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Loren slowly opened her eyes, attempting to discover what was keeping her so very warm. Taking time to adjust to the small amount of light, she saw a dimly silhouetted figure sitting on the other side of the room. His long hair fell down his shoulders and covered his face. His breaths were deep and slow; the man was apparently asleep. She sat up and lowered the blanket that had been covering her. Finally paying attention to her surroundings and not the man she somehow knew was Sephiroth, she noted that she was in a small cave that almost seemed to have a natural blue glow, though that glow was dim. A small fire had been lighted to her right. She wondered why the fire had not been placed in the middle of the cave to disperse warmth easily, but rather to the right. Loren gazed upon Sephiroth again. He had seemed to wish no ill will upon her, but he did seem very determined when he spoke to her. Her memories of him certainly were not hostile…She mentally slapped herself, and then began to think. Why was it that she had these memories of him when she had never met him before? She would have remembered a six foot tall silver-haired man who wielded a five foot long sword! She looked toward him again and almost jerked in surprise. His sea-green eyes were open and were staring straight at her.

'This man means no ill-will. He will not hurt me. I must not panic!'

He stood and began walking towards her, his eyes drilling holes into her head. Those eyes…they looked intimidating in full light, but at night they were positively frightening. His eyes had such a strange glow as if they were light sources unto themselves. She willed herself not to move as he stopped before her and knelt to see her at eye level.



"Do you remember me now?"

"Sephiroth. Ex-General from Shinra military group SOLDIER. Nearly driven insane by the discovery of his creation. Somehow is connected to me."

Sephiroth narrowed his eyes slightly.

"You sound like you are spitting out data. I mean do you really remember me?"

"I see memories of you and I together, but I cannot see why. I have no recollection of us being romantically involved and yet I have these memories. I do not understand."

He lowered his head slowly and kept his features passive.

"So in short…you do not love me."

"I do not know you. Why would I?"

He stood up so quickly Loren felt a whoosh of air hit her face. She became ready to guard herself but he simply looked at her. Something in his eyes made her feel uncomfortable, guilty even.

"How sad…"

Loren shook her head at the voice. She saw Sephiroth's hand glow slightly.


He left the cave without another word. A wave of drowsiness hit Loren and she fell unconscious without even having the ability to fight it.

When Loren woke, she was in complete darkness. She searched for the entrance of the cave but the cave seemed more spacious than she remembered. Suddenly, somehow in the darkness, she saw Sephiroth. A sudden rush of affection hit her and she involuntarily took a step toward him. She saw a figure standing behind him, but she could only see the silhouette. Her mind was screaming at her to stop but her legs continued to push forward until she was standing directly in front of him. His face showed no emotion.


The silhouette moved slightly and she heard the gentle rustle of cloth and a soft clink of metal. Loren raised her hand to touch his face, as desperately as her mind told her to stop. Staring down at her emotionlessly, he turned away and started walking into the blackness. She took a stop after him and touched his arm, but he flung her away and began to laugh, almost maniacally. Loren pushed herself off the floor and bolted for the disappearing man, an unknown worry welling up inside her.


He didn't stop for her.


She sat up off the ground and looked around her wildly. Able to see the cave surrounding her and seeing light from pre-dawn, she shook her head and placed a hand on her forehead.

"It…it was a dream…"

Loren crept to the cave entrance as silently as possible. Seeing what was outside, she swallowed hard. Sephiroth, shirtless, was waving his sword around as swiftly as he would wave around a knife, his movements fluid and graceful. His hair trailed behind him like a long silver curtain, his eyes flashing, his muscles rippling. One would figure that with his feet moving so much and that impossibly long sword creating so much wind, he would be surrounded by a cloud of dust, but not so much as a speck moved. It was almost as if he couldn't affect the earth around him…but she knew that he could move mountains if he so pleased. He was like an angel incarnate…but as much as she thought he was like an angel, she could still see that he was very much human by the way his face twisted in a pain Loren could easily see. The man growled, did a quick but graceful 180˚ turn and launched a large fireball at a small nearby shrub. The poor plant was incinerated in seconds. Giving a quick scan, Loren saw that several small shrubs and rocks had suffered a similar fate, though at the hands of different elements. Some had been scorched, some frozen, some uprooted through large cracks in the earth, and some others scorched but with a vein-y forked pattern. He had clearly been upset for a long time. He only had a very light sheen of sweat covering his body, considering the apparent amount of time he had been torturing the planet.

"How long have you been doing this?"

He paused completely, deliberately avoiding her gaze.

"Since you fell asleep."

"How long was I asleep?"

"Close to nine hours."

"…That was you, wasn't it? You were the one who put me to sleep, weren't you?"

Both she and Sephiroth raised an eyebrow.

'Since when have I used contractions? Why can I talk to him like this? Using contractions around him does not seem to bother me…but why?'

A specific memory of she and Sephiroth together was triggered.

"She's…accepted me…thank you…Aeris…"

Everyone's eyes bugged out. Cloud whispered.

"He hasn't spoken like that since five years ago…"

Loren spoke into Sephiroth's ear.

"They all have accepted you. Just relax a bit. They won't kill you if you speak like a normal person."

He narrowed his eyes.

"Then you have to speak normally as well."


Loren smiled gently and touched his arm, savoring the feeling that he left in her. Knowing how he felt, she wondered if he savored the feeling, too…


Loren winced and clutched her head.

'Why do I care? What are these memories trying to achieve?'

She didn't trust the man, but something inside her was calling out to him. She hated it.

"I…apologize for hurting you."

"What? No, do not apologize. You do not remember. I…I will get over it."

The calling in Loren became stronger.

"Why did you shout out in your sleep?"

Loren silently cursed that dream.

"It was nothing. It was just a dream."


She felt as if something hidden inside possessed her and she was fighting a losing battle for control. But really…did she want to win? Something inside her wanted the words to come out.

"What if…what if I do not want you to get over it?"

"Take him."

"What are you saying?"

"You love him. It is in your heart. Show him! Take him!"

"I…I am not sure. Something is telling me not to let you go."

In three long strides, Sephiroth was standing before her. His presence made her want to run away.

"Are you lying to me?"

"For the love of Holy, take him!"

'Do you want him, or do I?'

The voice didn't respond. The warmth and sheer power radiating from him was making her breath labored. She really did want him.

"How are…you doing this…to me?"

A faint smirk played on Sephiroth's lips. He began stepping forward, slowly backing her into the cave.

"Doing what exactly?"

"I…I don't know…"

Another voice pierced her mind. It was softer, more feminine.

"Not yet."

'I really do not like hearing voices. It makes me feel schizophrenic.'

"Control yourself. I know a part of you wants this, but hold it off a while longer. Be sure that you want it and be completely in love again."

'I understand. I--'

Loren tripped on a rock the size of a grapefruit and fell flat on her back. Still smirking, the ex-General walked to her side and knelt down, placing a hand on either side of her. Her heart was racing so fast it was fit to burst out of her chest.

"What am I doing to you?"

The voice was right. It was too soon. She couldn't take it, not now.

"Please stop."


"I can't do this. I have just been…I was forcefully taken not more than a few days ago. I…I am just not ready."

He pulled his hands away and sat next to her. His brows were furrowed.

"Who did it?"

"A man I worked for and his friends."

"Man you worked for?"

"Yes. I worked for him a good deal of my life but he wanted more than I could give, so he took it from me."

Talking about the subject didn't faze her.

"So you've dealt with it then…I'm so glad. You can continue forward now."


"Are you ready?"

Those words sounded familiar. Suddenly, it clicked.

"Oh god, NO!"

Sephiroth looked confused and stunned. This pain was more than any of the previous pains she had experienced. An energy wave knocked Sephiroth to the far end of the cave and Loren was lifted into the air. Fire engulfed her and she screamed in agony as waves upon waves of memories flowed into her mind. Alarmed, Sephiroth ran to Loren and stuck his hand into the pillar of fire to pull her out, but his hand was immediately scorched. This fire was hotter than anything he had ever experienced. Growling, he peeled off the burning glove and looked at her in desperate frustration. She was still screaming, tearing at her hair and face with her nails. She writhed and twisted in the pillar, and tears flew out of white eyes.


Sephiroth looked at her in shock. He had been burned by the pillar of flames. Why was it that she wasn't burning as well? Doing the first thing that came to mind, Sephiroth cast Ice 3 on Loren. All it succeeded at doing was turning the flames blue. Sephiroth clenched his fist and set up an immediate shield as strong as he could muster. He felt something coming, something big. He wasn't far off his mark. The pillar of fire exploded outward as she let out one final scream and collapsed to the ground. Waves of fire washed over Sephiroth and despite his shield, he could still feel the heat of the flames beating down on him and he could feel sweat developing on his brow. Steam came off the walls and floor of the cave. Sephiroth let the barrier drop and strode quickly to Loren's side. He grasped her shoulder and held on despite how hot her skin was.

"Loren. Loren!"

Loren winced and slowly opened her eyes.


"We can talk about that later. Are you alright?"

"You care about my welfare more than what I remember?"

"You are my only priority."

"…thank you."

He resisted the urge to stroke her hair.

"My head hurts…I'm still a little sore from me remembering everything."

'She sounds like her old self again…does that mean I can be 'normal' around her like I was before?'

"You can do it. You're as stubborn as a mule."

Loren's eyebrow twitched and she gave him a mirror reflection of his patented Death Glare. She began to drum her fingers against her leg.

"What was that?"

Sephiroth sensed danger. He looked away from her.

"You're stubborn. You'll be able to live through mostly everything."

A dangerous smirk dominated Loren's features.


He turned completely away from her.

"I only speak the truth."

Loren promptly knocked Sephiroth to the ground and grabbed his shoulders with both hands. She shook him a few times for extra emphasis.

"I am not a mule, you hear? Never compare me to such a dumb creature!"

Sephiroth gave a dark chuckle and smiled at her evilly, his eyes narrowed. Glaring at him even more, Loren covered his face with her hand and gave him a somewhat hard punch to the chest.

"Don't laugh at me! Stulte!"

The look on her face was making Sephiroth laugh even more. Incensed, Loren smacked his head against the ground. He growled softly.

"Woman, you have no idea what you do to me."

His gaze became smoldering and his tone became that of a deep growl. Caught off guard, Loren bit her tongue and looked away. She felt his hands grasp her legs. The notions she felt running through his mind and the raging blood in his body caused her to blush. She struggled to rise off of his body, but he seized her waist and flipped her over so that she was under him. He growled again.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't take you right now."

"I…I don't know if I have one…my past doesn't bother me anymore…but I…I don't know if I'm ready…"

His eyes softened considerably.

"Fine. But there is something I want you to know."

"Oh? What is it?"

"I love you."

Loren froze. She gazed up at Sephiroth in mild shock.

"You're actually saying that to my face?"

"I just said it, didn't I?"


Loren chose to simply stare at him.

"I wasn't expecting that out of you."

"I know, but I owe you. I'm about ten years late in actually confessing."

Loren smiled and rolled onto her side so that Sephiroth's arm was draped on her shoulder.

"Yeah. I guess you are."

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