HPDM Drabble Competition: Round Four

Underneath the Bleachers

Draco felt ridiculous, standing underneath the Quidditch bleachers with the leftover trash from that day's game. The wind blew a sticky Cauldron Cake bag against his expensive leather shoes.

How utterly….. plebian.

A dark blur, dashed across the field under the pinks and purples of the setting sun. The wind blew Harry's messy hair over his bright, sparkling eyes. He seemed a bit breathless when he reached the Slytherin.

"Hello Draco."

The blond snorted and pulled him closer.

"Well? Where's my reward?"

Harry laughed. "You lost the game!"

Then he kissed him before the sulking could begin.

How utterly perfect.

A/N: I'm still in it! Yay! For anyone who's wondering- once the competition is over or I'm kicked out- whichever comes first (most likely the latter) I'll post a follow-up drabble of each one I've completed.