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My Love and Sadness

CHAPTER 1: Her choice!

A week passed since the dreaded fight with Inuyasha. He hasn't come to get her and she was not going to go to him and appalogize for something he did wrong. Although she was still mad, she was missing him so much. Kagome longed to be back through the well and see her friends. It was getting pretty lonely and she didn't feel the same with her friends in the present. She didn't feel like she belonged to this era any more.

"Why does he always have to cause me so much pain?" Kagome sobbed as she looked at the well house from her bedroom window.


"K-Kikyo...I..I.." Inuyasha couldn't find words to say.

"Come with me Inuyasha. You belong with me." Kikyo wrapped her arms around the hanyou's neck. She smiled against his chest knowing very well that Kagome was watching from a behind a nearby tree. Tears were threatening to spill. She could not gain the courage to move.

"Inuyasha you do love me, right?" poutted Kikyo.

All he could do is nod his head for he still could not find words to say. He was entranced by her. But then she stepped out from her hiding place with tears now pouring.

"Why? Why do you hurt me so?" Kagome said through the pain in her chest. She ran fast, as fast as her legs could carry her. "Aaah..oof!" she cried as tripped and hit her arm on a rather large rock busting her elbow open.

"Kagome...I smell her blood" his senses brought him back to reality. Inuyasha ran to find her leaving an angry Kikyou behind. "Please be alright."


"Kagome..are you okay?" he came to a hult when he found her sitting on the ground clutching her arm with a piece of cloth she had ripped from her now tathered shirt.

"Leave me a lone Inuyasha." she bluntly stated with iciness to her usually cheerful tone.

"I-I'm..um sorry." sincerity and pitty in his voice.

" I Don't Want To Hear Your Lies!" yelled Kagome. She was so loud that birds in the trees took flight to get away.

"I'm not lieing you stupid wench!" he yelled in turn.

"Your the stupid one, Baka!" plainly heard by the dead as she stormed off. He tried to follow and get revenge.

"SIT BOY!" was the last thing she screamed and headed for the only link to her home leaving him in a six foot ditch cursing.

End flashback'

You would think that from the many times they had fought and made up that this would be no different. They had already been traveling together for two and a half years since that day she had released him from the prisoning arrow. She had accidentally fallen in-love with him. It was as if it was one way love. It's ripping her apart the more she is around him. Often at night when the gang slept, she lay awake silently crying her heart out. She was so close to the one she loved, yet he was to far to grasp. He belonged to Her! That copy of a woman he once longed to be with. Kagome was only a shard detector to him.

She had only one month of school left. The last few nights she had just studied for her exitting exams. She still wasn't sure if she was gonna go to college. She figured that she may just live in the past with the friends she had grown to call family. Naraku was defeated about three days before the fight with Inuyasha. Two brothers had joined together along with Kagome's and Kikyo's arrow had joined with the joint attack of the two brother's swords. Naraku diminished into ashes, the half shikon no tama laying in the spot where he once stood. Miroku had retreived it from the remains and handed it to Kagome to purify the poison in it aura.

What am I going to do?' a thought to herself. I love him but, he does not want me. I feel as though the world were against me and I have no way to escape it's horrid gaze.' she lay pondering on her bed till a knock on her door made her snap out of thought.

"Kagome dear, dinner is ready. You must eat!" said Mrs. Higarashi with a worried look for her saddly depressed daughter.

"Ai, mama! I'll be down shortly." a faked smile spread on her face to not worry her mother.

I need to make a choice. I made a choice once before to remain by Inuyasha's side no matter what. The difference this time though, I can no longer hold back my feelings.' As she walked out the room Kagome thought of what to do."I guess the only thing I can do is find out how he feels about me. Even if that means being torn apart inside."

"What was that dear?" asked Mrs. Higarashi.

"Huh..Gomen! It's nothing mama!" replied Kagome.

"Kagome, when are you going back to the fuedal era?" Souta asked knowing she had been here for a week and has not been out of her room much.

"I've decided to back today. I need to fix things." Or break them.' she thought to herself.

Kagome finished her dinner and went to her room to get her yellow backpack filled with items to live off of. She also had gifts for her best friends. Even though she was mad at Inuyasha, she packed his favorite flavors of ramen. She looked at her nightstand clock. It was a quarter to seven and it was going to be dark soon. Down stairs she said bye to her family as she would be back within a week for the final testing.

Out the door she ran and into the well house. She paused before the well to gather the courage to jump in. This was it. It was time to face it, or to face him. She needed to know her place in his heart. And in she jumped.

Shippo lay next to Kirara sobbing,"When is Kagome going to come?..sniff'..I miss her."

"We do to Shippo. But how to tell her what happened to Inuyasha will be hard." answered Sango.

"Hi guys! Gomen,It took me long to return." all heads turned to the well that Kagome had just come through. Shippo jumped into her arms as Sango and Miroku smiled cheerfully at her family in this era.

"Glad to have you back," Miroku paused as he thought of what to say,"but we have to talk Kagome-chan."

She nodded her head and worried about what was wrong. They headed toward the village where they could sit comfortably to talk. Something was desperately wrong, for as soon as they reached Kaede's hut, they hung their heads low.

"What happened? Where is Inuyasha?" Kagome asked as she felt a pain jolt in her heart. Where are you Inuyasha? I need to know if you feel the same about me as I do you.' A tear managed to escape as she turned her head in the dirrection of Inuyash Forest where she had met him in the first place. Something was way out of place and Sango and Miroku were trying to gain the right way to explain.

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