain-in-the-Ass (he called her that only when being angry, really!) known better as the annoyingly demanding Princess of the Moon, and two futile hours of searching for his Odango, Mamoru had been more than irritated. Finally, he gave up on finding Usagi on the streets of Tokyo and decided to visit Motoki at the Arcade. He had brooded there some more scaring the poor unsuspecting customers of Motoki's lovely games center (Odango hadn't had the grace to lavish her presence on them that day and his mood darkened even more), only to spend a lonely evening in his apartment (still without seeing his Odango!). He tried really hard to spend the Sunday the same as Saturday's evening looking for other ways to occupy himself (with lousy effect, to be honest…) only to end with another night full of that demanding Princess.

So, it's not that surprising to see the always composed upper-classman more than irritated and rather determined today.

I will see that damned tattoo! Mark my words, Odango! And with that resolve Mamoru had decided to catch his Rabbit this morning on her way to school. He had been standing for the past half an hour on their usual meeting corner, unconsciously frightening other inhabitants of Tokyo that had the misfortune the pass him.

If she didn't hurry up I will be late for school! I cannot allow myself to be late again. And because of Odango, nonetheless! He was ready to vent more when a vague commotion at far end of the street caught his attention. Ah, here she is! He smiled a slightly sinister smile. Run little rabbit, run, right into the wolf's open arms.


Usagi woke late like usual. Her black cat and guardian of the Tokyo Super-heroine in one person…err, feline, only rolled her eyes and tried to fall asleep again. She got pretty used to her charge's morning antics.

Usagi, on the other hand, was running around her room form side to side doing her usual morning activities at frighteningly fast pace. One second she was jumping from left side of her room to the right, somehow putting her school clothes. The next minute she was brushing her hair running from the right part of her room to the left, only to run back a bit later with half way packed schoolbag. Finally she was putting her trade-mark odango hairstyle in front of her mirror. And all of that happened in less then five minutes.

Impressive. If only she was that fast and coordinated during the battles. Sighed Luna, just like every morning. "The time never stopped, you know? You need to hurry up, Usagi-chan, or you'll be late"

"And what do you think I am doing?" huffed Usagi finally grabbing her bag and checking if her brooch was on her breast. She couldn't live house without it anymore. She would just feel unprepared for the day and very vulnerable. It seems she had finally accepted her role as the Tokyo Super-Heroine. It was good to feel like she was doing something productive and important. Even if the cost was in form of highly sleep-deprived nights. She quipped inside her head.

"Don't forget the senshi meeting at the temple" reminded Luna never leaving her spot on the still warm bed.

"Hai, hai, I'll do my best not to get a detention. But no promises" said Usagi leaving her room "Ja, Luna"

"We are used to your tardiness now" said Luna to the already closed door. "Have a good day, Usagi…"


Despite the fact she was running to one of her least favorite places – school, Usagi was trying her best to hurry. And considering the fact she was a senshi, she was moving at quite an impressive speed. But even with her running as fast as possible she hardly ever crashed into anyone. Usagi was so trained at dodging people on her way to school that she was doing it without any conscious thought. I only run into Mamo-baka! She whined inside her head but her whining ended in a love-sick sigh My Mamo-chan…

Anyway, where the heck was he hiding this past week? Usagi thought exasperated never slowing down in her fast pace to school. She hadn't seen the dark haired upper-classman for much too long for her liking. I no longer miss him, I have withdraws symptoms! She thought looking for some humor in her pain at Mamoru's absence from her life. She did miss him and was hoping to run into him even if it meant dealing with her real emotions later.

Usagi decided she wasn't going to try and avoid him anymore, nor be afraid of him. She intended to treat him like always, like she didn't know who he was at night or what her real feelings for him truly were. Yes, the teasing and bickering is the safe ground in our unusual relationship.

Usagi kept on running and hoping to crash into Mamoru yet not really paying attention where she was going.

And thus her little wish came true.


Mamoru was getting more and more amused with each passing second as he watched his Odango dodge and maneuver between the people on the street. The irritation, he had felt just mere minute before, disappeared unnoticed leaving only the happiness at finally seeing her pretty face. The time since that Saturday afternoon seemed to drag agonizingly slow for Mamoru and he was really missing his sunny Odango Atama today. He smiled unconsciously watching her getting closer and closer to him. The tattoo forgotten for a moment.

When Usagi was almost passing his standing post, Mamoru braced himself for the upcoming impact and stepped in front of her path. He shut his eyes preparing for the collision and he wasn't disappointed. His arms, as if having a mind of its own, sneaked around the small blonde to catch her before she fell to the hard pavement.

He inhaled her sweet fragrance burying his nose in her beautiful odangos. Ah, finally! Fortunately for him, Usagi was too busy calming her erratically beating heart to notice this. Mamoru quickly removed himself from her making some proper (for so called enemies) distance between them.

"You ran into me again, Odango" drawled Mamoru, and watched gleefully as that entertaining flush appeared on his rabbit's face. She's so adorable!

Usagi on the other hand was trying to behave as normally as possible. He didn't know she was Sailor Moon, and she shouldn't know he was Tuxedo Kamen. Act normal, act normal, act normal.…

"Mamo-baka! I ran into you?!" She shrieked praying to sound insulted "It's your fault! Where did you come from, anyway? I didn't see you standing here." Yes, that should pass as normal. Teasing each other is what we do. This will pass.

Mamoru lifted his one dark eyebrow and smirked. Usagi's heart fluttered even more than before. Why was he doing this to her? Why did he have to be so handsome? And why had she had to see his other side that night? That part of him that made her insides melt and heart warm up with these pleasant feelings and her knees go weak with his close proximity and- Oh, why did she have to fall for him?

"I was turning the corner on my way to school when you crashed into me – again" he quickly looked around to check if the lie would work and sighed in relief noticing that they indeed were standing at their usual 'corner of morning crashing'.

He watched carefully her every move and each part of her sole being, trying to memorize as much as possible. Her deepest blue eyes like nothing he has ever seen before, her blonde hair shining in the morning sun like the richest gold and her cheeks so prettily flushed. She's so beautiful. And-

Suddenly her image from that night more than a week ago flashed before his eyes. Again he saw clearly her vulnerability and the need to be protected, the need to feel safe, the need… of him. The warm feelings in his heart grew even more squeezing his insides pleasantly. He wanted nothing more than protect his little Odango-chan and be near her and never let her go and-

"School! I'm gonna be late!" screamed Usagi as if only realizing what she was doing before, (which actually was true). She unintentionally brought Mamoru form his musings about the object of his affections. "I don't have time for you this morning, Mamo-baka! 'til we meet again!" and she was already running ahead of him to her school, her long pig-tails flopping behind her mocking a slightly shocked Mamoru.

The said upper-classman wasn't sure what have really happened. One minute she was in his arms then they were exchanging their daily insults and suddenly she wasn't standing there anymore but running of to her school.

And the rabbit has ran away form the wolf. Said an annoyingly sarcastic voice inside Mamoru's head.

The dark-haired man sighed unconsciously with that characteristic love-sick sigh, than suddenly remembered something. The tattoo! I forgot even to check if her school uniform lifts a bit to see it! Damn! Damn! Damn! I'm the stupidest man on the earth! Honestly! Couldn't she wait a bit more? She was already late to school- School! I'm gonna be late just like Odango! Agr! What is she doing tome?! I'm picking her worst habits! Move people, I'm gonna be late for school!

And he ran off to the Azabu High School still cursing his little Odango-chan.


end of part two


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