Hi, Guys!

Well, because of editing choices, I no longer have a chapter eight. I decided to join a couple of chapters and that resulted with me having to join both chapter seven and eight, making it simply chapter seven.

I noticed that I have had new and recent traffic on this story and I hope that you guys like the changes. I know, I did! It was so formatted and grammatically incorrect! I wrote this story SIX years ago. That's crazy! Anyways, when I looked back at my old work, I couldn't even get past the first sentence. I was embarrassed.

I appreciate all the love this story has gotten and I am really happy that I can finally give you guys a BETTER version. It's still not great, but frankly I don't have the heart to get into this story anymore. Just trying to simply edit it was hard. I battled with being interested in this story after SIX years. I am glad, though, that I have finished it.

I know I have gotten a couple of reviews about a sequel and frankly, I can't do that. I could barely get through it and let alone a SEQUEL. I know, I sound horrible, but I have simply moved on from it. If anyone is up for the challenge then they are welcome to do a sequel for it. Just PM me with your request or ideas and if approved, go ahead.

If I were to do a sequel for this. I think it would consist of Vincent, of course. I would probably bring back Abigail, who knows. If you have something along those lines, then hit me up.

Well, I know this isn't the best story, but I hope you enjoyed it!

Anyways, now onto some more recent stuff. I am currently editing ALL my old stuff, which will take FOREVER. It's kind of intimating, but I've made it my mission to make them better.

So, my recent stories will get neglected a bit. I'm sorry! But it is what it is. I can only multitask so much. I have been working on Imprinting though in small intervals, so not to fall behind. Be on the look out for a new chapter in that :) A bit of a warning, thought, its a Jacob/Edward story.

Anyways, I think I have talked enough.

For all of you who have said positive stuff (even when it was all crappy) about this story and who favorited it, you're all awesome!

I love you guys!