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Chapter 2

Ron sat in his chair relaxing. It has been about five years since he retired as an agent from Global Justice. His mother was a bit disappointed to see her best agent taking a permanent leave to be with his family, but she was happy to see him living the life he had not had since he was a child. Ron would occasionally help Global Justice out if they were in need of training the new agents or helping in finding some criminal, other than that he handed over his responsibilities to his children.

Ron had married Kim 17 years ago, having four children with her: David and Martha Stoppable were the two oldest, being fraternal twins. They were named after Ron's biological parents, who were killed when he was about four years old. They both had strawberry blonde, Martha had her fathers brown eyes while David has blue eyes from Kim's mother. Martha and David both had their parents intellect, but David appeared a bit more aggressive and active while his sister was more relaxed. They had started helping Global Justice out three years ago, when they both turned thirteen. They had heard of their parents heroics, especially their fathers brave missions, and wanted to continue on the family legacy. Ron was a bit reluctant at first, but after seeing his children using the puppy-dog pout they had learned from their mother, Ron gave in. He didn't let them go fight villains without training, of course; since the twins were five he had trained them in multiple styles and hand to hand combat. Ron was never comfortable with having his children using guns so he only showed them the basics, in case it became necessary. Both children were attending Middleton High School and were in their senior year.

Ron and Kim's third child was named Jonathon Stoppable, an eleven year old boy who had his father's blonde hair and mother's green eyes. He a mixture of the twins when it came to personality; whenever action had to be taken he would immediately do what must be done, however, he would tend to be lazy if it wasn't something he felt was important, such as homework or bring up the laundry. Like the twins, he was very intelligent for his age as well. He desired to join his siblings, but Ron told him that once he was thirteen he would consider it. He was attending Middleton Intermediate School and was currently in the seventh grade.

The fourth child Mr. And Mrs. Stoppable had was named Jillian Stoppable. She was the mirror image to her mother in almost every way except for her eyes; for some odd reason, she developed heterochromia, which caused one of her eyes to be brown and her other eye to be green. Ron and Kim were worried that she would think herself a freak, but luckily Jillian accepted it, being that the family motto is "Never be normal". She was four years old and had started attending Pre-school about a week ago. Despite her young age, Ron had a feeling that she could end up a prodigy the way she understands almost everything so well.

Ron sat in his chair, reading the paper while he drank a glass of scotch. Ron wasn't much of a drinker but liked to enjoy a glass every now and then when he was alone. About half an hour later Ron heard a car pulling into the parking lot. He got out of his seat and walked to the door, opening it for two beautiful females. "Daddy" said Jillian loudly.

Ron bent down and picked up his four year old daughter and smiled brightly. "Hi Jillian. "Did you have a good day at school?" asked Ron.

"I have a great day today. I met a new friend" said Jillian.

"Really? When can I meet her?" asked Ron

"Daddy, he is not a she. His name is Zack Credible and he goes to Pre-school with me" said Jillian.

Ron kissed his daughter on the cheek while she began laughing. "I'm very happy for you" said Ron as he put his daughter down.

"I hope you have a kiss for me as well" said the bigger red head.

Ron simply locked lips with his wife and best friend, Kim. While the two kissed, Jillian made a face of disgust. "Ew, kissy face. Yuck" said Jullian

Ron and Kim separated and laughed lightly. "When you grow up you won't think kissing is 'yucky'" said Kim

"Yeah right, like I would ever kiss anyone besides you or daddy" said Jillian as she walked up to her room.

Ron and Kim walked into the house as he closed the door behind him. "So, did you meet the parents of Zack Credible?" asked Ron.

"I met the mother. She was a very nice woman. I'm glad Jillian made a friend at Pre-school, I was a bit worried she might have ended up like me" said Kim, a hint of fear in her voice.

"Kim, what happened in the past is in the past. You are happily married to a man who loves you, you have kids who idolize you, and you have friends who care for you greatly. Your daughter wasn't going to follow the same dark path you endured; none of our children were." said Ron.

Kim nodded her head. "You're right. I'm being silly." said Kim.

"No, you're just concerned. There is nothing silly about that" said Ron

Kim hugged her husband and smiled. "Thanks".

"So, how was work today?" asked Ron.

"It was rather good. I had two open heart surgeries that were a success, and diagnosed and cured a woman with Wilson's disease. I can't believe she the woman went to three other doctors and no one was able to figure out what was wrong with her." said Kim. During her years working with Global Justice she was able to attend college in her spare time. After receiving her MD after medical school and doing her time in internships and residencies, she became a surgeon, just like her mother. Her father was a bit disappointed that she didn't continue on with his rocket research but he was still proud of her; besides, Jim and Tim seemed to have inherited his interest in rockets and would work with him at the space center. "So, how was your day?"

"Not bad. I watched some TV, read the paper, help track down some criminals using the satellite Global Justice has, nothing big." said Ron

"Your mom must be glad to see that you're still helping her out. Any news from her about Martha and David?" asked Kim.

"Last time I talked to her she told me that the kids are doing very well. It seems that they are almost as good as I was at their age. Considering that I lived at Global Justice, that's saying something. If I don't keep in shape, our kids will surpass me in my old age" said Ron.

"Old age my ass, we're only 38 years old. If they beat you, it's because you don't train as hard. With all the time you have off, I would think that you could spend time training" said Kim.

"I don't always stay home and do nothing. Usually I'm busy going to charities and buying useless junk for outrageous prices so that money can be donated. Sometimes I just go to hospitals and research facilities and just give them money. We have so much money I don't think I'll be able to get rid of it by the time I die" said Ron

"That's your own fault. If you didn't take the money of your clients and invest them so well we could have been living in a pig sty" said Kim jokingly.

"You are so right. How stupid of me to make money? Know what else is stupid of me? The fact that I have a bank account for each of our children that they can have once they are eighteen. I must be so stupid" said Ron sarcastically.

"Well, despite being 'stupid', you are still the best husband and father in the world" said Kim as she kissed her best friend and lover.

As the two kissed, the third eldest child entered the house. At the sight of his parent kissing he smirked. "Why don't you two get a room or something? People besides you two live here" said Jonathon.

The two separated and look at their son. "Jonathon, what are you doing here?" asked Kim.

"I live here, if that's ok with you" said Jonathon.

"I thought you were hanging out with your friends" said Kim

"Besides that, it's not ok with us that you live here" said Ron. Kim and Jonathon looked at Ron with eyes as big as dinner plates as a smile spread on his face. "Just kidding".

After looking at his father like he lost his marbles he answered his mother. "I'm going to meet up with them later to go see a movie"

"You're going to a movie? You didn't tell us this. Who's going to bring you?" asked Kim

"Joey's mother said she was going to bring us. Can't I go out tonight?" asked Jonathon

"What about your homework?" asked Kim

"I already did some of it during lunch. Luckily there wasn't much homework today" said Jonathon.

"Tonight's a school night" said Kim

"I know. The movie starts at 6:00 at I'll be home no later than 9:00 PM" said Jonathon.

"What about dinner? Are you going to eat at home?" asked Ron.

"If you can have dinner ready before 5:20. Joey's mom is going to be here by about 5:40" said Jonathon.

"Luck for you, dinner will be ready at about 4:50" said Ron

"What are we having Ron?" asked Kim.

"Nothing much; pot roast, skinned potatoes and fresh green beans" said Ron.

"Sounds delicious" said Kim.

"I think so. I put it up earlier, so that it will be ready. I hope Martha and David are home on time to join us for dinner" said Ron.

"I hope so to dear" said Kim.

"So, can I go to the movies?" asked Jonathon.

"If you do the rest of your homework before dinner you can go to the movies. I suggest you go upstairs and start" said Kim.

"Thanks" said Jonathon as he ran up the stairs to get started on his work.

Kim ran her hand through her hand. "If only he was more motivated without having a prize being attached".

"There's nothing wrong with having a reason to want to do something, as long as he does it" said Ron.

Before Kim could respond her cell phone rang. She took it out of pocket and answered. "Hello?" asked Kim.

"Hi mom" said Martha.

"Martha! Where are you and your brother?" asked Kim

"We're being flown back to Middleton. We'll be their in an hour and a half" said Martha.

Kim looked at the clock: it was currently 3:30 PM. "So, how was your mission?" asked Kim

"It was great. David and me fought some guy calling himself Double DJ. He had this henchwoman who was almost as good a fighter as daddy. Unfortunately for her, the two of us was too much for her and we beat her and this Double DJ guy. After Global Justice took them away, a pilot picked us up and is currently bringing us home." said Martha

"That's great to hear. You can tell your father all about it when you get home. See you soon" said Kim.

"Bye" said Martha as she hung up.

"I assume all is well with Team Stoppable" said Ron.

"All seems rather good. I think they are going to excited telling you the action they had today" said Kim.

"I can't wait to hear" said Ron. As Kim relaxed from a hard day, she sat down to watch some television while Ron went and checked on the food. He came back to the living room and sat down next to his wife, watching television with her, only getting up periodically to check the food.

An hour and twenty minutes later dinner was ready. Ron got up to take the food out while Kim called the kids down and prepared the table. Jillian and Jonathon ran downstairs and sat at the table, waiting for the food to be served. Before Ron was able to serve any of the food, the front door was opened. "We're home" said David and Martha in unison.

"David! Martha!" said Kim and Ron in unison. The twins ran to their parents and hugged them.

"How was your day kids?" asked Ron.

"It was great. Martha and me fought some guy calling himself Double DJ. He had this henchwoman who was almost as good a fighter as you. Unfortunately for her, the two of us was too much for her and we beat her and this Double DJ guy. After Global Justice took them away, a pilot picked us up and brought us home." said David.

"Sounds like the two of you had fun. You're just in time for dinner. Go wash up and come back." said Ron.

"Ok" said the twins as they ran up to wash up. Kim and Ron put the food on the plates and started putting them on the table. Ron, Kim, Jonathon and Jillian began eating; David and Martha joined them a few minutes later, arguing over who did more damage to the henchwoman they recently fought. After they stopped arguing with each other, they told the family about their latest mission. Ron smiled affectionately as heard the story of his children defending the world from maniacs.

With the entire family at the table, everyone was talking to each other about how their day was. After about ten minutes, Jonathon put his plate in the sink and went to get ready to be picked up. "Where's John going?" asked Jillian.

"He's going to the movies with his friends" said Kim

"Can I go with him" asked Jillian.

"Sorry Jillian, but you have to go to bed earlier than Jonathon and the movie won't end until past your bedtime" said Kim.

"That's not fair. Why can't I have friends over?" asked Jillian

"Tell you what, ask this kid Zack if he wants to come over tomorrow for a play date. I'll be home all day tomorrow and can keep an eye on you two" said Ron.

"Really? Thanks, daddy" said Jillian as she got out of her seat to hug her dad.

"Your welcome Jillian" said Ron. Jillian left the table to go to her room to play with her dolls, leaving four members of the family at the table.

"So Martha and David, how have you been doing at school?" asked Kim.

"Great. I think the routine I can up with will help us with the regional this year" said Martha.

"That's great to hear" said Kim. Martha was a cheerleader at the Middleton high school; Kim found it ironic that her daughter was living out the dream she had herself as a teenager.

"How about you son?" asked Ron

"The lacrosse is doing great. The coach really thinks I could possibly play in the MLL when I'm older if I keep it up" said David.

"That sounds great. What position does he think you're better at, goalie or defense?" asked Ron.

"He thinks I'm great in both positions, but he's more impressed with my defense" said David.

"That comes as no surprise. With the skills you and your sister have, athletics should come naturally" said Ron.

"I guess so. Is there any chance Martha and I can go out tonight?" asked David.

"Did you two do your homework?" asked Ron.

The twins looked at each other and then back at their father. "No" the twins said in unison.

"There's your answer" said Ron.

The twins moaned in annoyance as they took put their empty plates in the sink and went upstairs to do their homework. Ron felt a bit bad; they just got back from a hard day saving the world. "You know, maybe I should let them go out. It's not like missing their homework once will affect their grades that much" said Ron.

"Oh no you don't. They are doing their homework first and if they finish early then maybe they can go hang out tonight. Besides, it's a school night, so they wouldn't be allowed to stay up too late anyway" said Kim.

"Kim, we let our kids go on missions to save the world. I think we can trust them to do their homework and go to bed on time. If they finish early I'm going to go let them hang out, ok?" asked Ron.

Kim knew that Ron could have simply put his foot down and what he said would have been law; instead, he made sure his wife was ok with what he wanted first. "Well, if they finish in the next hour they can go hang out, but I want them home by 11:00 PM the latest" said Kim.

"That sounds fair" said Ron

"I'm glad you think so" said Kim. A ringing was heard from Kim's pants. She took out her cell phone and answered. "Hello. What? Right now? I'll be in a few minutes" said Kim as she hung up.

"What was that?" asked Ron.

"I'm needed at the hospital" said Kim as she grabbed her pocketbook and her coat.

Ron kissed her on the lips before she made it out the door. "Bye Kim"

"Bye Ron" said Kim as she jumped in her car and drove off to the hospital.

Ron watched Kim drive down the street until she was out of sight. He closed the door behind him and walked upstairs. He first looked in David's room; he was doing his homework quietly. "David, how is the homework doing?" asked Ron.

"Fine. Why?" asked David

"Don't tell your mother this but do what you have to and then you and your sister can go out. I expect you two to be home by 11" said Ron

"Really? Thanks dad" said David.

"Make sure to tell your sister" said David as he left his eldest son's room. He proceeded to Jonathon's room, seeing him fixing up his hair.

He turned to the door to see his father at the door. "What's wrong?" asked Jonathon.

"Nothing, just make sure you are back home no later than 9" said Ron as he moved out of the way.

"Ok, see ya" said Jonathon as he ran downstairs and out the front door.

Ron walked to his youngest daughter's room. He opened the door slowly, seeing her playing with her dolls. "Hi Jillian" said Ron.

Jillian looked up and smiled at the sight of her father. "Hi daddy. What you doing here?" asked Jillian.

"I was wondering if you would like to see a movie with me downstairs" said Ron.

"What movie?" asked Jillian

"Any movie you want" said Ron.

"Can we watch Lilo and Stitch?" asked Jillian.

"Of course" said Ron. Ron knew Jillian would pick her favorite movie, even though she has seen it many times. His daughter believed that aliens existed in the universe and wished she could be friends with one of them. Even though he never told anyone, he believed in aliens as well. Ron picked his daughter and brought her downstairs, the little girl laughing the whole way down.

Ron put his daughter on the couch as he pulled the DVD with the movie his daughter wanted to see off the shelf. After finding the DVD he took it out and put it in the DVD player. Ron sat next to his daughter and watched the movie with her.

An hour and a half the later the movie came to an end. "That was great. I'm so happy Lilo and Stitch are happily together" said Jillian.

"Me to. I think you should take a bath so that you can get ready for bed. Come on Jillian" said Ron as he picked up his daughter and brought her upstairs. It was usually Kim's job to help Jillian bathe but he was capable of doing it himself if needed. Ron put his daughter down and turned the water on, waiting for it to rise up and making sure the temperature was just right. Once the water was ready he stepped out of the bathroom so that Jillian could undress and go into the water. He went back in and helped his youngest daughter clean up while she played with her rubber ducky and the other tub toys she had. After the bath Ron wrapped the towels around his daughter and let her go to her room while he quickly cleaned up the mess left behind. Ron finished cleaning the bathroom and walked to his daughter's room, only to see she had already put on her pajamas. "I'm glad to see you are already dressed for bed" said Ron

"Tomorrow is a new day and I have to be ready for it by having enough sleep" said Jillian.

"Smart girl. What story do you want me to read you?" asked Ron.

"Daddy, could you tell me how you met mommy?" asked Jillian.

Ron stopped looking at the bookshelf and turned to his daughter. He walked to her bed and sat down. "You want to hear how I met you mom?" asked Ron

"Yeah" said Jillian.

"Ok then" said Ron. He cleared his throat and sat up straight. "About twenty two years ago, I was working in a practice simulator at Global Justice. My mother and your grandmother, Betty, told me to take the day off. I went to Middleton to visit my old home, which I lived in while my biological parents were still alive. After I walked around aimlessly for a while until I saw a bunch of mean people picking on your mother. I kicked their butts and brought her back to her home. After a quick talk with your grandfather, I went on a date with your mother to go see a movie and then go to a nice restaurant. Once I brought her home she kissed me goodnight. That is how your dad and mom met" said Ron

"Wow" said Jillian.

"That was some story, Mr. Stoppable" said the tall red head at the door.

"Kim" said Ron

"Mommy" said Jillian as she ran out of bed to go to her mother.

Kim picked up the happy girl and started kissing her. "Did you enjoy the story daddy told you?" asked Kim

"Yeah, it was great, especially the beating up part" said Jillian.

"What about the kissing part?" asked Ron

"Ew" said Jillian as both parents laughed.

"Anyway, it's time for you to go to sleep" said Kim as she and Ron kissed their daughter goodnight.

"Good night mommy, good night daddy, love you" said Jillian.

"Love you" said the parents as they shut the light off and closed the door.

Kim and Ron walked back downstairs. "So Kim, how was the emergency call?" asked Ron

"Not bad. Someone was rushed in after a car accident and I was needed. Luckily the surgery only took about an hour so I was able to leave right after" said Kim.

"That's good to hear. Being a doctor can sure be tough; being on call twenty four hours a day is something I wouldn't to do" said Ron

"Wasn't saving the world a twenty four hour a day job?" asked Kim

"Yeah, but I was younger back then and was raised only knowing how to fight. It was a different situation" said Ron.

"If you say so. I still can't believe you got Jillian in bed before I got home. I was sure that you would let her stay up and watch TV until I got home" said Kim.

"Well, we did see a movie once you left but after that she took a bath and was ready for bed. She seems more responsible than our other children" said Ron.

"She really going to be a great person when she grows up" said Kim

"Yeah, she already is a great person" said Ron

"Speaking of children, where are Martha and David?" asked Kim

"I see that you failed to mention Jonathon. He might become jealous if he hears you don't care about his whereabouts". said Ron.

"Ron" said Kim sternly.

"Why is it I feel you are going to assume that I let them out? Why don't you check their rooms?" asked Ron.

"First of all, I already checked. Secondly, you wouldn't be stalling if they were here. Now, did they do all their homework?" asked Kim.

"Well, I said they could leave when they did what they had to do" said Ron.

"Let us hope that means they did everything. What time will they be home?" asked Kim.

"Probably 11" said Ron.

"If they come in a minute past 11, they will not be going on missions for a week" said Kim

"Kim, that is not fair. Not only do the kids suffer but you'll make my mom have to use her other agents. Do you have any idea what will happen if Will Du leads a mission against a villain?" asked Ron

Kim cringed at the thought of Du leading; she had seen first hand how incompetent he can be due to his over inflated ego. "Maybe I won't take away missions, but I will take away something they enjoy. If I don't they'll think they can do anything" said Kim

"Well, anything is possible for a possible, and being that you are their mother, they are part Possible" said Ron

Kim smiled lightly. "I still can't believe you actually coined a phrase for my family and me to use regarding our last name. I have to admit, considering the work the Possibles do, it appears as if we can do anything".

"Which our kids inherited. They can do anything if they put their minds to it" said Ron

"Still, I don't want them to think that they can do whatever they want in regards to curfew" said Kim.

"I guess I can't argue with that. Still, it is only 7:15 so they have plenty of time to get back" said Ron.

"I guess your right. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get ready for work tomorrow, unlike someone I know" said Kim, her face forcing itself to look serious.

"Kim, that is so mean of you. I am a busy person too. Do you know how sore my butt is from watching television? I bet you don't. Not only that, but I help Team Stoppable and Global Justice whenever the world is in need of my expertise" said Ron

"Which would be?" asked Kim sarcastically.

"Why, that would be slacking off" said Ron

Kim's lips broke into a smile as she kissed her husband passionately. "You are nuts, you do now that?" asked Kim

"Yeah, I know. But don't forget, you did marry me" said Ron

"If I'm nuts for marrying you, then throw me in an insane asylum. As long as I have you, I don't care what others think" said Kim.

"I'm glad to hear that. Hopefully when I meet the Credible's tomorrow at the preschool they won't think too badly about me" said Ron.

"Just let Jillian do all the talking, dear" said Jillian

"You are too cruel" said Ron.

"I know" said Kim a she kissed her husband again before walking upstairs to get the clothes ready for herself and her children.

Ron smiled to himself as he sat on the couch, took out his cell phone, and dialed a number. A few rings later someone answered. "Hello"

"Hi mom, it's me" said Ron

"Hi Ron, it's good to hear from you again. So, did you look over those files your kids gave you" said Betty

"Files? What files?" asked Ron

"Real funny Ron" said Betty

"I think so. I'll give the papers to the kids next time they go to GJ. So, how have things been with you?" asked Ron.

"Not bad. Things have been getting a little tough in my old age. Is there any chance you would consider taking over as Director of Global Justice?" asked Betty

"Sorry mom, no can do. Like I said, if you need my help I'll gladly give it but I'm done with permanent work at Global Justice" said Ron.

"Oh well. Luckily, there is an agent who has shown great promise. You should come and meet this agent" said Betty

"What is this guys name?" asked Ron

"Her name is Sarah. She has been an agent here for about ten years and has shown a great amount of potential on and off the battle field. I have been thinking of naming her the new director if you refused" said Betty.

"You should really retire. The kids, especially Jillian, would love to see you more than once or twice a year" said Ron.

"I know, I know, but what can I do with my free time? I can't spend all my time hanging my grandchildren and I do not have many friends outside of Global Justice" said Betty.

"Then maybe you can go and make some friends. Besides, you can teach martial arts to others, train hunters to be better at snagging a deer, or you can become a wrestler. I bet you could easily beat all those young, muscular guys" said Ron.

"You're playing with me, aren't you?" asked Betty dryly.

"Only about the last two suggestions" said Ron.

"Training others, that would be a good way to spend my time. Still, I'll give that more though when I retire. I'm still working on something important that I need to finish before I even consider retiring. Anyway, how have you been?" asked Betty.

"I have been good. Things have been rather quiet around here. Of course, that'll change tomorrow" said Ron.

"What's tomorrow?" asked Betty

"Jillian is having a play date with a new friend she meet. I guarantee they are going to keep me on my feet" said Ron

"That's good. You have been getting a bit sluggish" said Betty

"Et tu, mother" said Ron

"Well, if nothing else I'm going to say goodnight. A gal needs her beauty sleep" said Betty

"Good night mom. Love you" said Ron.

"I love you to. Say hi to Kim and the kids for me" said Betty as she hung up.

Ron closed his cell phone, just in time to here his front door being opened. He turned around to see his youngest son walking through the door. "You're home early" said Ron.

"Yeah, the movie wasn't as long as I thought it would be so I came home once it was over" said Jonathon.

"How was the movie?" asked Ron.

"Not bad. There wasn't as much action as I thought there would be" said Jonathon.

"I guess that means the movie actually had a plot and wasn't ninety minutes of non stop fighting" said Ron.

"Yeah" said Jonathon.

"Well, once you're thirteen you can join your brother and sister if you still want to. That is, if you are in fighting condition" said Ron

"Hopefully you're still fit enough to keep up with me" said Jonathon.

"Why does everyone keep insinuating that I'm out of shape? I have been training in martial arts longer than I have known your mother" said Ron.

"That doesn't mean you can't get out of shape" said Jonathon.

Ron ran his hand through his hair and sighed. "All right tough guy. We'll see who is top dog tomorrow. You and me are going to have a bit of sparring. For now, you should get ready for bed".

"All right. Good night dad. Have fun preparing for tomorrow" said Jonathon as he ran up the stairs.

Ron smiled as he let his son get the last laugh. Martha and David thought the same thing when they fought their father and ended up being at his mercy. If both of his elder children couldn't bet him together, Jonathon had no chance. Still, he expected a good fight.

Kim walked downstairs after finishing with the preparation of her and the children's clothes for tomorrow. "Ron, are you going to join me in bed?" asked Kim.

Ron turned around to look at his wife. To his surprise, his wife was wearing only a bra and panties. Normally this wasn't out of the ordinary, but she wouldn't walk around the house like that, especially with the kids home. "Kim, what are you doing? Jonathon is still up and the twins might be home any moment".

"Then perhaps you should join me in bed" said Kim.

Ron nodded. "Perhaps you are right. Go upstairs and I will be their in a minute. I want to make sure everything is locked up. When the kids get home they'll use their keys to get in".

"I hope. If they wake us up because they forgot their keys, I'm going to shave them bald" said Kim.

Ron held back a laugh at the thought of his children being bald. "I hope they do have their keys, for their sake. I'll be up in a minute" said Ron as he got up to check the house. Kim walked upstairs to bed, wondering how she was fortunate enough to meet Ron.

Ron walked around the house, making sure everything was locked up. Before he went to bed he looked at the pictures on top of the fireplace. He smiled as he looked at the picture that was taken on the day of their wedding. He remembered how he proposed to Kim. After stopping Drakken and Shego from their attempt at world domination, he proposed to Kim on the plane ride back home. The pilot had to give them a few minute warning before getting back to Middleton, leaving enough time for them to get their clothes back on.

Ron looked away from the photo and walked upstairs to go to bed with his wife. He walked in the room, his wife in bed, waiting for him to lie down next to her. He shut the lights off and go into bed with Kim. He kissed her passionately. "I love you Kim"

"I love you to Ron" said Kim.

"Oh, before I forget, my mom says hi to you and the kids" said Ron.

"I'll have to thank her" said Kim.

"For what?" asked Ron.

"For making you take that day off all those years ago. If you had not taken that day off, we might have never met" said Kim.

"I guess I have to thank her as well" said Ron as he yawed loudly.

"Goodnight Ron" said Kim as she closed her eyes to sleep.

"Goodnight Kim" said Ron as he relaxed in bed next to his wife. He thought to himself as he began to doze off how fortunate he was to meet his wife and have such beautiful children with her. Before darkness over took him, he shuddered at a quick thought of what life may have been like if he never had meet her.

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