The Man Who Lost His Soul

The heavy wooden doors of the palace made a loud thud as the soldiers that were outside the room tried to force their way in. They had been trying to break them down for three hours but the two people on the other side paid them no heed. One of them was dead and the other one was Samurai Jack.

He clutched the lifeless body of his wife in his arms and wondered what could drive a man to take the life of one he loved so dearly. It had to be INSANITY. That was the only explanation. As he looked into her eyes he pondered on when his madness had started.

Perhaps it was when he had first met the young princess, a few weeks ago when she had begged him to save her people from the demon that had been terrorizing them for decades.

Or maybe it had been when they had accidentally kissed on the way to her home.

No, it had to be when she had asked him to marry her and he said 'yes'

He remembered that fateful day when he had made that decision. He had been in a battle with her demonic captor and although he had been victorious he had been seriously injured. She had rushed to him ,showering him with tears of joy .That was when she had told him that she loved him and that she wanted him to be her king. He looked into her young face, so full of hope and could not bring himself to refuse her. She had always had a type of hold on him even in death. It had been on their wedding night that things had gone so horribly wrong. He didn't remember how or even why. He couldn't even remember when he had stuck her. But none of that mattered now.

What mattered was when he had awoke to discover that he had slain his wife he didn't feel anything. He didn't feel anger, sadness, not even remorse.

What had happened to him that could have made him lose his soul?

The evil of Aku's world had finally spread to him turning him into what he hated most.

The wooden door gave a loud crack. One more push and it would give way. He didn't care. He was a broken man and he was ready to die. He laid his wife's body on their bed. She looked as if she was sleeping .He thought about his father and how ashamed he would be of the son whom he had put all his hope in. He drew his sword ready to use it for the last time. He took a final glance at the perfect creature that had captured his warrior's heart and noticed that she looked exactly the same as when he had first met her

The doors burst open and he was surrounded by a group op about thirty soldiers.