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Summary: When summoning the Death God- Something went wrong. Yondaime survived- And foresaw the dangers of Naruto's life. Now, Naruto is taken care of by the caring healer, legendary sucker and erotic novelist for his own protection. From Konoha... And Akatsuki.

Long ago, a demon fox with nine tails existed, outliving the oldest of humans. With one swing of a tail it would cause earthquakes and destroy mountains. With another, a tsunami would initiate or volcanoes could erupt.

To counter the "Kyuubi no Kitsune", Ninjas gathered to fight it. But none could match its power.

For reasons unknown, the Nine tailed Fox- King of the tailed demons, Kyuubi, had set its sights on a hidden ninja village that was still recovering from the third ninja war. The village hidden in the leaves, Konoha. The death toll was enormous, and it was rising with every passing second.

"Hold it here until the Yondaime arrives!" roared an injured Jounin, as he whipped his head up to face the red demonic mass in front of him. He wiped his forehead clean of blood and sweat before running full pelt, and becoming no more than a blur of dark green in his attempt to occupy the powerful monster fox. Another ninja was thrown back, a few meters away from the previous Ninja.

"Don't let it get any closer to the village!" He shouted, as he felt his head spin for a moment. He corrected his movements, caught his breath, and leapt back up to fight the Kyuubi.

The strongest off all the ninja -known as the Yondaime Hokage - sealed the Kyuubi in a battle to the death. And an impossibly bright light fazed through the Kyuubi. But his technique failed. Dying on the battle field, the Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure was lain by Gamabunta- The head of the toad summons- with two medical Nins fruitlessly attempting to heal his wounds.

"Rin… Hiniateru… You can't heal this…" The blond Hokage said, his words were meant to protect them, even so close to his own death. "You have to let me go." Rin kept glaring straight at Yondaime's broken body, while charging her chakra through it. "Rin… I'll tell Obito how you feel." He muttered softly as Gamabunta puffed away with no more chakra to bind it to the Earth.

The girl stopped. Hiniateru, the pregnant Hyuuga stared at the blond Hokage for a moment. Half out of incredulity and half out of pity. Pity for the Hokage whose eardrums might explode from the soon to be yelling Medic-Nin... Who was about to explode with anger.

"BAKA-SENSEI! I'M NOT STOPPING!" Rin growled, "now, shut up. If you don't- Hokage or not- you'll die faster!" The Yondaime shrank away as Hiniateru felt a sweat drop slide down her face. 'I'd better not get on the wrong side of Rin…' she thought and began subconsciously inching away from the volatile medic-nin. "Hiniateru, have you got enough Chakra to keep going?" Rin asked her softly, her eyes on her sensei's heaving chest. His breathing was slowing down.

"I'm okay Rin. I can keep going." Hiniateru confirmed, placing her hands above the Hokage's bruised abdomen. Rin stiffened as she felt a presence behind Hiniateru.

"No. You can't." A cold voice came from behind her.

"And you're point being here is…?" Rin said, restraining another growl.

"Well, Sarutobi-Sensei asked me to help him keep these Ninjas alive." The voice replied, her cool tone now had a hint of mirth.

"TSUNADE! YOU'RE HERE!" Rin yelled happily, collapsing on her back. "And about time eh Hiniateru? I was really starting to lose it there…"

"Starting? Rin- you've always lost it. When you were made Minato's subordinate he must have dropped you on your head in the bell test…" The blond carried on casually. Tsunade wasn't just any ninja. She was a medical ninja with "Inhuman Strength", perfect Chakra control and self-healing… She could heal any wound. Remove any poison. And she could do it fast.

"Uhh, Tsunade, how did you get here so fast?" Hiniateru interjected, stopping the oncoming fight. "Last I heard you were in Southern Wind Country."

"Jiraiya summoned Gamashabu to get me here. He's conferring with Sarutobi. I'm here to stabilise the conditions of the Ninja that have been wounded." She said, answering all possible questions that could have branched off from a short answer. "Help the others." She paused. "…Hiniateru, is it true that pregnancy holds back the mother's Byakuugan?"

"Yes, otherwise I'd be more of a help today." The Hyuuga replied softly, "so far all I've done is get in your way."

"This is true." Tsunade said matter-of-factly. "Oh well, support Rin's medical jutsu while I focus on the Hokage." The two kunoichi left slowly, with Rin throwing dark looks at Tsunade, and Hiniateru dragging her slightly so they could do their duty.

"So Minato, lets see what's wrong here…" Tsunade said briskly forming some hand seals, then pushing an even amount of Chakra through his body.

"NARUTO!" The Hokage yelled, jolting up.

"… The kamaboko type?" She asked slowly, one eye twitching with annoyance. "YOU ALMOST DIE AND YOU TALK ABOUT FISH PASTE?!"

"No, the baby! Naruto Uzumaki! The only way to defeat Kyuubi… I sealed it inside Naruto." He said quietly, his voice dropping down to a whisper. "Why am I alive?"

"You were dying. But I brought you back." Tsunade's eyes widened at his choice of words. "You were meant to die?"

"I'd summoned Shinigami to take my soul in order to destroy the Kyuubi's physical body! Its spiritual form was then transferred to Naruto!"

"Then… What went wrong?"

"I don't know… Wait. Where's Kushina?" Yondaime asked suddenly his tone urgent.

"Kushina? The Whirlpool kunoichi? Kushina?" Tsunade asked carefully.

"Yes, we… We're engaged- Where is she?" Minato sputtered, as he felt a red tinge creep up his neck.

"Really?!" Tsunade questioned in amazement… Unwittingly placing more chakra into the technique she was forming than required.

"Tsunade pay attention!" The Yondaime said loudly, through gritted teeth.

"Hmm, well what do you know? The added Chakra seems to have healed your wound." Tsunade said thoughtfully, "even though it isn't visible I can't be sure. Head to the hospital, I'll deal with a few wounds here, first."

"But Tsunade," Minato said softly, "what about your Haemophobia?"

"… Well… I can't be afraid of it forever. And I can't just let everyone die now can I?" She said slowly, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "I'll look around for Kushina too. Just go to the hospital and I'll see you there soon."

"Okay. Hey, Tsunade... Can I go see Ero-Sennin first?"

"Jiraiya's with Saru-Sensei. See him later..."

"... You're not the boss of me."

"You want to test that theory, Hokage-teme?"


-This is just a beta chapter. The later chapters will be many times as long...

-Hyuuga Hiniateru is quite obviously, Hinata's mother. She is also an OC.

-Neither of these characters will make big impacts on the story, but will be making appearances at times.

-Rin (who is Kakashi & Obito's team mate in "Kakashi Gaiden") will be making appearences aswell.

-"Gamashabu" translates roughly to quick frog. It's also an OC.