Chapter 3

Yukito's eyes flashed opened, to find himself staring at the ceiling of an infirmary.

"Guys, he's awake," someone called.

There was a scurry of foot steps as everyone crowded around were Yukito was lying.

"W-where am I?" wondered Yukito, trying to sit up, but someone pushed him back down.

"In the hospital, Yukito." It was Relena who was holding him down.

"You gave us quite a scare, man!" Miliardo called over everyone's head.

"How're you feeling?" asked Ileana.

Yukito winced as he tried to sit up again. "I've been better, you can count on that." Then a thought struck him. "What about Andy? Is she ok?"

They all moved out of the way to allow Yukito to see the bed next to him. Andrea was lying on the bed, fast asleep.

"She's asleep now, as you can see, but the doctor said she'll be fine," Kathleen said, reassuringly, placing hand on his shoulder.

Yukito sighed with relief. "That's good to know."

"You on the other hand," said Relena in a stern voice. Everyone took a step away from Relena, her temper known to all. "What were you thinking pulling that stunt out there?! You could've died. You should know what you're gundam is or is not capable of."

"Relena-" Herro started, but Relena cut him off.

"I'm still not through with you, Herro, for letting this all start in the first place," she said, angrily. She seemed to tower over him, causing him to shrink beneath her gaze.

"Come on, Relena, let them be," said Hilde, placing a hand on Relena's shoulder.

Relena huffed, arms folded.

After less than two weeks, Yukito and Andrea were released from the hospital. They meet with the others in their usual spot, in the park. Everyone looked up at Yukito and Andrea when they had walked up to them.

"Hey, finally out, eh?" asked Miliardo.

"Yeah, well, we would've been out sooner if the stupid doctors didn't keep us there extra, saying that it was impossible for people to heal in less than two weeks," grumbled Yukito.

"Well, that is true you know," said Ileana.

"And it's not their fault they don't know that we're stronger than the average human. Our father's been training us since we could walk to be able to endure more than most people," said Kathleen.

"And of course, you could've left two days before me," Andrea smiled at Yukito, wrapping her arms around his neck. "But, you wanted to wait."

Nataku, who had not said anything yet, was typing on a laptop. Yukito went over to him. "What 'cha working on?"

Nataku pushed back the screen, so they could all see. It seemed like a news report. Several clips of the fight they had just fought in played in the corner of the screen. "The mobile doll transport unit has recently been wiped out. The mobile dolls were not uploaded with the most recent combat data, causing their destruction. But with the new data with the data collected and transmitted from the fight, the mobile dolls the army will send will be unstoppable. A factor that will most definitely help the Genesis in their rebellion."

"What is this?" asked Miliardo, picking up the laptop to get a better look.

"Genesis news report. Hacked into their system and found this." Nataku yanked the laptop out from between Miliardo's fingers and closing it.

"So those weren't even the updated models and we still did that badly…" Kathleen mumbled.

Ileana wrapped a comforting arm around Kathleen.

"Maybe we do need our parents after all," said Andrea.

"We were only performing a test run on our gundams, so after they're tuned up, we'll win for sure," said Miliardo, punching a fist into his other palm.

Yukito and Nataku nodded confidently.

"Did they find out why my gundam froze up like that?" Andrea asked, leaning against Yukito.

"Genesis spy. He shut down you're gundam by remote…dad took care of him…" Yukito nodded.

Just then, Howard walked up to them. "Well, you're gundams are repaired and fixed up to your preferences."

Andrea smiled up at him. "Thanks a lot Howard."

Howard nodded, also smiling. "Anytime." He left.