Chapter 6

"You okay pet?" the blonde vampire asked Buffy, who was sat on the back porch staring at the stars.

"I guess." Spike sat behind his girl and held her close to him.

"I'm sorry all of this has happened to you Buffy."

"Me too. But I guess weird things happen to me everyday, I'm the slayer after all." She placed her hand on his once beating heart and looked up at him.

"You're a vampire again?" he nodded and she broke down in his arms.

"It feels like I've lost you all over again." She said sobbing into his chest.

"You haven't, I'm here. I will always be here." He pattered her back comfortingly.

"But what if you die?" he looked into her eyes and caressed her face in his hand.

"Then I will always be here." He said placing his hand on her heart.

She stared into his eyes and then her lips crashed to his.

"Buffy what you doing?" he said pulling away from her.

"Kiss me Spike. Just kiss me." He did as she asked and they were soon trapped in another kiss.

Spike kicked the warehouse door down, his girl by his side. The cloud of dust settles to reveal the toothy smile of the Immortal. He was tall and brunette, he dressed rather well for a thousand year old being.

"Well, look who we have here. Spikey, and the Slayer."

Spike stood in front of the brunette showing his teeth in a low growl, his game face on show proudly.

"Let's do this." The vampire growled.

"just wait one sec." the Immortal paused, he was obviously not threatened by the vampire or the slayer. He lifted one arm and threw the slayer into the wall behind them.

Spike wanted nothing more than to run to his girl, but first he had a score to settle.

He charged at full speed. The two fought to the death. Spike looked beat, he wasn't as powerful or as old as the Immortal, it seemed like his best bet was to give up. He didn't, he continued to fight no matter how bad his chances of winning looked.

"You don't get it Spike, you can never win me." The Immortal laughed in his face, Spike then saw him chance, he took it.

He sank his teeth deep into the Immortal's neck. He tried to push Spike off, it didn't work, it only made him hold on harder.

He slowly and painfully began to drain the blood from his enemy's neck. The immortal went white, then fell to the floor, completely lifeless.

Spike stared at the mess on the floor, the mess he had made. He couldn't believe how easy it had been, after all these years. He should have just done it then, without getting Buffy involved. His mind then went to her. He raced to the wall where she had crashed into. He couldn't see her. Spike dug through the rubble in search of his girl. He then found her. Motionless.

"Buffy wake up love." He shook her gently.

Her eyes opened slowly and he felt relieved for just a moment.

"I love you." She said. Her eyes then rolled back in her head indicating she was dead.

"I'm sorry." Spike cried hard against his girl.

He had promised her they could be together… he had failed. Had he?

Could there be any way they could be together?

An idea then hit Spike hard in the face.

He turned into vamp mode again, he bit his hand hard, then opened the slayers mouth and let drops of his blood fall in.

They had to be together some way. This was the only way.

The End.

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