What can contain: Violence, Rude Humor/Insults, Gross Humor/Action and Lovey Dovey or some sort of.


My character: Lenny the blue Wolf

Info:He's like an inch taller than Miss Mucus. He has blue, shiny eyes; his fur is blue, white on the middle, his big fluffy tail is only light blue. He can have much temper on the other hand, but he's actually playful; he just doesn't show that off in public. His hobbies is being a sailor who takes cruising with his precious big boat.

Short H.:He's known Slinkman and Miss Mucus for years. He was Slinkman's best friend ever since college; Slinkman and Lenny took each other as a family. Lenny and Miss Mucus on the other hand don't like each other. His first career once was going to become a scoutmaster himself after passing training and getting diploma, until it was ruined; all thanks to Miss Mucus. He couldn't do much of anything then, because he was spent in prison.

Author's Comment: I have been making fiction stories, but they're published in a different website. And I decide to make some here. I have respect for certain authors/users and that's the reviews of my stories & that added me and my story as their favorites, and the authors of the stories that is on my fav. list. Reviewers, please let me know if you spot any misspelled words or any grammar mistakes, and I be gladly to try and upgrade it. I'll hopefully get better at this real soon. I'm just making the story for you people here. There are some characters that I can't stand, but I'm not going to say who though. But hey I don't want to talk too much about it now though, just email me anytime if any of you have anything to say. On with the story --