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Chapter 35 – Saying Good-Bye the Hard Way

The Bean and Squirrel Scouts as well as the staffs knew that they had a memory to share based on the remarkable event they have been through. They knew Summer as it was to usually helped shape things like relationships, friendships, even souls… but this was something all of its own. Going from facing a storm and surviving it to being stranded in separate islands, they established a new life, a new connection, and a new way of looking at not just each other, but oneself as well. Almost as if a hand of fate had played a role in making all of this happen for a whim.

After three days of reuniting and enjoying their summer vacation in Ivy Island instead of Halliluki Island, the boat returned back to Prickly Pines. The boat slowly rows to the docks while folks at shore waved and cheered, the more cynical ones surprised the boat didn't sink just pulling out. The Bean and Squirrel scouts returned their waves to the group, even Edward reluctantly joining in and returning the greeting to the people.

"Who are these people?" asked Raj the elephant while waving.

"I don't know," replied Lazlo with a grin, "But it just feels just right to wave back at them like we know them for some reason."

Meanwhile, Lenny took a look at the crowd while steering his boat before he suddenly saw a sign held up high: "We want a vacation!"

"Oh NO!" Lenny exclaimed in exasperation. Planting his finger at the middle of the steering wheel, the sound of a click faintly filled his own ears. Suddenly, a huge sign on the side of his large boat appeared, being read, "Vacation ceased!" The entire crowd paused from cheering as soon as they saw the sign. The air was filled with a loud "Aww" in disappointment. The crowd walked and scattered away reluctantly, clearing the docks for more freedom with the clicking sounds of cheaply made shoes.

Finally, the boat made its final stop, and the scouts and staffs gathered their way toward the exit of the large boat. Scoutmaster Lumpus and Scoutmistress Jane Doe, which they were holding each other's hands, stood in front of the crowd.

"Okay dearies, I hope we gathered up all of our stuff!"

"What stuff?" Patsy Smiles asked suddenly while cocking her brow. Jane Doe blinked a few times.

"We lost all of our stuff after the storm incident," said Samson whom was right next to Almondine the owl to back his statement up with a nod.

"Oh..right.." The headmistress Doe giggled embarrassingly while rubbing the back of her own head. Sometimes her airheadedness had a really bad habit of making her oblivious to even the worst plight. "Sorry for the reminder dearies. Oh! Lenny, there you are!" The doe's gleeful smile slowly and suddenly faded the moment she saw the groggy wolf heading to the door to get ready to open it. "Oh my, dear, you look terrible, is everything okay?"

"He looks like he got chewed up by a sea dragon and spat right back out," Miss Mucus remarked, gaining some laughter from few of the scouts.

"Well you're a…" Lenny slowly paused after delivering a few words out in a weak tone. Lenny slowly yawned afterwards and said, "I'm sorry guys, I ran out of coffee, and I'm just plume tuckered out, even I can't come up with a comeback to Rubella's insult."

As Miss Mucus smirked judiciously, knowing that she just one-up on Lenny, Jane Doe looked worried at the wolf and said, "Maybe you should try and rest here at Prickly Pines, maybe you can visit the camp si-"

"NO!" Miss Mucus blurted out. "He's banned, remember? He can't step anywhere near a camp!" As Jane Doe sighed a hint of annoyance to the warthog's reminder why Lenny is a sailor in the first place, she had no other choice but to agree in regards.

"Sorry Lenny," said Jane Doe, "Scoutmaster Lumpus dear, do you mind opening the door for him?"

"Oh I will my…luscious…bread milk," complimented Scoutmaster Lumpus at the top of his head, while Jane Doe blushed at his comment; however, the Squirrel and Bean scouts groaned in disgust at the statement, knowing all too well that Algonquin had about as much romantic expertise as a jar of Miss Mucus's wig starch glue. When Scoutmaster Lumpus began helping with the door, Lazlo was rubbing his chin in a pondering manner.

"Hey Lazlo," Raj spoke, "What're you thinking?" No answer was given by the Brazilian spider monkey, whom continued rubbing his chin.

"There we go!" Lumpus said happily while gaining a clap from the Squirrel Scoutmistress.

"Ohhh now I get it!" Lazlo blurted out as he gained attention from his peers. "You two were just holding hands…are you two dating?" Every Squirrel and Bean Scout as well as the staffs fell over in exasperation and groaned while having their legs sticking in the air, almost like they were characters in a poorly-written Anime that aired for the most idiotic dialogue.

"You are the slowest, stupidest creature alive," remarked Edward Platypus before slowly getting back up as well as everyone else and resisting the urge to give him a bit of sign language using only a finger.

Slinkman sighed at Lazlo before stating, "Lazlo...they have been affectionate with each other for the past three days, even in front of us."

"Ohhhh, I thought they were just telling us an interesting camp story," said Lazlo, receiving a response of scouts and staffs dropping back down to the floor with their legs sticking in the air yet again.

"YOU FOOL!" someone in the crowd shouted.

"Just shut up Lazlo…just shut up..." Edward Platypus remarked at the mindless spider monkey.

Sooner or later, the Squirrel and Bean scouts finally exited the boat to get into shores while talking among themselves. The mildly pungent air filled into the Scouts' nose, recognizing it quite well. They knew by then, they were no longer in an island because they were finally home. Meanwhile, some halted from leaving the boat.

"Hey mutt," Miss Mucus called to Lenny, "You think that losing that opportunity is one thing to make you miserable, wait until you get a huge lawsuit hitting you."

"What are you talking about?" Lenny hissed.

"You haven't realized it, have you?"

"Are you talking about the fact that they were put in danger, being stranded for days? That trust and care was put in our hands? Thus we ALL get in trouble with legal documents stamped for unsafe environment?"

"No, idiot," Miss Mucus responded boldly, "I'm talking about me suing YOU for putting me in danger and keeping me held hostage after the incident." As Lenny grit his impure teeth and growled, his claws scratch the starboard.

"At least we all know you don't care for them, or anybody for that matter, but only yourself. We all cared enough to know where they are and if they were okay while you're only thinking about making your miserable life better by destroying mine!" Lenny interjected. "Lawsuit or not, at least my ego isn't as massive as you are, Rubella." Lenny watched Rubella blinked before he gives his last words: "Now leave."

"Miserable life?! And did you just call me fat?"

"Let's go Rubella, we got more important things to worry about!" Jane Doe exclaimed suddenly while pushing the warthog toward the entrance to get her moving and exiting the boat, as the warthog was spitting angry words out of her mouth. "Sorry about that dear," she said while approaching toward Lenny.

"Will she ever learn?"

"I wish I could answer that, but I think you made a good point there," said Jane Doe, smiling a bit at Lenny.

"Thanks, I really didn't.." Lenny was suddenly cut off with a slap across his face, which that impact echoed through the sound of water waves. Placing his paw onto his cheek that was slapped, he turned his head to notice it was Jane Doe that did such a thing. "What th…What was that for?"

"That was for putting us in danger in the first place!"

"Ms. Doe…" He said in a very low tone. Suddenly, he was squeezed, making a light squeak as the doe abruptly hugged the wolf happily. After letting go of him, she smiled warmly at him.

"And that was for not giving up looking for us. Thank you so much, although I'm not sure if I'm suppose to thank you after the incident. Toodles big guy!" She wriggled her fingers impishly at Lenny before leaving the boat to join the group that were already in shores. The last person there was Slinkman, approaching to his dumbfounded friend.

"You okay there, buddy?" asked Slinkman.

"Y-Yeah..she's...interesting," said Lenny while sighing.

"Yeah, sometimes we have to be careful around them," replied Slinkman before suddenly seeing a frown from Lenny. "Why the long face? Did she really slap you that hard?"

Lenny looked back at Slinkman and said, "No, it's not that. I'm just tired and depressed. Unlike how you feel, I wanted to be a Scoutmaster, not this. Yet as a sailor, I messed everything up."

"Admittedly, mistakes were made. Yet you still got us home safe and sound," said Slinkman, "Besides, you know how it is about how bad things happen to and then goes back to normal to complete the plot. Then the next episode comes around, and it's like none of this ever happened. It is a cartoon thing after all," Slinkman smiled at the wolf after saying such thing. But Lenny's face did not lit up a smile even to the slightest.

"Slinkman, I don't think we should continue to break the fourth wall. Besides, the whole cartoon thing joke is so four years ago, nobody's going to remember reading something about that," said Lenny.

"Ahah! Caught you red handed!" Slinkman said happily while getting a confused look by Lenny.

"What are you talking about?" asked Lenny.

"You telling me not to break the fourth wall, and look what you just did," said Slinkman, bringing his hands up and tickling the wolf.

"What?! Wait! I'm ticklish!" The wolf began sharing laughter while shifting through the entrance of the boat. Slinkman continued to tickle him without pausing; however, it was stopped as Lenny suddenly lost his balance. "Whoa! Oh NO!" Lenny suddenly rolled down to the dock and rolled into Mucus. But the rolling didn't stop as they both ended up rolling into a brick tower. The bricks from the bottom broke, and the tower was sent toeing down to a two floor restaurant. Breaking windows and wall, thus everyone spotted a lizard sitting at a table with a candle lit at the center. But on the other side, there was a toilet sitting on the chair.

"Um..I seriously can explain!" said the lizard quickly and nervously, spoofing off a wife spotting her husband with another woman.

Meanwhile, some of the tower's bricks crashed onto the ground, hitting a fire hydrant to have water spraying up in the air to rain down to the ground. As someone was just driving, the water splashed on the windshield, temporally blinding the driver as he yells and loses control. He abruptly ran into an electric pole. The pole itself was slowly crashing down toward the boat and Slinkman.

"Uh oh..." Slinkman quickly leaped out of the way and onto shores before the electric pole landed on the boat.

Sparks and electricity burst into the boat to spread a mass of flames. Dark smoking clouds formed up to the sky as the large boat was on fire. Moments later, the flames established its final impact with an explosion, causing the ship to split in half and sank into the water while the flames slowly faded the moment it hit the water's surface.

Lenny was at awe, watching his own boat sinking down into the water. He slowly dropped to his knees as the crowd saw that the boat was no more. Silence was suddenly broken with laughter by the warthog in the background.

"Well…looks like you'll be sticking around for coffee for a while now," said Jane Doe slowly.

"My…my boat…" said Lenny in a quiet tone, remaining on his knees. "Where did I go wrong…?" The laugh from the warthog continued to be heard as she was wiping tears off her eyes.

"Lenny?" Slinkman fast approached to the distraught wolf as he shook him as if trying to get him to snap into his senses.

"!" Lenny screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Lenny! Wake up! Wake up!"

"Huh…?" Suddenly, the wolf lifted his head up as he looked around for a moment. Suddenly realizing it, he was no longer on his knees. Instead, he was standing close to the door to exit his boat. Shifting his eyes for a moment, he asked to Slinkman, "Uh..what…what happened?"

"You fell asleep," said Slinkman, "moments after you apologized for not having a comeback to Miss Mucus, so Ms. Doe chose to have Lumpus open the door and let everyone out."

"You have more manly hair on your legs than a real man!" Slinkman blinked at Lenny's sudden outburst, raising his brow at his friend. "Ah, sorry…that statement was directed to that warthog."

"Okaaaay?" Slinkman responded, "She's already off the boat, you know."

"Well there goes that comeback…"

"Oh cheer up! I think you just," Slinkman suddenly smirked and wriggled his fingers, "need some tickling."

"NO NO!" Lenny dashed at the speed of light, clinging at the top of a pole, imitating himself as a flag, while shivering in fear. "No...losing...boat…my…precious…boat…"

Slinkman was puzzled by his friend's out of characteristics, scratching on the back of his head. "Jee, I was just going to tickle him to cheer him up." Approaching to the pole he called to Lenny. "Come on down there I'm not going to tickle you, but I didn't think you'd be scared of such thing."

"Whaaaaat?" Lenny responded in quick disagreement. "I'm not scared of that, I was just scared something bad would happen like in my dream."

"Sure you was," the banana slug responded impishly.

"Oh come on," suddenly Lenny slid his way down, "if you did that, I would've fell off my boat, and then.." Lenny suddenly pausing the moment he landed on the deck, the long wooden leg raised up from the other end, kicking a seat that had a half opened coconut with a straw in it. Not only did the seat flew high in the air, its leverage sent the coconut flying faster and further. Lenny and Slinkman watched the coconut flying downward to the crowd at the docks, for which the crowd scattered quickly.

Jane Doe gasped and cried out, "Look out Miss Mucus!"

With the warning unfortunately delivered late, the coconut landed on Miss Mucus' head, splashing its juice all over her. The warthog was confused and in awe at the impact she received. Moments later, the bean and squirrel scouts burst into laughter as they saw the mess on the warthog who suddenly was growling. She quickly turned around and first looked at the wolf remaining in his boat. Lenny on the other hand looked as if he just saw a ghost coming to haunt him.

"This can't be good…I never got to finish that drink," Slinkman said suddenly.

"Well it was nice seeing you Slinkman!" Lenny said quickly as he grabbed the banana slug and started shoving him to the exit of his large boat.

"Wait, what?"

"So good for you to bring them all here, it was a nice vacation, now don't be a stranger! Talk to you soon!"

"But Lenny I..!" Lenny suddenly shoved the slugman off as he finds himself jogging down to shore without fully balancing himself before he landed on his stomach and head on ground. Getting back up and turning around, he called out, "But Lenny!"

Too late for the slugman like finishing last place in a race, he saw his friend and the boat already rowing off away from Leaky Lake's shore in a quick hurry like a person desperately rushing to the bathroom. Miss Mucus was still at shores, growling with rage, grabbing the coconut off her head and slamming the drupe down to the ground. "Leeeeenny..!"

"Come on dear, no temper tantrum," said Jane Doe as she scooted the scowling warthog to the direction where the parking bus is.

"I'll get him..I'll get him.." Miss Mucus mumbled out repeatedly to herself.

"Oh Lenny, I didn't get a chance to say good bye to you…hope you'll be okay…" Slinkman said with a sigh. Turning around, he stated, "Oh well, I'll just call him tomorrow and see how he is doing."

After the misunderstanding, everyone made their way into the bus. Few Squirrel Scouts were fanning themselves while finding a seat on one side. Some of the bean scouts yawned and settled on the other side of the set of empty bus seats. Jane Doe and Lumpus, of course, settled on a bus seat together while the angry warthog settled on an empty bus seat by herself.

"Whelp, looks like everything's back to normal," said Lazlo as he finally took his seat with his two companions joining him.

"If you mean having cooties from being kissed by a girl is normal, I wouldn't count on that," Raj said, pointing at his spider monkey friend.

"Raj, Raj, Raj, you still believe in that?" Lazlo responded, chuckling. "You and I both know that we're beyond immune to that myth. We're too old to believe that stuff, wouldn't you agree?"

After Raj had a moment of pause, he looked at his hands and himself, seeing nothing but dirt and water on himself, and he responded, "I guess you're right Lazlo, I don't see anything contaminating…but you still got kissed by a girl." Lazlo and Clam began giggling at Raj while covering their mouths. "What...WHAT?"

"Oh nothing Raj, it's just so silly how you point out something obvious, but you can't admit you kissed a girl yourself," Lazlo said, sharing some laughter with Clam. Next, Clam imitated kissy noises before laughing again.

"What?! No she kissed m- I mean, I kissed her accidental- NO! I didn't kiss anybody!"

"Raaaaj you're blushing," Lazlo remarked impishly at the obvious red-faced elephant, who turns around and folds his arms, huffing.

"As red as Rudolph's nose!" Clam said in his eccentric he called a voice.

"I guess you two want to be alone later on?" Lazlo said with a grin.

"Oooooooooh?" Clam expressed flirtingly.

"Leave me alone! I want no part of this subject any longer!" Raj the elephant blurted out, mumbling a few words out of his mouth, before he quickly changes the subject, "Despite of the danger and lack of safety to our well-being, we still managed to have fun, and look, even we somehow made friends with them." The bean scout elephant pointed at the squirrel scouts who were sitting on their seats at the other side of the bus. "Knowing that they are no longer rivals to us, now they wouldn't cause harm and misery on us."

"Oh we're going to cause harm and misery on you guys," one of the girls' voice blurted out.

A big "huh?" left the bean scouts' mouth the moment they hear someone responding to Raj's statement.

"Oh yeah, we didn't forget what you guys put us through," said Toodie the squirrel.

"Especially attacking us with that disgusting muck," said Amber, another one of the squirrel scouts.

"But..but we ended up having to clean the mess we made, and what about how you guys being so nice and appreciative toward us?" Samson pointed out.

"Man, you're slow, haven't you realized it?" Gretchen said so suddenly. "We already planned this all-"

"I knew it!" Raj and Samson blurted in unison, cutting Gretchen off for a mere second before she continued on.

"We already planned this all along after seeing fear in your eyes the next morning, and we just enjoyed watching you all quiver and be eaten by your own fear so much that we chose not to do anything. At first we thought making the most of it would do since we didn't know how long we'd be stranded in an island until we all go crazy - I give you guys credit for taking the league on that. Now that we'll be back in our camp, we're going to make your lives more miserable than ever and make it very slow and painful for our enjoyment."

As the girls gave their evil laughter to the bean scouts, the boys gulped in fear after hearing Gretchen's speech. Both Raj and Lazlo looked at Patsy and Nina whom actually shrugged their shoulders slowly in an apologetic gesture.

"I thought we learned something here, I thought we established a connection and friendship or something," said Dave the bean scout common loon.

"Well…at least I now believe you that everything's back to normal...well it's going to be too normal…" Raj said in a shivery tone, passing his statement to the spider monkey.

"Oh well, that only means we have to act," said Lazlo, grinning once more.

"But how?" Raj asked.

"By running for our lives when we get off the bus and never turn back," Lazlo responded once more.

"But first," one of the squirrel scouts blurted out of nowhere to get Raj and Lazlo's attention once more. Seeing that it was Patsy the pink-headed mongoose that blurted out, she continued, "We'll uh, start it off mild to ease things off a bit." After making her statement, she grabbed a paper ball and threw it at Lazlo's head.

"What the?" Lazlo blinked confusingly.

"I'm sorry Lazlo...I'm sorry..." Patsy whispered as emotions welled on her. The Squirrel Scouts, however, joined in and proceeded throwing paper balls at the groaning bean scouts, repeating their actions from the first time they were in the bus to arrive at Prickly Pines.

"Oh dear, not again," said Jane Doe as he covered her face with her hands for a mere second. Next, she turned her attention to Lumpus, "Lompus…"

"Ah, leave them be, Ms. Doe," said Scoutmaster Lumpus, "because you know this will be the last time they'll ever do something like this in the bus. Take it like, them celebrating for being back home safe and sound." He suddenly hugged the sighing doe, looking annoyed.

"Here I thought Miss Mucus and Lenny would eventually get along," said Slinkman in a soft tone as he continued to drive the bus. "This was one odd, tiring, crazy vacation." The bus continued to drive back in the woods to arrive at both the destined camps as the Squirrel Scouts continued to torture the Bean Scouts with paper balls.

Later that night…

A blue hand reached for a phone to pick it up, dialing a number. The phone raised up to a blue muzzle as the phone began ringing. "Hello?" A greet came from the phone.

"Hey, this is Lenny, I wanted to call you back, you said you can help unban me from any camp activities…well I would love to set up a meeting and talk about this. It's time I'm no longer a sailor…"

The End..?

Author's Final Comment: Yeah it's the end. It's time that this story is put to rest. I was going to write a sequel to this story, but that was a long time ago. I was supposed to finish this story way back in 2007 or 2008, but since I was enjoying this so much, well you see why I have way too many chapters. And yes I was very busy with life that really kept me from doing this kind of activity. To me, writing another CL story would be somewhat pointless only because this section isn't as active as it was between 2005 – 2007. This series was popular for its own taste. Looking back at the first time, I managed to smile and tell myself that I couldn't believe how much I have improved with my writing. I'm not the best at it, but I always enjoyed sitting down and writing. Am I writing anymore stories in the future? Possibly, I'm still rewriting this story like an old movie being re-mastered. So the story's going to be An Odd, Tiring, Crazy Vacation: Remix with a few new scenes, dialogues, and other things added to this story while still trying to improve my writing. Thank you all SO much for all these years for the comments, favorites, watchers, and thank you all for reading this long story, and I thank a couple of friends, especially one that helped me with this last chapter. Good bye and see you guys in the future...oh and one more thing. HAPPY NEW YEARS!