Being together

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Pairing: KuroxFay and WatanukixDoumeki

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Fay watched the muffins inside the stove, the tiny chocolate bits slowly melting. He would have never guessed that they would end up in this world again, but now that he was there, it dawned on him that they had as much chance in landing in this world as in every other world out there. He turned his head watching a boy stirring something inside a casserole. He was so passionate when it came to food that Fay often found himself just looking at him. 'He is a kind boy' Fay thought with a smile.

"Watanuki-kun?" Fay rose from his sitting position before the stove smiling.

"Fay-san?" Watanuki turned around his dark school uniform covered by a pink apron.

"Do you want me to help you with something?" Fay smiled wider.

"The muffins should be finished now, so you can do the frosting if you want," Watanuki walked over to the stove, with a quick movement that told Fay that he had done this many times before, Watanuki got the tray with warm muffins out of the stove and neatly placed it on the kitchen table. Fay got to work right away, apart from some small glances towards the living room he was completely focused on the frosting.

"What do you think of my big doggy?" Fay smiled. Confused Watanuki followed Fay's gaze towards the living room.

"Oh, he seems nice," Watanuki said polite still a little taken aback from Fay's sudden question.

"He can be a little grumpy sometimes but he really is a nice person," Fay leaned over the kitchen table his gaze dreaming. Watanuki looked worried at the frosting starting to stiffen. "So how is you and Doumeki doing?" Fay grinned turning to face Watanuki. He jumped back a scared look upon his face. He knew the man was weird, but this was creeping him out.

"What do you mean with that?" Watanuki stuttered watching the apparently unaffected mage smile wider.

"You two just seems like such good friends."

"Why do you say that," Watanuki leaned over the table in defeat, stiffening frosting the smallest problem in the world.

"They aren't the most social persons are they?" Fay decided to change the subject and turned his attention back at the two sitting in the living room. Kurogane was sitting on one side of the coach, Doumeki on the far other side. They both looked silently straight ahead, non of them seeming to take any interest in the other whatsoever. Unable to think of anything to say, Watanuki simply nodded. He turned towards Fay again and jumped back in horror.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Putting on frosting!" Fay beamed happy.

"You can't have red and green frosting together!" Watanuki quickly got Fay's frost covered spoon out of the mage's hand and looked at the red and green muffins on the tray. He got some tissue from a shelf and started wiping the green frosting off. "Red frosting goes with pink frosting," Watanuki said in a strained calm voice. Fay only watched in bewilderment as Watanuki wiped muffin after muffin his breath calmer for every wipe.


"So you are Watanuki-kun's friend?" Kurogane asked looking at Doumeki on his left side without turning his head the slightest. Doumeki nodded in response.

"You are Fay-san's friend?" Doumeki did the same, looking at the ninja from the corner of his eye. Kurogane nodded, then they both fell into utter silence once more.

"Muffins!" Fay came into the living room, in his hands a tray full of muffins. He placed the tray on the table before seating himself between Doumeki and Kurogane. "So how are things going over here?" Fay grinned. Watanuki came into the room silent wondering where he would sit oblivious to Fay's soon to come solution. "Watanuki-kun!" Fay beamed. "Come sit here!" Fay moved, to Kurogane's great discomfort, closer to the ninja patting the empty space between himself and Doumeki with his hand. Watanuki decided he had no choice and sat down. Doumeki got a muffin from the tray and inspected it but before he could take a bite, Fay spoke up.

"Do you like the colors Doumeki-kun?" Fay asked his face filled with such excitement it scared Watanuki. Doumeki nodded silently. "Watanuki-kun chose the colors just for you!" Fay turned towards Watanuki's baffled face smiling. "Right?" Just then Yuuko came into the room; on her face a mischievous smile.

"Hello there!" Yuuko sat down between Fay and Watanuki smiling. "Have you found out if there is a feather here yet?"

"Mokona detected one! But Mokona isn't sure where it is," Mokona jumped and seated itself in Yuuko's lap.

"Mokona is so talented!" Yuuko patted Mokona on the head gently before turning her attention towards the four others. "I know where the feather is."

"But we have to pay to know it right?" Watanuki knew were this was going.

"Of course," Yuuko smiled happy and looked at Watanuki, the most depressed expression on his face. "And I know exactly what your price will be!"


"No way!" Watanuki jumped up from his sitting position in the couch in horror. "There's no way I am doing that!"

"But you don't have a choice my dear Watanuki!" Yuuko grinned mischievously.

"Deduct it from my paycheck," Watanuki said looking away a little relieved that he might had found a way out.

"Then you would have to work here for the rest of your life!" Yuuko watched Watanuki's face go pale.

"But… Yuuko-saaan!" Watanuki looked down in defeat.

"You should be happy I am not asking for something more intimate than that!" Yuuko laughed. Watanuki didn't dare think of anything more intimate than what he was about to do, and certainly not with Doumeki, so he simply looked down defeated. "Now, let's see it then!" Yuuko looked at Watanuki, high expectations in her eyes. "Why the long face Watanuki? Doumeki doesn't seem to have a problem with it."

"That's because he doesn't say anything at all!" Watanuki said enraged. He took a deep breath, this was just too insane for him to handle.

"Go Watanuki-kun!" Fay cheered from the couch. Watanuki looked down, then slowly turned against Doumeki.

"Don't you dare look!" Watanuki pointed a warning finger at Doumeki who merely stared back in response. Watanuki leaned closer to him. He stood right in front of Doumeki's face, their noses almost touching. Watanuki closed his eyes.

"It will be easier if you sit down as well Watanuki," Yuuko smiled wider.

"Shut up!" Watanuki seated himself in the couch panicking. He leaned closer yet again. Their nose touched. Then slowly their lips locked, although for just a second. Watanuki rose from the couch yet again covering his mouth in disgust. A bewildered look in his eyes he ran out of the room almost tripping in his own feet. When Watanuki had disappeared Yuuko turned to her right, smiling, awaiting her second treat. "Now it's your turn!"

"What the hell!" Kurogane looked stunned at Yuuko horror rising in his chest.

"It's only fair that you pay to!" Yuuko grinned. "After all you are helping Sakura finding her feathers right?" Kurogane looked down angry; his hands knitted into fists. 'That damn bitch.'

"There is no way in hell I am doing that!" Kurogane growled angry.

"Oh but you aren't going to do anything!" Yuuko said and saw hope rising in the ninja's eyes. "Fay-san is," Yuuko looked at Fay enjoying the excitement in his eyes. "Right?" Fay smiled back at her as if grateful to the witch price.

"Come on Kuro-mi! It's just a little kiss!" Fay said his eyes pleading.

"No way!"

"But Kuro-tan, you have to pay! Fay turned towards Yuuko, begging for her to convince Kurogane there was no other way.

"Of course you don't have to do it," Yuuko said looking sad. Fay looked down crushed. Kurogane smiled, finally, the witch had given up in her evil plans. "But then again you would have to walk around here in Tokyo for the rest of your life."

"What?" Kurogane turned from a face of victory to one of anger in an instant.

"If you don't pay, I have no other choice than to take away your privilege of traveling with Mokona," Yuuko said in an overly sad voice.

"Bitch!" Kurogane yelled anger burning inside his eyes. Not surprisingly Fay was smiling. Deciding he had no other choice he didn't do anything as Fay moved closer towards him. Two hands placed themselves around his face and turned it towards his left. He closed his eyes. Soon he felt lips kissing him gently; Fay's soft lips pressed against his own. When the mage pulled away Kurogane had a sense of loneliness and it scared him. When he opened his eyes and found himself staring into a sea of blue he felt his heart beat faster in a way he never had felt before. He rose from the couch with a sudden motion and without another look at the mage he ran out of the room, much the same way Watanuki had left moments earlier.

"The ladies ran away," Yuuko said grinning and reached for the sake bottle on the table in front of them.

"Am I that bad a kisser," Fay asked; his gaze still aimed at were Kurogane had left.

"Of course not! That was a lovely passionate kiss, done out of true love," Yuuko poured all of them a glass of liquor. "And now I will grant your wish," Yuuko smiled; her expression excited. "What you seek for is in a manga shop in Ginza. You will have to take the train but the shop is right beside the station so you should have no problem finding it. The shop is called 'The Seme' and is on the second floor of the new shopping centre which by the way has the most delicious sake in all of Japan!

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