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Chapter 9

The search for information about Mary took Owen ALL night. He put so much effort into it, that he soon exhausted himself. He carefully carried Jack (for he was now asleep) over to the sofa, and gently laid him down. He then flopped down into the chair, and let sleep consume him.

Several hours later, Jack slowly woke up. At first he wondered where Owen was, as the last thing he remembered was falling asleep on his lap. A quick scan of the Hub told him that the man was no-where to be seen. Getting slightly worried, he stumbled down from the sofa and wandered down to kitchen. He quickly found Owen making about four cups of coffee, and a small glass of water. He tugged at Owens trouser leg until he got the mans attention. He bent down and lifted Jack onto the worktop so that he could give him his water. He then walked back over to his workstation, where he continued his search.

About 20 minutes later, Gwen, Ianto & Tosh arrived, armed with coffee. Jack clambered down from the worktop and ran over to Gwen, hugging her leg. She smiled, and bent down to pick him up. He loved having a cuddle with her, if only for a short time. The others were okay, but he was very distant with Tosh since what happened with the pendant. He was afraid that she was still in contact with Mary, and so didn't want to be close to her. Because the others weren't around when Jack told him about Mary, he had to carefully explain it to them, and advised them to check up on her.

"Owen - you'd better take a look at this…" Gwen said, causing everyone to gather round her screen. It showed video from a CCTV camera located in Cardiff, relatively close to the Hub. But what caught Gwens eye was the person in the middle of the screen. She was looking directly at the camera, and mouthed two words.

"I'm coming."

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