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A week has passed since that night out in the lake, Jane and Sirius haven't said a word to each other since. Jane was too busy researching the map for Professor Crifasi at night, who did the same routine walk every other night. Sirius was in such a daze from that kiss that he didn't really notice that Jane was avoiding him. Both neglected to tell their friends. In her avoiding frenzy she began talking more to Remus each day and spending more time with him, even if it was just doing homework or discussing class work.

One night Sirius entered the common room after a detention with McGonagall to find his best friend and an enemy playing chess discussing something in detail by the fire. When the saw him approaching they stopped talking.

"Prongs." Sirius said.

"Padfoot." James replied.

"Chuck." Chuck said trying to hold her smile. James chuckled, and even Sirius couldn't help but crack a smile. "You two are too weird."

"How are we weird?" James asked offended "Bishop to E7"

"You have pet names for each other. And they are not even normal pet names, probably with odd meanings." Chuck replied. "Knight to E5."

"So, what are you guys talking about?" Sirius questioned.

"You know... this and that." Chuck smiled slyly.

"Nothing important." James said not looking at Sirius.

"You're not going to tell me?" Sirius asked staring a James expectantly.

"No." Chuck answered. Sirius frowned.

"Have either of you seen Jane?" Sirius said.

"She went to bed." James said. "Queen to C9. Why?"

"Just wanted to ask her something." Sirius said. James' brows furrowed in response as if he was trying to figure out a puzzle.

"What, you don't have enough detention to think something out yourself, that you have to ask Jane to think for you?" Chuck smiled. "Castle to C9"

"Damn it." James hissed. "ah...Knight to C9. No fighting you two, or i will curse you both into oblivion."

"We resolved our differences. Right Sirius?"

"Yeah, yeah." Sirius said heading towards the stairs. "I'm going to bed. What ever you two were conspiring about before i came in, I will find out. Night."

They watched him disappear up the stairs before resuming their conversation. "Should we tell him?"


"Chuck, he's my best friend. This is my plan, how can i not tell him?"

"Trust me on this one, i have this feeling that it wouldn't be a good idea." Chuck said thoughtfully.

"You know i can't keep a secret from him, he'll find out eventually."

"So will everyone else. Just for now, promise not to tell."

"Fine. It won't be easy, but i'll try." James said defeated. He didn't like to keep things from Sirius, but somehow he felt the same way about this as Chuck. What he didn't know was that Sirius was keeping something from him too.

"Okay good. Queen to D3. The only people who can know, know. Lily, Donovan, you and me."

"Wait Donovan can know and Sirius can't? I know you and Sirius don't get along but-"

"Look you know the plan, Donovan is helping."

Jame frowned.

"Fine if it will make you happy Lily will help you. But she won't know until the day of, when we tell her."

"Castle to D8. Really? You'd do that? You would subject one of your best friends to that?" James asked quizzically.

"Yes. Now if something goes wrong, just improvise. Think quick and smart."

"Right. Chuck, you are my hero." James said excitedly.

"yeah yeah. Queen to B7. Jam-"

"This plan is going to be great."


"It will work so well..."


"I ca-"


"Yeah? Sorry, what?"

"I'm going to bed."

"But we haven't finished playing yet!" James said as Chuck headed to the stairs.

Half way up she stopped and turned around, "Oh i forgot to mention, Check mate."

With each increasing day, Remus was getting more and more anxious about the upcoming Hogsmeade trip. He really wanted to ask Jane, but what would she say? Chuck and James were now teaming up trying to convince him to ask her. Little did he know how many people were in on it. The Wednesday night before Hogsmeade weekend Chuck and James surrounded him.

"Ask her already." Chuck said impatiently.

"But.." Remus started.

"But nothing. The worst she can say is no." Chuck sighed. "James, tell him."

"Chuck is right. Tomorrow is Hogsmeade, it's your last chance. We both know you want to." James said as-a-matter-of-factly.

"Its just that... i've never been on a real date..." Remus said looking away.

"What?" Chuck asked in shock. "What about that girl... Elizabeth? You two dated for a long time didn't you? Didn't you two go on a date?"

"Well, not exactly. It was 6 months, but we really didn't go on dates, we enjoyed each other's company."

"So you two just snogged all the time?" Chuck raised her eye brows, but Remus was still looking away and was now blushing. "You did kiss right? On the lips? Cheeks don't count... You've never..." Remus shook his head "not even?" he shook his head again "oh.. uh..."

"What Chuck means to say is that, we are going to have to coach you." James said trying to smile.

Remus let out an exasperated cry, "I'm hopeless."

"Not if we coach you right. I've have a lot of experience in this department." Chuck said with a sly grin.

"And... James? He hasn't dated in years." Remus frowned.

"I resent that. You know i have my eye on only one girl. Either way at least i can ask Lily. What i lack Chuck has, she has been around..." James smirked.

"Ha Ha, very funny." Chuck retorted.

"Well at least i didn't-"

"James." Remus cut him off "I don't want to hear about either of your past experiences. You can't coach me if i don't ask her and if we are out on a date."

"We can come with you." Chuck smiled.

"You two? Together, on a date?" Remus said unbelievingly.

"No silly. On a double date. I'll get my own date. Or a triple date if James can find one." Chuck smiled.

"Lily?" Remus said looking at James.

"You never know. Today might be my lucky." James said hopefully.

"And... you Chuck?" Remus asked.

Chuck smiled and stood up from her seat and walked over to a corner of the common room in which several six years were playing chess. She tapped the burly looking 6th year that she was talking to at the quidditch party on the shoulder and Remus and James watched as their mouths moved. About 2 minutes later, Chuck returned with a smile leaving the boy smiling as well.

"Done." Chuck said sitting down. "Now ask Jane."

"She's not here." Remus said. "And i don't need your help."

"Oh look, here she comes with Lily." Chuck chimed extra cheerful. " Don't worry we have a plan." Together Chuck and James shoved a hesitant Remus towards Jane. Remus stumbled over to the two girls as Chuck and James watched.

"So how did you manage to snag a date with Donovan so easily? I mean i know he is helping, but doesn't he have a huge 6th year girl following? Wouldn't he already have a date?" James asked Chuck.

"Thats the thing. He has a large girl following.." Chuck implied. It took James a second to realize what she was implying.

James gasped. "You mean h-"

"Not so loud!" Chuck hissed. "Yes, he is. I asked him as a favor to come. He knows i don't like him like that. We just,... talk a lot, about er... you know..."

"Oh.." James understood, Chuck had been open about her self with James for a while. "You still haven't told Lily, Remus or Jane have you?"

"No. Shhhh listen there talking." The two moved a little closer to hear better, standing only a few feet away from Lily.

Remus blushed nervously as he stumbled to where Jane and Lily were. Lily noticed him first and nudged Jane, who then noticed him too. She smiled, but then she noticed his nervousness and began to get nervous herself. Lily knew what was coming so she left Jane to stand there by herself as Remus approached. Lily stood off to the side near a shelf pretending to go through the books.

"er.. Good evening Jane."

"Hello Remus."

"How are you this evening?" Remus blushed nervously trying to make small talk.

"Fine." Jane noticed his blush. "Is everything alright Remus?"

"Yes. Yes, sorry." Remus blushed some more looking down at his feet.

"So..." A paper ball flew from the direction of the book shelves and hit Jane in the head. Jane scowled at Lily who mouthed 'Say yes!' Jane had no idea what she was talking about, but luckily Remus was busy looking down that he didn't notice any of this.

"I was wondering if you had any plans tomorrow?" Remus asked hopefully.

"I'm going to Hogsmeade with Lily and Chuck..." Jane said looking over at Lily who was now frowning at her. Remus froze, what now? She already has plans... James and Chuck took quick notice and as if thinking the same thing they both lept into action. Chuck ran to where Donovan was standing and pulled his arm around her. James walked over to where Lily was and placed his arms around her shoulders and before she could protest he said...

"Sorry to interrupt your conversation, but there has been a change in plans. Lily has agreed to go with me to Hogsmeade..." All the color from Lily's face drained. She hissed something at James who hissed back. Then they both stopped bickering smiled at Jane and Remus. Lily was playing pretend-get-along, even though secretly she was thrilled. And James was grinning like a madman.

"Sorry Jane." Lily said pulling James' arm off of her when Jane looked away.

"And Chuck has a date too." James said gesturing to where Chuck stood in Donovan's arms.

Remus wanted to die right there. Great plan. I can't believe i walked right into this one...

Jane furrowed her eyebrows in thought. Since when did Lily openly like James... Jane looked back to Remus. "I guess i have no plans."

"Oh... thats nice. I mean- er.. not that its nice not to have plans but... well, sorry." Remus felt like dying on the spot, but managed to continue anyway. "Well... since... I- will you go with me on a date to Hogsmeade?" Remus blushing furiously.

He looked up into her eyes and she looked right into his beautiful amber ones. She gazed deeply for a second. I can't... it wouldn't be right. He's my professor. This is against the laws of time travel.. no... But his eyes, so honest, so innocent. He's so... perfect... Her mind drew a blank and she forgot about the world as she looked into his eyes. The word slipped out before she could catch herself.


Later in the girls dormitory...

"So Jane, hot date with Remus?" Chuck smirked. Lily couldn't help but laugh too. Jane shot them both a look.

"Very funny..." In the back of Jane's head, the possible repercussions of her actions played over and over. Laws broken, people's futures affected forever... what else could go wrong. How could she fall weak to this and say yes.

"You don't look too thrilled." Lily observed. "Don't you like Remus? You did say yes, unless..."

"No... yes.. no i mean i do like him. But i don't know about..."

"Are you scared?" Chuck ask bluntly.

Jane took a deep breath. Was she scared? Well she was certainly scared of breaking these major rules. Horrible things happen to wizards who mess with time. "yes."

"Jane. Please don't worry. Remus really likes you." Lily said. "He's a really sweet guy, and i know you like him too. And if you only like him as a friend, give him a chance, I'm sure you'll be happy with him."

"He likes me?" Jane asked stupidly. Well of course asking her to Hogsmeade would tell her that he does, but she needed confirmation.

"Since the day you landed on him. Seeing you both around each other made it more obvious. The way he looks at you... You two are perfect for each other."

Later in the boys dormitory...

"Remus?... Reeeemus? REMUS!" James called. "You look like your going to be sick. You just got a date with the girl of your dreams and you look like you are about to drop dead."

"Sorry." Remus replied.

"Remus has a date? With who?" Peter questioned.

"Jane..." James said mockingly. "And now he's panicking." Faking a high girl voice he said "Oh my! What am i going to wear for my date tomorrow with Janey giiiirl! Should i like get my hair done? My nails? Wear dress robes? Oh no, i forgot about floweeers!"

"Very clever." Remus frowned. "But really, what do i do?"

"Don't worry about it, Chuck, Lily and I will take care of it."

"All of you were in on it?" Remus gaped.

"Yes. So was Donovan." James grinned. "Lily didn't know about the whole being my date, but Chuck and i worked that in."

"It was all planned?"

"Mostly. Chuck and I to coax you into it, Lily to bring Jane down at a certain time, the triple date save the Lily knowing... But the interruption was improvised, couldn't have you freeze up before asking her."

"Even though that was the most embarrassing moment in my life, thank you for your thoughtfulness." Remus said. "Peter were you involved?"

"No, I was busy trying to get my own date, with Alisha." Peter said looking away. James snickered.

"How did it go?" Remus asked, but Peter just shook his head. "Sorry. Where's Sirius?"

"He scored a detention with McGonagall for freeing pixies in the dungeons. He should be back soon, let me check the map." But before he could get up to get the map, the door swung open and in popped a very cheerful Sirius.

"Hello guys! Do you know what this weekend is? It's HOGSMEADE!!! Yessss!" Sirius said over-excitedly. When no reply came from his friends he turned to notice they were all staring at him eyebrows raised and mouths open. "What?"

"Nothing..." James said trying not to laugh.

"You just seem, very happy..." Peter said quietly, "...its weird for you."

"Oh..." Sirius said not quite understanding.

"You have been in the best mood all week, what happened?"

"Just the best thing ever... Hey Remy, what's wrong with you? You look like it's that time of the month."

"I have a date." Remus said calmly.

"For hogsmeade?" Sirius asked.


"Really Moony? That's great. Who's the lucky girl?"


"Our Jane?"


Sirius' smile faded into a straight line. He paled and his brows furrowed. But he swallowed his pride and faked a happy grin. "That's great Remus. Congrats... Well i'm feeling kind of tired, so i'm going to bed. Night."

A thought of realization hit James like a tidal wave.

The next day, about five days after the kiss in the lake, Jane found that she couldn't avoid Sirius no longer. He was everywhere that she was. It wasn't intentional, but when you are focusing on avoiding some one and you see them it seems like you are always running into them. Sirius began to notice her silence, Especially when it came time for astrology, the only class Remus didn't take that Jane was in. Sirius hadn't really noticed before because in other classes she was always next to Remus, but he didn't think anything of it, considering he was the one who got kissed. But now it was different, Remus and Jane had a date, and Sirius began to see the things that he missed when he wasn't looking.

The astrology professor paired up Jane and Sirius and Jane had no choice but to work with him, but she would do it as silently as she could. She could feel Sirius's eyes burning a hole in her head, but she didn't turn to look. The class was nearing it's end, and Jane still hadn't said a word to him. It wasn't as if she needed to say anything, the work didn't require it, but he was sure she would casually start a conversation with him, just like with Remus. Sirius was becoming frustrated.

"Jane?" Sirius whispered while the professor was dictation homework. She didn't look up she was still scribbling away. "Jane?"

"Yes?" She said not looking up from her writing.

"I wanted to ask you something..."

"Ask." She said still writing. She tensed slightly, half expecting what was coming. She was avoiding him from the kiss, but now it was because of Remus.

"I wanted-" But before he could finish, the professor had walked over and cut him off.

"Mr. Black, is there a problem? I should think not. There is no talking in my class, especially when i am talking. This is a warning." Sirius watched as the professor strolled back to his teaching spot and continued dictating homework. Sirius rolled his eyes and went back to Jane.

"Jane. Look, it just seems like sinc-"

"MR BLACK! Your warning had just expired. Detention tomorrow night."

"But professor, that's not fair, i was just-"

"No excuses, you have broken my rules one too many times. Enough is enough."

"Whatever..." Sirius said under his breath. But it wasn't low enough.

"Make that two detentions. And if you keep it up i will make it three." The professor waited for a remark, but when none came he continued on with his dictating. There was no playing in his class. After class was dismissed, Sirius tried to again to talk to Jane, but the professor called him back.

"Mr. Black, You know the rules well enough. You know i enforce them strictly, what would lead you to break them? What was so important about talking to Ms. Talmadge?"

"Nothing Professor, i'm terribly sorry. I wanted to ask her about the assignment."

"Riiight... the assignment. Well then go on, go. You don't want to get in trouble for being in the corridors at this hour."

Sirius left with out another word, he tried to find Jane, but he had no luck. When he arrived back in the common room he found James and Chuck discussing something in heavy detail over a game of wizards chess. When the heard Sirius approaching, they stopped talking and continued with their game just like the previous night.



"Chuck." Chuck smirked, James smiled too, but Sirius wasn't.

"What's up?" James asked comprehensively.

"I need to talk to Jane. Have you seen her?"

"She went to bed." Chuck said, "Knight to E5. De ja vu..."

"Sirius, this isn't about what i think it is?" James asked looking at him seriously.

"No. I just needed to ask her something... about class." Sirius said turning to go up stairs.

"Are you sure you don't want to talk about it Padfoot?" James asked. "Bishop to A8"

"Yes, i'm sure." Sirius disappeared up the stairs. Chuck had the slightest idea about what was going on but didn't want to get involved. James knew exactly what was wrong, even though he didn't know Sirius' whole side. He knew he was going to have to talk to him eventually, hoping it was later then sooner.

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