Summary: Hermione is sent back in time on a mission from the order. She has strict rules to follow and she must complete her mission within a set time. When sent she isn't told when she was going to arrive or who would be there. In the midst of her mission and agaisnt all rules hermione finds something that could cost the mission.

Warnings: Post HBP. I have completely ignored the whole Ron and Hermione getting together, as you should be able to tell he likes her, but she doesn't know. Yes, Dumbledore is still dead, at least until she sees him the past. There will be some physical fight scenes, some vulgar language, and some kissy romantic gross scenes. There is going to be charecter(s) death, i haven't decided how many yet. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Disclaimer: I own nothing from Harry Potter. I have borrowed the wizarding world and its inhabitants from the fabulous JK Rowling. The only thing I own in the fanfic is the plot.

Ron, Harry and Hermione had been sitting around the burrow with the rest of the Weasleys for most of the summer. They were placed there under Professor McGonagall's orders in light of recent events. Voldemort's attacks on muggles were steadily increasing since the death of Albus Dumbledore. It was widely known that he was after Harry and any means, including the use of human bait, to get to him. Numerous enchantments and spells were placed around the burrow in order to protect the three.

The night before they were to leave to goto Kings Cross Station to catch the Hogwarts Express, Professor McGonagall, and several Order members came to the Burrow. All the adults were in the living room discussing some rather important by the sounds of it. Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny were told to go up stairs and stay there.

"Locking us up like prisoners, in my own home." Ron mumbled as he threw himself onto Ginny's bed crossing his arm. Ginny's room was right above the living room and was convenient for eavesdropping.

"They're probably here to escort us to the station." Hermione said looking out the window. Ginny was busy trying to listen through the crack in the door while Harry was sitting on her bed rubbing his head.

Ron sneered "Escort us? More like-" but before her could finish what he could say Ginny cut him off.

"SHHHH! I can't hear." Just then loud voices erupted from the living room and the four went silent to listen intently.

"NO! NO! NO! I WILL NOT ALLOW IT! THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS THAT COULD GO WRONG! ITS COMPLETELY DANGEROUS!" an infuriated Mrs.Weasley yelled. Ginny opened the door a little as a little creak echoed through the hall. The four tensed hoping it wasn't heard.

"Molly, We have done everything to ensure safety. I have taken many precautions and alerted the proper authorities. And its not up to you or anyone else to decide." McGonagall replied.

"Minerva, Molly is right. Many things can go wrong, and you know what could happen when-" Arthur said.

"Yes I am quite aware of the consequences... Now Arthur, Molly, we all have to do our part for the cause. And this is part of it. She will of course have the choice. She is the only one suitable for this mission.."

Harry and Ron looked at Ginny and Hermione who were both looking at each other. They were the only two girls they could have possibly been talking about.

"When do you plan on asking her about it?" Mrs. Weasley said glaring at McGonagall

"Tonight. They know nothing of it yet, so I think after dinner would be appropri-"

A familiar male voice answered, "Minerva? They already know. They are listening right now."

The four teens went wide eyed. Ginny closed the door. How could they have known they were listening. They scrambled to different parts of the room trying to look occupied when a knock came on the door. Before anyone can answer the door was opened. Revealing a very worn-out looking Remus Lupin.

"He smiled weakly, "I heard the door creak... Come down stairs you are needed. Yes, all four of you. No, You're not in trouble."

Remus led the way downstairs into the living room. Not only were Mr and Mrs Weasley, Professor McGonagall, and Remus were present, but also Mad-eye Moody and Tonks. The four teens sat on the long unoccupied couch while the adults stood around looking at each other. McGonagall was the first to speak.

"I take it you are doing well." She didn't hesitate but went straight to the point. "There is something I need to tell you. You four are going to be sent on a mission for the order. You all have different roles. Some much more difficult than others... but nonetheless, very doable. You see Voldemort is out to get the vampires on his side. Yes Ronald, I said Vampires. Very dangerous creatures, but only when agitated much like werewolves, giants, and or any creature for that matter. We are not sure why he wants them on his side, except that if he does get them, it will be a very likely for us... not to succeed. Vampires are very powerful, fearsome creatures, but you must remember they are part human and will do what they must to protect themselves, including making a deal with Voldemort."

"Pardon me Professor, but what does this have to do with us?" Harry questioned

"Well you four are going to make sure that he does not find what Voldemort needs in order to find them and speak to them. You are going find what Voldemort needs and destroy it."

"So we're not going to school?" Hermione asked eyebrows raised.

"No you will be going to school. The mission will be at Hogwarts. What Voldemort needs other then Harry will be there and you better believe that he will have spies amongst the students."

"What do we have to do?" Ginny asked.

"Simple. Ginny, Harry, and Ron will be in charge of discovering the spies and keeping them from their master. Ron as you know that you are headboy you will have authority over students, use that power wisely. Harry, you have always been a bit... bold about your attempts to accomplish tasks and that will be needed as the year progresses. And Ginny, you have a very stealthy ability to not get caught and will be responsible making sure none of you get caught."

"What about Hermione?" Harry inquired.

"Yes. I was getting to that. As I said some roles are harder then others. More dangerous with more serious consequences. Hermione, I am giving you a choice. Whether you accept of decline will be left entirely up to you, and you alone. We cannot tell you what to do. But I must seriously ask you to think about this, for if you say yes there is no turning back. No coming back till its over. It can only be done once, so if you fail, the mission is over. Understand?"

Hermione nodded.

"We are going to send you to do research. No Ronald, not that kind of research. It will not be in a library. Although you may need one. You see, we found this note sometime after Albus left us. It tells us about a book. A diary to be exact." McGonagall said pulling out a piece of parchment that was torn at the bottom. "This note confirms that Voldemort was after the vampires allegiance. It is from a Professor that used to teach at Hogwarts many years ago. One that I was once colleagues with. I found crammed in the back one of these old magic books I once let her borrow. It was enchanted so that only people who truly are good at heart may read it. Very difficult magic actually..." She handed the letter to Hermione to read:

To whom it may concern,

If you are reading this then I have long gone. Whether death or not,

you have found this letter because I am not present. If you must know, Lord Voldemort

who is currently increasing in power and destruction is after my extensive knowledge

of vampires. I have learned that he is after me shortly before I came to work at Hogwarts

as a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. I am soulfully prepared to be martyred

in order to protect them and help in defeating Voldemort. Although even though there

are other ways to seek out the vampires leaders, my diary is the easiest way. I have

resolved to write all I know in this special diary, which can only be read if this note

is present and there is a special blood donation in order. To find this book you must

Thats where the letter ended, the other half was ripped off. Hermione looked to McGonagall for an explanation.

"I need you to find out how to find this book and where. I need you to find out what the rest of this letter said. Once you do that we can find it, talk to the vampires' leader and ensure they do no go over to Voldemort."

"How am I supposed to find it? That would be nearly impossible, unless..." She raised her eyebrow.

"Yes Ms. Granger. We are sending you back in time to when she arrived at Hogwarts as a teacher."

"No." Harry and Ron said in unison.

"That is not your choice to make." retorted McGonagall.

"She can't. We won't let her. Terrible things happen to wizards who mess with time. No. She can't. She won't." Harry said angrily.

"No Harry, Ron stop it. This is my decision." She put her hand up to stop there protesting, she wouldn't hear it. She turned back to McGonagall. "What do i have to do?"

The next morning a much nervous Hermione was in the kitchen drink tea. She was thinking about her mission, About Ron and Harry's reaction to her agreeing, About what she had to do. She was happy that at least Ginny was supporting her, even if it was only because she knew there was no changing Hermione's mind. She was lost in thoughts that she didn't notice Remus enter the kitchen till he sat down in front of her.

"Good moring Hermione. I'm guessing you couldn't sleep." He smiled as he conjured up some toast and offered Hermione one.

Taking one, "Yes. I'm really not sure what to think. I know I have to do this. It's right. But why me?"

"Well you have experience with time travel, and you already know all the rules, you're exceptionally bright and resourceful, and you have been well prepared. It had to be a student, and they had to be at least in their 6th year, other wise they wouldn't understand the magnitude of the situation. We thought of multiple people and it came down to you or Ginny. We couldn't send her, it had to be you. She's not ready and she's not as witty as you are."

"So it came down to who's smarter?"


As they all arrived at Kings Cross, and bid their goodbyes. Hermione, Ron, Harry, and Ginny followed Remus to an empty compartment. Many students were shocked to see an adult and for some their old professor on board. They watched from their compartments till Ginny scolded them for their nosiness. When finally in the compartment, several charms and enchantments were placed in order secure no intruders or eavesdroppers.

"This is how it works, we are going to send you back to the time when Professor Crifasi came to teach at Hogwarts. The proper authorities have already been notified. Once at Hogwarts you will go straight to Dumbledore's office. He is alive in that time and is headmaster. I will be there also. Give us this envelope," He handed Hermione a small envelope with McGonagall' seal. "You will be meeting someone who will escort you to Hogwarts, they know nothing of this. So you must keep everything to yourself. You know what happens to people who meddle with time and get caught. There was an enchantment to ensure you land with some one who will help you no matter what. Very old magic, and very powerful."

"Your name for the mission will be Jane Talmadge. You will not respond to any other name. Understand?" Remus asked.


"Okay, good. Here this is what you will be taking with you." He held out her wand.

"What about my trunk?"

"All of it has been taken care of. If anyone asks, you left your trunk was sent ahead because you weren't sure you were going on the train. You weren't sure you were going on the train because the journey from Italy was a lengthy one and you were not allowed to use magic. The ministry took care of it ok?"


"You are an exchange student from Gregali school of magic in Italy. No you are not Italian, but your mother was and she sent you there because she went there. Your father was British. You grew up in London, England. Gregali was attacked and destroyed by Voldemort. And unfortunately your parents were killed for defying Voldemort before he attacked your school. The ministry resolved to send you to Hogwarts because you are from England and because your father went there and you agreeded to it. Understand?"

"Yes. That would make me, pure blood or half?"

"Your mother was pure and your father was muggleborn. Any other questions?" Remus asked.


"Very well then, Say good bye to your friends, you have 10 minutes." Remus left the compartment and closed the door.

No one said anything till a teary eyed Ginny jumped on Hermione squeezing her as tears flowed from her eyes. Then Harry came over putting his arms around the two. Then reluctantly but finally Ron did the same. Hermione couldn't help but cry, she didn't want to leave her friends, but she knew she had to. She tried to wipe away her tears before they could notice. When they released Hermione, they all sat down.

"Listen Hermione, be careful. It might be dangerous and you can't get caught or you may never come back." Harry said gripping her shoulder.

"We're going to miss you terribly. I know you're really going to miss us. So i prepared something for you." She handed Hermione a simple looking watch. "If you tap it with your wand and say 'show me' it will show you a pleasant memory, with us or whomever else you want to see."

"Thank you so much Ginny." Hermione felt the tears burning in her eyes.

"Hey, its not that long, just a few months. You'll be fine. I know you can do it." Harry said. He looked over to Ron who still hadn't said anything. His face was entirely red and he was staring at the floor.

"Hermione..." Ron mumbled "I'll really miss you..." Hermione hugged Ron tightly. She knew situations like these were really awkward for him.

"Thank you Ron, I'll miss you all so much."

Then the dreaded knock came. The door opened.

"It's time Hermione please follow me."

Authors note:Let me know what you think so far. I promise to get the next chapter out before next weekend, possibly by monday. The story is kind of slow right now, but i promise you that the next chapter will get much better. Be prepared at who she meets, that is if you don't already know. CHEERS!