-1The Trick

Kurogane looked at Fay standing in the rain a pink umbrella over his and Doumeki's head. He knew Fay was weird, and at his best insane. But this was something he would never have guessed to see the mage do. He stopped trying to wrap his brain around it, it just gave him a headache, and instead he just watched, witnessing what was about to unfold in front of his very eyes.

"Oh no," Fay said and turned the umbrella down and closed it. The rain spilled over his black t-shirt. Kurogane forgot his task at hand and stood frozen to the ground by the entrance they were supposed to sneak into together with a just as paralyzed Watanuki. "My WHITE t-shirt is all soaked," Fay looked down his shirt, a sad expression on his face. When there was no reaction, at least not from the person he wanted, he scratched his head. "My WHITE t-shirt is all see-through!" Fay yelled and looked at the door to the shop. No reaction. Now Fay really started to worry he had to put plan B into action. Not that he had so much against it, after all it was his plan, but he really had imagined it to be with someone else. This made him pout more, but he soon came to the conclusion that it was necessary to get the feather back. And in the process he might manage to turn Kurogane jealous, and that was not such a bad thing. Not bad at all, he thought and strode into action. "I'm freezing!" Yet again no reaction. "And I'm a MAN!" Fay yelled and turned towards the door. Suddenly the door sprung open and out came Kujaku looking around frantically. Fay looked at him; a complacent smile across his face.

"Fay-san?" Kujaku said a huge smile on his face. He had been looking forward to seeing this so called white T-shirt, and it being on Fay made it all the more sweeter. He knew this because during the time Fay and company had been in his shop he had used his time well, checking each and every person in interest out. That included both Kurogane and Fay. Not Syaoran though, he seemed liked a brat he had concluded, and Sakura, well, she was a girl and that was the end to that.

"Kujaku-san!" Fay beamed not sure what to do next since he neither had the so called white T-shirt on nor that it was particularly wet and in no way close to soaked. "Hi there."

"Fay-san?" Kujaku repeated scanning Fay's t-shirt. Since he didn't detect a tread of white his gaze continued down and he ended up looking Fay from head to toe. When he had done this several times over, not finding anything resembling something white or see-through, he expression changed from happy to sad. "You lied!" Kujaku screamed and looked Fay in the eye. "You said you were soaked!"

"Did I?" Fay pointed at himself smiling innocently. "I said smoked! Yes that is what I said," he said nodding conformingly to himself.

"You said you shirt was smoked?" Kujaku said; rising an eyebrow skeptical.

"Smoked salmon, smoked shirt. Same difference," Fay grinned. Kujaku looked at him confused before turning towards his shop his eyes closed.

"Whatever…," Kujaku concluded that Fay was damaged beyond repair and that in his mind, thanks to his wonderful imagination, could with an astonishing amount of precision see Fay with just how much clothes he wanted to. Fay however was starting to worry his plan was going down the drain. Kurogane and Watanuki was still stuck to the ground in front of the shop, staring wide eyed. His silent pleads for them to go inside was for nothing and he knew he had to do something to avoid disaster.

"Kujaku!" Fay called and turned to Doumeki. With a swift moment he cupped the other man's head in both hands. He looked at Doumeki to confirm that what he was supposed to do was ok with him but Doumeki's face was as expressionless as ever and Fay wondered how Watanuki coped with that. After all his own Kurogane was clear when he came to showing his feelings. Just when Kurogane thought he felt his legs move again, Fay leaned in closer and planted a long kiss on Doumeki's lips leading to Kurogane yet again was frozen to the ground, a low scream escaping Watanuki's lips.

"He didn't…," Kurogane said; his lips barely moving.

"Doumeki…," Watanuki whispered.

"Go!" Fay said pretending to say it to Doumeki who stared at him like nothing had happened. Waking up for the first time for what seemed like forever Kurogane shoved Watanuki in front of himself and inside the shop.

"I didn't know you two where dating…," Kujaku said scratching his head. "I always thought it was you and that big angry guy."

"Ah, no," Fay said grinning. "Doumeki is more my type."

"Poor Kurogane though," Kujaku said and placed both hands on his hips. "I really thought he had a thing for you… Oh well, that means I have a shot at him right?" Kujaku beamed. Fay's eyes narrowed as he looked at the already dreaming Kujaku. For a moment he lost it. All thoughts about the mission he was on, about Sakura's feathers, about everything seemed to have no meaning what so ever. He just wanted to tell this guy a thing or two about the ninja and his preferences. Luckily Doumeki noticed and tugged at his arm. Fay blinked and quickly pasted a huge grin upon his face just when Kujaku returned to reality. "I think I better go inside again," Kujaku said and turned. "See you later."

"S-stop," Fay reached out for Kujaku's arm but missed and the humming shop-keeper proceeded to walk. Kujaku had decided since Fay already was taken there was no use of hanging around anymore and he would have better use of his time looking through a new yaoi manga he had been wanting to read for a while. He walked inside his shop and was heading towards the counter when he saw Kurogane standing there feather in hand.

"Hey! What the hell do you think your doing?" Kujaku screamed pointing an accusing finger towards the ninja.

"It's the princess' feather and she has every right to take it back," Kurogane growled his hand tightening around his sword.

"Ah, there is no need to be hostile!" Fay said sending Kurogane a suggestive look. The ninja loosened his grip around his sword.

"That's right! Now give back the feather!" Kujaku said looking relieved.

"Now now," Fay said and patted Kujaku on the back. "No need to scream. Why can't we buy the feather from you," Fay ignored a small hiss from the ninja and continued his bargain. "With me here," Fay looked around and found Watanuki lurking by Doumeki's side. He took hold of his hand and dragged him over to stand by his side instead. "An excellent chief!"

"What?" Watanuki said and blinked.

"You!" Fay beamed. "Watanuki-kun here is makes the most remarkable food. And for the price of a single feather you get him all by yourself for one entire evening!"

"He is a pimp…," Kurogane said in a low voice.

"Not a pimp Kuro-rin!" Fay turned around facing the ninja. "And I who thought Kuro-rin knew the difference between food and…," Fay smiled wider. "You know." Kurogane blushed.

"Stop flirting already!" Kujaku said frowning. "Anyways," he gave Watanuki a head to toe scan. "Deal."

"Whaaat," Watanuki jaw dropped staring first at Kujaku then at Fay. How did he dare sell him out like that? He knew something was up with that blond. The way he smiled, the way he always joked around. He had always known the man was insane, but this was just too much to handle.

"The man gave me a deal and I agreed to it. Your cute when your confused," Kujaku said smiling giving Watanuki's head a small pet. "Tomorrow will be fine with me."

"T-Tomorrow?" Watanuki stuttered looking around for help.

"Tomorrow is fine with Watanuki-kun," Fay grinned and indicated to the rest that it was time to leave.

"Let's say around eight?" Kujaku smiled to Watanuki who looked like he was having a breakdown.

"Eight is fine," Fay took Kurogane by the hand, insured himself that Kujaku saw it, and walked outside.