OK. You know what? I'm mad. Really mad! MAD!

You wont believe what is happening to my life and the reason I'm writing this is to inform the world, my brother and my dad that:


In all the stories you read there is a jerk there, well in my LIFE there is one too. An annoying one! And his FAMILLY now!

OH MY GOD! Why did this happen? why? why? WHY?

Okay, now I cooled down a little after a glass of water but I'm still hot from the oven mad!

It all adds down to the following:

So I'm going to my in the class and one of the jerk's friends comes up to me and is like "I would look before I sit these days!"

"what are you up to now?" I said

But he just left saying " Warned you."

So I take no notice I put my bag down next to my desk and I sit. I felt something sharp go into my skin and the next think I knew, I was screaming my head off.

Great there was a needel stuck in my 'you know where!'

"You…" I said going towards Syaoran and pointing at him "… are so dead"

I had him pined to the wall before he could say anything-he was laughing so hard to talk-and were yelling at him!

"why did you do that?" I screamed in his ear "you are a dead meat!"

And before I could start the beating part I heard our teacher yelling:

"what is going on here?"

And as no one usually answers-Mr.Hamashi can be a really scary man you know. (Our homeroom teacher I mean)-we all slipped back to our sits, except , I was not comfortable at all with the whole needle thing. So I was moving to get a easy spot to rest you know what so it wouldn't hurt, that Mr.Hamashi-He is Chinese-looked at me like I'm an idiot and was like:

"Do you need to run to the ladies room Ms.Kinomoto?"

Everyone cracked up when he said that. I can say that was the most embarrassing moment in my life!

"Um, well…ye." I said.

I said yes so what? I know it was a stupid reaction, but I was in pain. Try having a needle in 'you know where' and you'll see what I mean!

"Well then off you go" Mr.Hamashi said with his hand's motion. And so I ran for the door and went outside and headed straight to the bathroom.

You see? That's how that stupid Syaoran is! And that is just a little trick of his! And that was just what happened only in the homeroom!