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Another day. Another day of being human. But, at least now I had something to look forward to, something to live for.

I had stubbornly turned down Carlisle's offer to change me into a vampire the night after my graduation. I had been fully ready to be changed, to be one of them and then…. Edward proposed. And I mean formally proposed.

After he received our diplomas we snuck away secretly to our meadow. The moon was the only light that filled the pitch black sky. About fifteen dozen roses lay scattered around a checkered picnic blanket covered with throw pillows and blankets.

We sat there together, with my head in his lap, for hours, enjoying the silence and serenity of the night.

All of a sudden, he whispered "I love you, forever and for always."

I didn't have time to respond because at vampire speed he was handing me a red box. I opened it, displaying a diamond ring with sapphires on either side.

"Will you marry me?" was all he needed to say.

I knew that Charlie and Renee would not approve of my decision, but I loved Edward and I wanted to be with him. I needed to be with him.

And so I said, "Forever and for always."

Our wedding date was set and was being planned by Alice and Esme. Rosalie, on the other hand, had no desire in helping. She went about her business, showing no interest in the fact that I was about to marry her brother and become a vampire.

I had offered to help, but Esme always scolded me saying, "Now, you have more important things to worry about, like school young lady," but always smiling when she said it.

School. My resume for college seemed to not have meant the standards of the Ivy League colleges that Renee and Charlie had always prayed that I attend. My applications were way too late as well, leaving me with only one option. Forks Community College. My personal hell.

Being as it was already October, I had gotten used to the long, boring days that seemed to drone on forever. It was just like high school all over again, except now that I was engaged to Edward, I was living with the Cullens, not Charlie, much to his concern. He still disliked Edward much more than was necessary.

Like any other Monday, I had English Level 2 first, my least favorite class. Loved the teacher, loved the books read, hated, no despised, the fact that Edward wasn't in it.

Edward had asked for identical schedules a while back before school started. Seems they made a mistake and put him in the English Level 3 course. As much as he whined and complained and tried to charm the faculty and staff, he was told there was absolutely no way to change classes. Each class was packed full.

As usual I sat in the back row and started drawing on my notebook, scribbling Edward and Bella Forever again and again. It seemed like a very childish thing to do, but as long as he was gone I needed something to occupy myself with.

I scanned the classroom as students poured in and seated themselves in their usual places. As I glanced by the door opposite to my desk, I caught a glimpse of a man so stunningly beautiful that everyone in the room stopped and stared. It was silent.

He scanned the room as well, not seeming to notice the attention he had drawn. He caught my glance and held it, looking deep into my eyes. In a moment he had hypnotized me. His sleek body gave off the impression that underneath his crisp white shirt, that he was very muscular and toned. He was tall, very tall, almost as tall as Jacob, which seemed unreal. His face was perfectly oval and his skin perfectly smooth. It was also white, chalk white. His lips were of the faintest pink, his cheekbones prominent, but not bulging, and his eyes…..his eyes were dark, pitch black, like the demons of hell. I felt as if I was looking into a hole, sinking and sinking until I couldn't get out. He smiled, displaying his pearly teeth. He was a vampire.

I was positive. I had seen enough of them to know he was one. What I didn't know was whether he was one that I wanted to get myself involved with. Was he like the Cullens or Victoria?

I dropped my gaze, glaring down at my notebook, trying to cover my face with my blanket a brown hair.

"Hello," someone growled.

I could only hear my ears pounding inside my head and my stomach flip flopping as I turned to stare into his face.

He was there, staring right at me. He kept talking as he sat down next to me, introducing himself as Andrew and then asking how I liked the class. I just stared at him, dazed and bewildered. I could see him eyeing my neck, but I ignored the suspicion, hoping that I was just imagining it.

Edward. Why do can you hear everyone except me? I need you Edward.

I kept staring into the eyes of the vampire, getting lost in their blackness that had swallowed me up. But after registering the look on my face, I could see that his expression had changed as well. He looked at me, curious, black eyes wondering, searching my face. He was suspicious and he turned tense, rigid, like Edward does when gets upset, or worse, angry.

"Hi, I'm um…Bella Swan. I really like this class. The teacher is great, but she does give a lot of um… homework," I stuttered.

"Well, nice to meet you Bella. Damn, I hate when teachers give their students a lot of homework. They think we don't have a life."

He turned forward, smiling, just as the teacher started her lecture on Shakespeare's role in modern civilization. Even so, he looked tenser than before. What had I done?

The class was a blur. I sat at my desk the whole time, staring at my unopened notebook, hardly listening to the teacher. I would feel his eyes on me.

He seemed nice. I mean, he was friendly and all, but his eyes. They were black, which meant he was hungry. Thinking of this, I laughed. The first time I meet Edward his eyes were black too, but Edward was no more dangerous than a mouse. Well, maybe he was, but that wasn't the point.

But, how did he get into the class. Weren't the classes packed full?

As the end of class approached, I looked up just in time to see Andrew scribble a note on a blank sheet of paper and drop it on my desk.

"See you Wednesday class," the teacher called.

I sprinted out of the room, after collecting the note and my notebook, faster than I thought was humanly possible for me being a klutz and all. As I was running down the hall, I slammed into a familiar body. I could tell by the scent. Thank God. Edward

"Hey, Bells. How was class?"


"Why? What happened?" Alarm spread across his face.

"Nothing except you not being there," I mumbled as he started laughing and pulled me closer.

He nuzzled my neck as we strolled down the hall, hand in hand. In a minute I had forgotten all my worries. Well, not all of them.

My mind was having an internal conflict as I questioned the fact of telling Edward about Andrew or not. I was almost certain now that Andrew was harmless, but he was still a vampire. All he had done was sit next to me and ask about the class. I had nothing to worry about. But Edward, on the other hand, had a short fuse. He had a bad temper when it came to me and other guys. There was no guessing what would happen between the two of them if I told him.

I quickly decided I was going to keep this to myself. Things between us were going good right now. I didn't want to ruin it just because of something stupid, something as trivial as this.

As I sat in the lounge, I suddenly remembered the note. I snatched it from the pile of books by my feet, read it, and gasped.

You know what I am. Tell a soul and you will regret it for the rest of your life.

"What is it Bella? What's wrong?" Edward questioned, curious by my startled reaction.

I hesitated.

"Oh, nothing."

The next day, two girls went missing on campus. Their corpses were found a day later. It was said that it looked as if they had been biten.

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