Author Notes: We interrupt our regularly scheduled chapter to bring you gratuitous smut and cheap laughs.

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Jim was very confused as to why there was a fruit basket on his desk the next day.

"Wait!" Pam yelled.

Karen sat up off of Pam's body abruptly, worry spreading across her face. "What? What's wrong?" she asked, with stunned confusion.

"Nothing. Just get off me for a second." Karen hesitantly complied with her demand. Pam rushed into her tiny bathroom and brushed her teeth quickly, because you really can tell if you use enough tongue. It was a a little over a week later and they had finally taken this new relationship outside of the office or Pam's apartment.

Pam had been so nervous. An actual date date - with Karen - in a nice restaurant. It was on the other side of town, kind of expensive and not very popular because they didn't want to run into anyone from work accidentally. Keeping Kevin quiet was easy. Potential others would be more difficult. And no way would they be able to pass this off as some friendly thing. Even though they tried to behave themselves at the restaurant, Karen was just so gorgeous tonight that it was impossible for Pam to keep her hands to herself. Not that inappropriate public displays of affection were Pam's problem alone that night...

If only all those kids from high school who had made fun of her for being so shy and timid and proper and dateless could see her now... well, actually that would be bad, very, very bad.

Dinner had been great, but awfully garlicy. Pam spit out the toothpaste, rinsed out her mouth, and fixed her tousled hair in the mirror. She needed to be perfect for Karen.

Karen was waiting for her on the couch, straightening out her dress and making sure it was riding up just a little (Karen wearing a dress was, of course, one of the reasons why they would definitely be unable to convince any of their co-workers that it was anything other than a date). She gave Pam an equally rare big, toothy smile, which Pam returned, adding a 'come hither' gaze on top. "Now where were we?" she asked retorically.

"Right about here," Karen replied, pulling her into a smouldering kiss. "Mmmmm... You're so minty fresh, Pam." Dinner was great, but dessert promised to be even better.

"Spank me!" yelled Karen, and Pam eagerly complied, enjoying the way the soft flesh of Karen's ass jiggled under the impact of her hand. "Harder!" Pam cupped her fingers and palm and brought them down on Karen's ass again, giggling at this newfound kink of her girlfriend. Karen was on all fours on Pam's bed, and Pam was kneeling behind her, enjoying the view of her smooth, naked back, the silky dark hair flowing down over her angular shoulders and (of course) that rockin' ass. The warm, wet skin beneath her felt so good to the touch, and she found to her surprise that she loved giving as much as receiving. Karen moaned out in delight, but also frustration. "Harder, Pam. Don't make me have to do it myself."

Pam had thought that she had spanked harder when she spanked her again.

"Karen, are you sure?"

"Yes!" she gasped out. "As hard as you can!"

Pam couldn't believe what Karen was saying as she looked down on the reddening flesh of Karen's backside. Still a very nice backside, but that looked like it had to be hurting. It's not as if she didn't like a little rough stuff either, but, at least in her past experiences... several years ago... with Roy... before they started mailing it in... it was mostly about the illusion of extra wickedness. Fun, innocent sex play. But Karen wanted the real thing.

"Okay..." she muttered, and wound up to take the swing. As hard as she could.

"OWWW!!! Ahh! Shit! Fuck, that hurt!" Karen collapsed in pain, clutching her sore rear. "Ow. What did you do that for?" she complained, wincing terribly.

"You asked me to."

Karen squirmed beneath her. "I didn't think you would actually do it. Jesus, Pam. That really stings. I wanted harder, not swinging for the fences." Poor baby.

Pam crawled up to whisper in Karen's ear. "Want me to kiss it better?" She enjoyed being naughty and nice, both at the same time. She took Karen's impish grin to be a yes, and slowly made her way down her body, stopping briefly to practice on certain uninjured body parts before working her medical magic on Karen's bruised bottom.

She kissed and she bit and she suckled and Karen's skin was salty and so, so hot. "You know how many times over the past few weeks I've wanted to tell you to kiss my ass?" Mood killer. But they both laughed. "This is much more fun than I had in mind." Soon, Karen was much more relaxed and comfortable and no longer complaining about the injury that Pam had inflicted upon her.

They weren't quite drifting off to sleep (it was still early yet), but snuggling. "From now on," Pam announced, "whenever I think of a pain in the ass, I'll think of you."

"Awww... isn't that sweet," Karen replied with mischief in her eyes. She sprung up to her hands and knees. "Okay, let's try this again. Take it down three - no, two - notches from the last one..."

The next day at work, Karen can sit down, but she'd rather not.

Dwight sent the fruit off to a toxicology lab. He thought someone was trying to poison Jim. Why he tried to prevent this from happening was a mystery to everybody.