Comments-----As always this is dedicated to my sister, Louise, whose undying love for this show and the characters have been an inspiration.

Disclaimer-----I own no claim to Mannix or the characters, but hope to keep them alive for the dedicated fans, especially Louise.

The handsome, dark haired man ran for his life. He had no idea who chased him through the darkened streets and couldn't afford to stop to find out. On and on he ran as his well-muscled legs carried him away form the danger lurking somewhere behind him. He had no idea where he was going or what he'd do when he got there, but the need to get to safety was foremost on his mind.

He stopped to catch his breath only to hear the voices raised in anger. He knew they were getting closer so he forced his body to obey his commands and he took off again. He didn't understand what was happening to him, he just knew if he was caught he'd forfeit his life. Somehow he had to find help, but who?

Wherever he went it was dark, the few remaining streetlights were unable to push back the shadows. 'Can't let them catch me. Where can I go? Somebody help me, please,' he thought as he stumbled over a garbage can, striking his head on the sidewalk. He knew he couldn't let it stop him and he quickly got to his feet as blood streamed from a gash above his right temple. Through blurry eyes he focused on the streets ahead and ran for his life.

A dog barked to his right and he veered left, preferring to stay away from people. Fear drove him to believe that everyone was out to get him. He knew he had to find someone to help him but didn't know who he could trust. A police car drove slowly toward him and he ducked behind a garbage can. 'Can't let them find me. They'll send me back there. Have to get away,' he thought as the patrol car passed his hiding place.

If anyone saw the dirt and blood covered man they would have thought nothing of it, because the area he was in was deserted and the only inhabitants were winos, drug runners, and other hardened criminals. Only a few people would have recognized the terror filled eyes and battered face, but none of them lived in this area.

As soon as the patrol car disappeared around the corner the man jumped from his hiding place and once again ran for his life. On and on until his legs could carry him no longer. He ran into the street and the screeching of tires was the last thing he heard as another form of darkness took over. The car struck him solidly and his body sailed over the top and met with the unyielding pavement.