Title: Angel's Chance
Author: Inquisitive1
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Note: I'm taking creative license with this story like all my others. There might be spoilers to earlier seasons. Its kind of an AU fic.
Summary: The year is 2020. Angel is still a vampire... the whole becoming human thing never happened. Angel and Angelus merged after Buffy died in college. Angel has no contact with Sunnydale. He reunited with Drusilla and Spike- who are semigood. Angel meets someone new... yet old.
Chapter 16
After midnight Chance slowly opens her eyes to find Angel sitting beside the bed "Angel?" she says groggily
Angel smiles moving to sit beside her "Hey I'm here" he touches her cheek "good to see you."
"They OK?" she asks worriedly remembering what had happened
Angel nods "Their OK."
"Nothing wrong?" she questions
Angel sighs "Willow said they're healthy. Summer needed to go on a respirator," he smiles "she'll be OK though."
"He's OK?"
Angel nods "He's good."
"Have you seen them?"
"Yes. They're beautiful."
At that moment the door opens and in walks Willow "Oh good you're awake" she smiles at Chance "I brought someone to see you." she wheels in a plastic basinet "You'll be able to see your daughter in the morning." she informs them lifting the baby out of the basinet carefully she hands him to Chance "Here you go."
Chance takes the small newborn supporting his head she smiles at the drowsy baby "Hey little guy" she says softly
"Thanks Willow." Angel smiles at his friend
Willow smiles going over to the vampire she kisses his cheek "Buffy would be proud of you." she says
Angel nods looking at his wife holding their son "I know."
"Chance I'll be back in the morning" Willow says
Chance smiles "OK" she turns her attention to the baby in her arms. After Willow leaves she looks at Angel "So what should we name him?"
"How about Lucas?" Angel suggests
Chance looks at the little boy "What do you think little guy? Like the name Lucas?" she smiles as the little boy yawns "I take that as a yes. What about Michael for his middle name."
"Lucas Michael" Angel smiles "Sounds good" he leans down kissing the newborn's head "Good to meet you Lucas Michael."
The two sit there silently watching their son as he drifts off to sleep. "Tomorrow I get to see Summer." she says softly looking at the baby in her arms "what does she look like?"
"Like you only smaller." Angel replies "She has your nose" he says
"He's got yours" Chance says looking at her son asleep in her arms. "and your hands and your eyes" she says carefully picking up the baby's small hand in her own. "He's going to be big when he's older." she yawns
Angel smiles "Why don't you get some rest" he suggests reaching to take the child from her
"I'm not tired" she protests trying to prevent a yawn from escaping
"Sure babe." he chuckles
"Oh fine" she kisses the child's head "night Lucas." she hands the child over to Angel. She watches as Angel sets to baby in the basinet
Angel sits beside Chance "Get some sleep baby." he says leaning down to kiss her forehead
"Are you staying?" she asks sleepily
"Yes" he pulls the blankets up to her chin "Now get some sleep"
"Love you Angel"
"Love you too" he smiles watching as she falls asleep
* ~ * ~ * ~
"Miss Greyson" a voice calls
Chance opens her eyes groggily "Hmm?" she finds a nurse standing beside the bed holding the baby
"Time to feed your son." the nurse announces
Chance sits up "Where's Angel?"
"He told me to tell you he'd be back as soon as possible he had a few things to take care of." she hands Chance the baby
Chance exposes her breast wincing as the little boy tugs her nipple into his mouth. "Ow"
"It'll hurt at first." the nurse informs her
"How's my daughter?" Chance asks curiously
"From what I heard she's good. They are very beautiful children"
Chance smiles "They take after their father." she says looking at the nursing newborn.
* ~ * ~ * ~
Angelus enters the caves going to the room that he had earlier removed Chance from. He finds Spike sitting with Dru resting against him "Where is he?" he demands
"Angelus you should be with Chance and the twins" Spike says
"They're sleeping. I thought I'd come down and pound Finn for a while then get back before dawn." he removes his jacket tossing it to Spike he enters the cell to find Finn sitting on the ground leaning against the wall.
"Ahh Angelus" Riley growls "how's the bitch and brats?"
"Good. Lucky for you."
Riley looks at the angry vampire "Too bad."
"Get up." Angelus orders
"Fuck you." Riley hisses
Angelus goes over to the vampire pulling him to his feet by the hair he slugs him. "I told you I'd make you pay." he slams Riley against the wall "You almost killed my wife... my soulmate"
"You took mine." Riley snarls
"Buffy never was yours. She was always mine." Angelus snaps punching Riley in the temple "I was after all her first... and most recent."
"She's dead."
Angelus grins "So you didn't look directly into her eyes." he shakes his head "If you had you would have seen her."
"Seen who?"
Angelus chuckles "Little prick you couldn't recognize your own supposed soulmate." he shakes his head leaning closer "Chance is Buffy. And like the time Faith took over Buffy's body you couldn't tell." he grabs Riley's arm twisting it until it snaps "That's for hurting Buff like you did when you fucked Faith." he lifts Riley by his neck "You hurt my family. Almost killed them." he smiles coldly "I'm going to have fun with this." he knees the vampire in his groin laughing as the vampire groans he releases him "I'll see you later. I've got to get back to my family." he walks out of the room to find Spike and Dru waiting "Have fun with him if you want." he offers "But don't kill him or do any big time damage." he grabs his jacket
"Tell Chance we'll stop by tonight." Spike says
Angelus nods "I will." he heads towards the exit
"Hey Peaches what did you name the tykes?" Spike calls
Angelus turns with a faint smile he answers "Lucas Michael and Summer Catherine." he turns walking away
* ~ * ~ * ~
Chance sighs as her son cries "I know. Calm down Lucas." she rocks her son trying to calm him.
"He just ate, he's been changed." the nurse says
Chance senses Angelus nearby "He just wants his Daddy." she watches as Angelus walks into the room
"Hey lover." Angelus grins walking past the nurse he goes over to the bed kissing Chance's forehead "hey little guy."
"He wants you" Chance hands the now whimpering baby to his father
"Do you need me anymore?" the nurse asks
"Uh could you just go check on our daughter. She might be reacting the same way." Chance requests
The nurse smiles at the teen "Sure. I'll go see how she's doing."
"Thank you." Chance looks at Angelus and smiles. As the nurse walks out she asks "Where were you?"
Angelus looks at Chance "Went to make a quick visit with Finn." he looks at Lucas in his arms "He's cried himself to sleep."
"Finally." Chance sighs "He woke up crying. I fed him, he still cried. The nurse changed him and still he wouldn't stop."
Angelus grins "He just wanted his Da. Didn't you my boy" he sets the baby in the basinet. He stands over the basinet watches as the baby's chest rises and falls
"What are you thinking about?" Chance asks
Angelus looks over his shoulder "Its amazing."
"That I fathered two human children." As they hear a knock at the door they look over to see the nurse walk in
"I checked on your daughter she's sleeping peacefully. For a while she was a little agitated but she calmed down."
"Thank you" Chance smiles
"If you need anything just call" the nurse tells them walking out of the room.
Angelus sits beside Chance on the bed "We made two amazing children"
"That we did."
"Two living breathing children." he shakes his head
Chance chews on her lower lip "Angelus what's going to happen to them?" she questions "Are they going to be human? Vampire? Or both?"
"I'm not sure. They seem human..."
"But that could change couldn't it?"
Angelus nods "Yes it could" he squeezes her hand "I promise whatever happens Soulboy and I will be around to help them"
"I know" Chance smiles tiredly
"Go back to sleep" Angelus orders kissing her forehead
"You won't go anywhere will you?" she asks worriedly
"No I'll be around"
Chance nods "Will you go check on Summer before the sun comes up?"
"You heard the nurse she's fine."
"I know I'll just sleep better if you check on her" she says her eyes pleading "Besides if she's like her brother she'll probably sleep better once she knows you're around" she rationalizes
Angelus smiles "I'll see if I can. Now go to sleep" he glances at the sleeping baby "My boy will be hungry soon."
Chance smiles "That he will" she closes her eyes "Love you" she mumbles sleepily
Angelus smiles "Love you too" he sits there until he's sure she's asleep. He kisses her cheek "I'll be back as soon as possible" he goes over to the basinet resting his hand on the baby's head marvelling at the sight of the child's chest rising and falling "Sleep well my boy" with one last look at his 'wife' he walks out of the room. He takes the stairs up to the Neonatal Unit and goes to the window scanning until he sees a basinet in the corner labelled 'Girl Greyson'. He watches as a nurse checks on the baby.
"Checking on your daughter?" the nurse from earlier asks seeing the handsome man standing at the window
Angelus nods relieved that the glare of the window is low enough that the nurse doesn't notice his lack of a reflection. "Her mother wanted me to check on her" he explains
"She's a very strong baby... and stubborn"
"Takes after her mother" Angelus chuckles "How long will she be on the respirator?"
"A day or so. Its just a precaution" the nurse assures
"I know" he replies "Chance is just worried"
The nurse smiles "All new parents worry. Your daughter is doing great"
Angelus nods "I can see that"
"Earlier she was a little upset but she calmed down"
"That's what the other nurse said. Will you let me know if she starts to get agitated again" he requests
"No problem"
"I better get back" Angelus says "Thank you" he nods walking away
* ~ * ~ * ~
A few hours later Angel hears Lucas start to fuss in the basinet. He puts down his book and goes over to the basinet carefully picking up the baby. "Hey little guy" he says softly sitting back down he holds the fussy newborn talking to him softly
Through her sleep Chance hears the baby cry. Slowly she opens her eyes and smiles at the sight of Angel talking softly to the baby. "How long has he been crying?" she asks sleepily
Angel looks at her with a faint smile "He just started"
Chance glances at the clock "He's probably hungry"
Angel nods carefully handing the baby to Chance "Probably" he watches as she exposes her breast to the obviously hungry newborn
Chance watches as her son nurses for a moment then looks at her 'husband' "Did you check on Summer?"
Angel smiles and nods "She was sleeping. The nurse said she was doing great."
"I can't wait to see her." Chance smiles then looks at her son "Who's older?" she asks curiously
Angel touches his son's head "Lucas is five minutes older and two ounces heavier."
Chance looks at Lucas "Hard to believe he's so tiny"
"Willow said that they're amazingly healthy for being premature."
"He's going to grow fast" Chance remarks looking at her son with a grin "He's one hungry boy."
"That he is" Angel agrees watching the baby nurse with fascination
* ~ * ~ * ~
Midmorning Chance smiles at the sight of Angel asleep in the chair beside the bed with Lucas cradled against his broad chest. Her eyes go to the door as it opens she smiles as Willow enters "Hi"
Willow grins at the sight of Angel holding his newborn son as they both sleep "How are you doing?" she asks Chance
"Good" Chance replies "How's Summer?"
"She's doing good. I went and checked on her before I came down here." she pulls the other chair up to the bed "So did you decide on a name for him?" she questions sitting down
Chance nods "Lucas Michael"
"Light and Messenger" Willow muses
"In a way its after Angel." Chance says smiling faintly
"How did Lucas do last night?"
"Woke up a few times to nurse. Calmed down after he was fed and spent some time with his Daddy."
"The nurses told me Summer had been a little agitated for a while last night"
"I know." Chance looks at Willow "I think that they know when Angel isn't nearby. Lucas cried for a while but he stopped once Angelus had him"
"Sounds like Angelus really has changed"
Chance nods "Angel thinks that he's calmed a lot since Buffy died."
Willow shifts at the mention of her dead friend "How about we go see Summer." she suggests
Chance grins happily "Of course"
"I'll go grab a wheelchair. I'll let you tell Angel."
"Sure" Chance sets her legs over the bed
"Need help?" Willow asks
"No thanks, I got it" Chance replies standing up carefully
"I'll be right back" Willow says walking out of the room
Chance carefully walks over to Angel leaning down she kisses her son's covered head then lightly touches Angel's cheek
Angel's eyes open and he smiles sleepily "Hey"
"Morning" she kisses him lightly "Willow's going to take me up to see Summer." She tells him. At his sleepy nod she smiles "Go back to sleep. Want me to put Lucas down?"
Angel shakes his head "He's fine" he rubs his son's back gently
"OK" she kisses his cheek "Back in a bit"
Angel nods closing his eyes as Willow returns with a wheelchair
Chance sits down in the chair and Willow pushes her out of the room. Chance glances at Angel and Lucas "They look so cute together" she says softly
Willow chuckles "They sure do" she agrees "I told the nurses and doctors on this floor to not disturb Angel unless he calls for them. They said they'd keep out of the room and keep an eye out for other people."
"Good" Chance nods "I don't think it would be good for them to disturb Angel when he's sleeping."
"Its good we got you in a room with little sun exposure."
"I know. It would have been hard to explain how he disappeared." Chance says as they enter the elevator. The two chat as they go up one floor. Chance feels her excitement rise as she feels her daughter near.
"Here we are" Willow announces wheeling Chance into the ward to the back of the room where they stop at a basinet
A nurse approaches "Dr Osbourne good to see you."
"Nurse Jane" Willow nods "Chance Greyson this is Nurse Jane. She takes care of all the babies in here."
"Hi" Chance smiles
"You're daughter is one sweet baby. She's only cried once when it wasn't for food or dirty diaper."
"Oh that's what her brother did. He just wanted some attention"
"You want to hold her?" Nurse Jane asks
Chance nods eagerly "Oh definately"
"Why don't you have a seat in the rocking chair." the nurse directs. Chance does as the nurse picks up the baby carefully handing her over to Chance "Support her head"
Chance nods cradling her daughter close "She's so small" she says awed "Hi Summer" she smiles tearfully at the small baby in her arms
"She weighs more than the average preemie" Nurse Jane informs her
"When can we take them home?" Chance asks her eyes on Summer
"Well Lucas can go home at the end of the week. Summer will need a little more time here." Willow replies
"OK" she watches as her daughter's chest rises and falls
"She can breath on her own, we just want to make sure she's getting enough air. That's why she's on the respirator" Willow explains noticing Chance's expression
"She'll be fine. They both will" Chance states with certainty
"They will" Willow agrees. "I'm going to go do some rounds. I'll be back in 15 minutes to take you back."
" 'kay" Chance nods her eyes on her daughter she barely notices as Willow walks away. "Hi little girl. Its good to see you. You know your Daddy and brother can't wait to see you." she chuckles as the baby yawns
* ~ * ~ * ~
Later that afternoon Chance is leaning against Angel's chest as Lucas nurses and Angel dozes. She pulls her gaze away from the TV and looks down at her son. She chuckles at the sight of the sleeping baby. She shifts the baby to pull down her shirt when Lucas whimpers "Shh calm down Lucas. Don't want to wake Daddy." she lifts him to her shoulder patting his back gently
"Too late" Angel yawns kissing the baby's head
"Hi" Chance looks at him over her shoulder
"Hey little guy what's wrong?" Angel asks softly hearing the baby whimper
"He fell asleep nursing and wasn't too happy about me moving him"
Angel presses a brief kiss behind her ear "I'd be upset too" he purrs his hand brushing over her breast
Chance groans "You know I hate that"
"When you purr like that" she shifts feeling her body clench
"Mmm I can tell" Angel purrs. He smiles when he sees her blush "You know this is the first time I've ever seen you blush"
Chance glares at him "Its all your fault"
"Why so?"
"Because now I'm thinking of all I'd do to you right now if I could"
"Like what?" Angel asks curiously
"I'd rather show you." she smirks seeing the look on his face.
"He's asleep" Angel states caressing the baby's head "They are incredible" he states awed
Chance nods
"What's wrong?" Angel asks seeing the look on her face
"Nothing... just thinking."
"About Summer?"
Chance nods
"She's going to be fine baby. You heard what Willow said."
"I know I just wish she was here." Chance sighs
"Chance she'll be with us soon." Angel kisses her shoulder "Then we'll be able to take them home."
"Willow said I can come home tomorrow. Lucas has to stay until the end of the week and Summer until the beginning of next week."
* ~ * ~ * ~
After dark Angel looks towards the door hearing someone coming.
"What?" Chance asks seeing his attention shift from her and Lucas to the door
At that moment the door opens and Willow walks in pushing a basinet "Look who wanted to visit"
Chance starts seeing the little girl laying there she looks at Willow "I thought it was going to be a while."
"She's made a big improvement so we thought she'd like to come and visit with her family."
Chance grins at Angel who goes over to the basinet and carefully picks up his daughter "Hey sweetie" he cradles the newborn close and carries her over to the bed and sits beside Chance and Lucas
Chance looks at Willow "Thank you"
Willow smiles back and walks out of the room leaving the small family alone
Angel stares at his daughter "You look like Mommy huh Summer"
Chance looks at the little boy in her arms "And this lucky little guy looks like his Daddy." she kisses Lucas's small hand "We're just going to have to call you Lucky huh?" she laughs as the baby yawns
"Lucky?" Angel questions
Chance shrugs "He looks like a Lucky." she smiles at Angel lifting a hand she caresses his cheek "As you look like an Angel."
"A fallen one" Angel corrects
Chance sighs "Even so you are my Angel." she sees Angel wince "What?"
Angel looks at the little girl in his arms "Nothing"
Seeing his sad look Chance starts as a memory hits "Buffy called you that."
"Yeah" he looks at Chance "Sometimes I forget you hold part of her"
Chance touches his cheek "She's the one who brought us together." she looks at the babies in their arms "They, in a way, are a part of her. If it wasn't for Buffy I'd have died, they never would have been born."
"I know" Angel looks at his children "She saved my life many times and in many ways. After all I had done to her she's still gave me you... and them."
"She loved you... still does" seeing his look she nods "I know it Angel." she puts her hand over her heart "I feel it. I know she loves you as much as you love her." she shivers involuntarily
"Chance?" Angel questions concerned. He watches as a look passes over her face "Honey?"
Chance feels something inside of her change and suddenly its like she's watching Angel from behind a mirror 'Its Buffy' she realizes
Hearing the familiar tone he starts "Buffy" he breathes watching his former love emerge from his current
'Buffy' looks at her lover and smiles "My Angel"
"I don't..." he trails off
'Buffy' lifts her hand resting a finger against his lips "Shh" she looks at the two babies who are watching her intently. "They are beautiful" she says awed. She looks at Angel with a small smile "You did well"
"Buffy? What?"
"Chance is right... I do love you. I always have. Always will" she looks at the newborns "You are going to be a great Daddy." she smiles shyly at Angel "I always knew you'd one day be a Daddy. Its something I always knew you wanted. As much as its in Angelus's nature to fight its in both of you to love."
"He does love you" Angel smiles thinking of his demon halfs attraction to Buffy.
"Chance adores you Angel. Don't ever forget that no matter how immature she might act in the future she loves you and these babies"
"I know" Angel nods he watches as Chance appears again "Chance?"
Chance looks at him slightly dazed "OK that was weird" she says resting her head against his shoulder.
"You OK?" Angel asks concerned
Chance nods her eyes on the babies "Hey you two." she smiles as Summer just blinks and Lucky yawns "What no 'hi mommy'?" she laughs
Summer stares at her mother sticking her hand in her mouth gurgling as her brother just yawns.
"I think I have an idea what their personalities are going to be" Chance grins "Summer is going to be the talkative one"
"Like her Mommy" Angel smiles
"And Lucky is going to be like his Daddy the silent type"
Angel looks towards the door sensing vampires nearby "Spike and Dru are here"
Chance nods as the door opens and the two vampires enter and at the same time the two babies whimper.
"Well I think they do have one vampire trait" Angel says
"Sensing vampires" Spike answers "how are you doing Chance?"
"Good" Chance says
"Babies" Drusilla says happily
* ~ * ~ * ~
An hour later Angel lays Lucky down in the basinet then returns to the bed sitting beside Chance who is holding Summer. "Lucky's asleep."
"So's Summer" Chance replies
"I'll put her down" Angel carefully takes the little girl laying her down in the basinet beside her brother. He stands there looking at the two babies as they sleep
"What are you thinking?" Chance asks
"Nothing really" Angel shrugs
"You better head back to the house"
"I'll go later." he replies sitting beside her his arm around her shoulders.
"I get to come home tomorrow" Chance yawns snuggling close
"Good" he presses his lips to her temple "I can't wait."
"Lucky gets to come home in a few days. Summer a few days later."
"We'll be a family soon"
"We already are"
Angel smiles "That we are baby."
"Love you"
"Love you too"
* ~ * ~ * ~
After midnight Chance is awakened by crying. "Mmm" she sighs rubbing her eyes to find Angel trying to calm one of the babies. "Angel?"
"Lucas is awake"
Chance sits up "He's probably hungry."
Angel hands the crying baby to Chance watching as the little boy begins to nurse.
"Is Summer still asleep?"
Angel nods "Yes" he sits on the edge of the bed lightly he strokes the nursing baby's cheek. Smiling as the little boy looks at him briefly "hey my boy finish eating so Mommy can get back to sleep"
"He likes having his Daddy nearby" Chance smiles at her son
* ~ * ~ * ~
An hour later Angel sets Summer back down "Both of them are sleeping peacefully. And you" he turns around to find Chance watching him "should go back to sleep." he moves to the bed leaning down he kisses her gently
"Stay 'til I'm asleep?" she pleads
Angel smiles "Of course. I'll see you in the morning."
"I'm only coming home to get cleaned up." she yawns
"I know" he strokes her cheek lightly "just go to sleep"
"Wake me when your leaving?"
Angel smiles "Sure baby"
* ~ * ~ * ~
Angel senses the suns approach going over to the bed he kisses Chance's forehead "Baby?"
Chance slowly opens her eyes "Angel?" she yawns
"Hey I'm heading home"
Chance nods
"I'll see you later OK?" he says
"Kiss?" she requests
Angel smiles "Of course" he captures her lips in a passionate kiss
"Bye" she says breathlessly staring at him
"Get some more sleep" he smiles standing he goes over to the bassinets checking on the newborns. With a glance at Chance he walks out the door heading to his car.