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"Mmmmm, yes ooooohhhhh!" She panted.

A black tux, white shirt, socks and boxers lay on the floor intermingled with a white gown, sheer white stockings, a lacy white bra with matching panties and a white veil.

"That's it honey. Come for me!" he encouraged her as he felt her body start to spasm around him.

"Ooooohhhhhhhh, Jethro!" she cried out as wave after wave of intense pleasure rippled through her body. A second later Jethro felt his own release pulsate and rush through his heated body.

"Bianca! Aaahhhh!" He cried out harshly as he spilled his seed deep within her core.

As gentle spasms still vibrated through her body, Bianca collapsed across Gibbs chest.

"That was… incredible." She sighed in pleasure.

"You are incredible… Mrs. Bianca Gibbs." Jethro whispered.

"Bianca Gibbs. That sounds so good." Bianca huskily replied as she lifted her head and looked down at her husband.

Gibbs looked into her eyes and then wrapped his hand in her hair and pulled her down to his waiting lips.


After making love for a third time that night, Gibbs sat up and pulled the cover over their bodies before spooning with Bianca and kissing her back.

"You're insatiable…" Bianca smiled.

"You're irresistible" Gibbs replied continuing to kiss and lick her skin.

"The ceremony was beautiful. Ducky was so sweet, standing in for my late dad, and giving me away. And Ziva and Abby looked so lovely as my matrons of honour. DiNozzo and McGee looked dashing as your best men. Oh I can't believe it. We're married!" Bianca sighed as she remembered their wedding which had taken place earlier that day.

"The ceremony was amazing, but I only had eyes for one person, my bride, You. You looked so radiant and beautiful. I love you so much!" Gibbs whispered as he realized that he loved her as much as, if not more than he had loved Shannon.

Bianca turned in his arms and looked deep into his eyes as she whispered, "Jethro, I love you more then life itself."


As morning broke across the horizon, Bianca stood up and made her way to the bathroom. Jethro watched her, delighting in how beautiful she was.

"Hurry back!" He called out, his body already stirring.

"I'll only be a moment!" She called back as she closed the door behind her.

Then she opened the cabinet above the basin and pulled out the kit.

Should I do this now or should I wait?

No, I can't wait any longer. I have to know.

She hesitated for a second before pulling the dipstick out of the packaging and sat down on the toilet.

"Bianca, you okay?" Gibbs called when Bianca didn't come back as quickly as he had hoped.

"Almost done." Bianca said in a shaky voice as the stared at the two blue strips in the indicator block on the dipstick.

When the bathroom door opened, Gibbs was surprised to see Bianca wearing his NCIS t-shirt.

"What's the matter?" He asked as he sat up.

"I need to tell you something and I don't know how you're going to react." Bianca whispered as she sat on the edge of the bed, facing Gibbs. Gibbs sat up a little straighter and looked at her wondering at the sudden apprehension in her voice.

"We've been through so much, Jethro. First all the counseling and learning to move on from the hurts of the past. Your pain of losing Shannon and Kelly and my having to come to terms with everything that Jason had done to me. But through all of that we never…" Bianca hesitated.

"We never, what?" Gibbs asks, uneasiness making his voice sharp.

"We never discussed … having … children…" Bianca said in a rush.

Children! What are you trying to say? And why are you bringing this up now, the morning after our wedding? Gibbs wondered.

"I know how much you loved Kelly and I don't know if you have ever thought about having another child, but now… the decision is kinda made." Bianca said as she looked into his eyes.

"Bianca… What are you saying?" Gibbs asked as an inkling of understanding flashed through his mind.

"Jethro," Bianca whispered as she took his hand into her.

"I'm pregnant." She said as she placed his hand onto her womb.

"We're going to have a baby!" Bianca continued as she squeezed his hand.

Gibbs looked stunned for a long moment, his eyes moving from Bianca's face to their joined hands over her womb.

"I'm going to be a Dad?" Jethro said with a sense of awe.

And then his face broke into a huge grin and his eyes filled with tears, as he repeated, "I'm going to me a Dad!"

Bianca watched as Gibbs' shock transformed into boundless joy.

"Oh God, Bianca, I want children, as many as you want to have. This is the happiest day of my life. You're my wife and my baby's on her way. I love you!" Gibbs cried out as he pulled Bianca close and kissed her with delicate tenderness.

As they pulled apart, Bianca sobbed, "I was so afraid …"

"Shhh. Love." Gibbs whispered as he held her close. "How far along are we?"

"About 8 weeks, I think." Bianca whispered back.

"We're having a baby! I love you God I love you so much, but are you happy about having a baby?" Gibbs asked.

"I've always wanted children. I just never thought that it would happen naturally. When I was with Jason, he used to call me a barren waste land and he insisted that I was infertile." Bianca whispered.

"That bastard! Forget about him and come back to bed. I want to show you just how happy you've made me!" Gibbs growled as he opened the covers and Bianca slipped in next to him.


A few months later in the labour room at Bethesda, Bianca took a deep breathe before bearing done. Gibbs sat behind her, his arms wrapped around her, gently pressing on her belly.

"The head's clear, Bianca. You're doing really good!" The Doctor encouraged as she felt around the baby's head for the umbilicol cord.

"Bianca with the next contraction I want you to push as hard as you can." The Doctor instructed and Bianca nodded, before looking at Gibbs.

"A girl," He whispered before kissing her forehead. "A Boy. I don't care so long as it's healthy."

"No, you've wanted a girl all along. It's …… aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh" Bianca moaned as the next contraction shook her insides.

"Hang on Bianca, we're almost there." Gibbs whispered.

Oh God please let it be over soon. I can't stand to see her in so much pain. Bianca you're so strong but you've been in labour for almost 24 hours. Damn it I should have insisted you take the epidural, but you didn't want anything to affect our baby. I don't know whether to kiss you silly for that or to throttle you. Please just let this be the last contraction!

"That's it Bianca. I see the shoulders, torso…" The doctor stated and Gibbs could feel the tightening of Bianca's stomach muscles.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh!" Bianca gasped one more time as her baby slipped out of her body. Then she collapsed back against Gibbs as the room filled with the most beautiful sound of a baby's gusty cries. The doctor examined the baby and after wrapping the baby in a blanket handed the baby to Bianca.

"Congratulations." The Doctor said as she looked from Bianca's exhausted face to Gibbs face which revealed a mixture of worry and excitement.

"You have a healthy and beautiful baby girl."

Bianca and Gibbs gazed down at their little girl together.

"She's so tiny, soft and delicate!" Bianca said in awe as she lightly caressed her baby's fingers.

"As soft, delicate and beautiful as her mom. I love you!" Gibbs whispered as he leaned forward.

"I love you too!" Bianca sighed a second before Gibbs' lips touched hers in a soul searing kiss.

When his lips left Bianca's he moved out from behind her and took his daughter into his arms. He placed a single reverent kiss on her forehead as tears of joy rolled down his face. My precious baby girl, I love you so much!