The Sinner's Fool
by Mira-Jade

Disclaimer: Pirates doesn't belong to me, sigh.

What is the difference between a good man, and a bad man?

Honor? Morals? A sense of decency? Or was it more than that? She knows that surface looks can be deceiving. An apparently good man can be a sinner in disguise, and a fool can be the hero in the end. Courage then? Valor? Cunning?

Where these the things that made a good man?

She really doesn't know anymore.

She had had her priorities straight. She had a finance – a life, hopes, and dreams. She also had skeletons in her closet - pirates in her past. She wanted to ignore that part of her life, and she really tried too. She could move on, safe on the shore – as a wife, as a mother, as a beloved. She could forget about the sea, and the thrill she felt sailing. She could forget about the tingle of crossing swords with vermin, and the rush of matching wit with scoundrels and rouges – all brethren at heart.

She could forget the strangely electrifying taste of rum and freedom.

She had called him a sinner on more than one occasion.

He had smirked, shrugged, and chugged his rum, and didn't respond one way or the other. It was times like those that he irked her to no end. She'd storm away, and huff, and threaten to throw a broken compass over the side of the ship when it refused to point to what she really wanted.

Somewhere the fates had to be laughing at her.

He had never denied being a sinner, and she had never regretted calling him a bad man.

Yet he had came back in the end – like a good man. Like a fool he returned her kiss. Like a lovestruck fool who wanted what he knew he could never have. Like a fool he trusted her.

Like a sinner she chained him to the helm, and sealed him to his fate.

She didn't look back, for sometimes sinners and fools are one and the same.