To be young again...

"What do you mean it just 'Happened'?" the green, currently calm yet hightly tempermental hedgehog slowly asked. That tone of voice was a sign; a warning sign for Cyrus to pick and choose his next sentence extremely carefully. The other teenager breathed in nervously

"There...was an accident and...see...I don't know what happened but my 'project' must

have...well..." he trailed off in a nervous laugh, motioning to the small, unconcious blue hedgehog boy cutely snuggled up in his now literal big brother's arms.

Manic looked up with dangerous, ice blue eyes, his stiff arms protectively holding the small hedgehog "Did you hurt him?"


"When this happened, did i hurt--"

"NO!! Well...I didn't hurt him, but I don't know what the shock would have done...both to his body and mind..." Cyrus gulped, stepping back from Manic slightly as Sonia put a gentle, restraining hand on the older one's shoulder

"Why his mind?" Sonia asked, aiming to break the tension.

"Well, it's just a possibility but, since he's regressed so much in an obviously unnatural manner; his brain probably took it as an injury; shutting down the mind, and probably surpressing his memories...there's no telling the extent of subconcious damage he'd have suffered if not..." he sighed forlornly as he watched Sonic's small chest rise and fall in steady breaths.

Manic blinked in reaction when he felt the younger hedgehog's soft fur bristle slightly "huh?" the teenager reflexively looked over at him. Sonic was shiverring, goosebumps appearing under his fur "He's freezing..." Manic instinctively held him in a more secure position, bundling him pretty much inside his jacket.

"So what do we do? Can't we just reverse the process?" Sonia asked as she worriedly watched the small shiverring form residing within their brother's jacket.

"Not without extensive damage to his brain. His mind wouldn't be able to take it in his current state!" Cyrus immediately answered "Plus, I don't even know what he did to get like this! Any number of chain reactions could have triggered this!"

"So what do we do?" Manic questioned, watching him with much more concern flashing within his eyes

"Well...I have a theory..." the orange haired scientist began; sitting down by the computer "If while I figure out exactly what happened here, you guys try and unsurpress his memories, gradually of course! You don't want to over-load his young mind afterall." He nodded to himself, tapping a few keys on the computer " that's see..."

The siblings sighed as he trailed off in rambles, peacefully leaving the room to let him work by himself, as they knew he often preferred.

Sonia watched as Sonic was layed down onto the couch "I can't believe this..." she sighed

"I know how ya feel," Manic nodded, petting the younger boy's fur as gently as he could

"I mean this stuff just DOESN'T happen, it doesn't! Well...not to normal families anyway!" Sonia started to rant, pacing the space infront of the couch where Sonic currently laid.


"I mean, he's our ONLY hope right now! Not just of finding mother but of winning against--"

"Sonia!" Manic raised his voice slightly, causing her to look over "He's waking up,"

Sonic was squirming slightly on the couch, muscles starting to reawaken, his eyes started to flicker quickly, opening and closing as small moans of confusion and possibly fear escaped him. Gradually his reactions slowed, eyes opening and instantly filling with confusion

"where...where am I?..." he whimpered, drawing his arms to his chest in a child-like, defensive movement, starting to sit up and instantly huddle himself in the corner of the couch, whimpering a little bit.

Sonia instinctively reached out to pet behind his head "Just try to realx," she started off, voice soft and gentle "What's the last thing you remember?"

The five year old shiverred and whimpered still, shaking his head "I-I can't-I-I don't-I'm not sure..." he nervously babbled, shyly and nervously fidgeting with his fingers. "Who-Who are you guys?"

Manic immediately noted the boy's fearful state, it was obvious in the shakiness of his high-pitched tone, therefore, the oldest sibling took it upon himself to try and calm the youngest one down

"Hey there little guy, calm down, you're safe." he gently whispered

"s-safe?!" Sonic squeaked "from what?"

" had an accident," Sonia explained, sitting by him on the couch

"Yeah, but don't worry. We're here now." Manic gently spoke

"I'm Sonia, I'm your big sister..." Sonia whispered, petting his hand comfortingly

"And I'm Manic. I'm your big brother, and you have alot to try to remember, it seems..."

to be continued