Hey, it's Skendall here

Hey, it's Skendall here. I'm making this update to inform all the readers of Diminishing Soul, that the first few (shortly, and poorly) chapters are currently being re-written and added to. Because of the fairly large nature of the fiction's reformation, I decided that I would continue the story in a completely separate entity from this and that I would delete this archive of Diminishing Soul once it had been fully updated.

In other news: There's a poll on my profile. Vote in it. I'm looking to start a story on the side as I think having something separate to write would prevent me from boring myself to death with the same story. (One of the reasons for my –sometimes- long updates.) P

Thanks for reading this update, and I appreciate reading Diminishing Soul this far. I hope you stick around for future chapters, and I'll do my best to bring out the next chapter as soon as I complete the task I've set myself.