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Chapter 20: Afterwards

When I opened my eyes I had found myself at a different place. It was white and very clean and also had that familar smell of medication liquids. I sat up immediately on the bed and felt my face. It had been bandaged at all the places where it was cut. I blinked as I leaned over to the side and climbed out of bed. Then I ran for it. I was in a hospital. I HATED hospitals! I hated everything about the place; the people, the cleaness and worst of all, the MEDICATION! Those included shots as well! People gave me surprised looks as I, with a panicked expression, ran down the hall. I ran down the stairs and turned the corner when I hit something. "Ugh.. what did I bump into?" I mumbled.

"You should be in bed, not roaming around freely," said a familar voice.

I looked up in surprise to meet emerald orbs glancing down at me. "C'mon sis, we're bringing you back to bed," said another voice behind the first.

I watched with a stunned expression as Kira, my brother, came out from behind Athrun. "Kira? Athrun? What are you-? HEY! Put me down!" I changed my tone halfway through the sentence as Athrun picked me up bridal style.

"I knew you always hated hospitals ever since we were little and I doubted that fact would change so..." Kira said, emphaising the last word.

"So we went out to look for you while taking a shortcut. And well.. we found you and I'm taking you back to bed. You need your rest," Athrun finished.

I struggled but to no avail. Athrun was a lot stronger than he appeared to be. Well I guess that was to be expected of him right? Afterall he was able to defeat the pirate captain with some help from Rusty who well... I stopped struggling as I thought of what had happened not only to Rusty but the Archangel's crew as well. I looked upwards at Athrun. "Both you and Kira sustained bigger injuries than me, shouldn't you guys be in bed?" I questionned.

Kira gave me a smile. "Oh don't worry about us; we're coordinators and we tend to heal a lot faster than you. Besides, words just got to our parents and they're coming ASAP," Kira added.

My eyes widened at the mention of our parents. It had been almost forever since I've last seen them and a little while back, I had almost lost hope. And so, I agreed to go back without too much fuss. A little while later, as the news were already all over Japan about us being the "Archangel's survivors" we had annoying reporters from all over trying to interview us. Especially Athrun and Lacus since their fathers were both in the top positions of the supreme council. But thankfully and even I am a little grateful, this is a hopstial, so the nurses told them to come back later after our parents came.

The 8 of us gathered in the main hallway on the second floor as we waited eagerly to see some familar faces. "Lacus!" called a deep male voice.

Everyone's head turned towards the voice as they saw a whole group of families coming from the elevator. "Father!" Lacus cried as she ran to give her father a tight hug.

As the other parents called their children's name, we all ran into the arms of the ones we loved, some crying and some near tears. I looked around to see some familar faces but frowned when I didn't see them. I was about to sit back down, disappointed when someone called out my name. "Cagalli!"

I whipped my head around. My eyes widened for a moment before becoming a little misty. "Mother! Father!" I yelled as my parents envelopped me in a tight hug.

"We're so sorry for being late; there were a whole mob outside," said Ulen Hibiki.

I laughed as I knew that he had meant those crazy reporters. "I-i missed you guys a lot... y-you probably thought I was never coming back huh?" I asked, trying to keep my voice from wavering.

Via shook her head as her eyes were brimmed with tears. "After we lost one child, we couldn't bear to lose hope on you, Cagalli.. you mean the world to us," she spoke.

Ulen nodded. "We knew that you'd be okay, afterall, someone with your stubborness and hard-headedness will always be alright," he added whie I gave him a glare but failed miserably and laughed instead.

We were all happily united with our families, all but two: one who didn't have a family and the other who truly believed that he was unwanted. Baby blue eyes looked happily at her friends, for they all had a family, but she couldn't help feel a little sad because her parents were no longer here. Of course she had been invited to stay with some families, but she knew that she didn't really belong with them. Mirillia was lost in her own world until she noticed a shadow in front of her. "Dearka?" she questionned as looked up to find the tanned blonde. "What's up?" this is st

Dearka looked slightly nervous as he shifted the weight onto one foot. "Uh.. m-mom, dad... this is Mirillia. I befriended her on the trip and it turned out that with this experience, she is a closer friend to me than some of my friends here and I er.. wanted you to meet her," Dearka stammered as a red blush was evident of his face.

Mirillia looked at him in surprise before bowing her head politely. "Hello, Mrs and Mr Elthsman, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm really happy that I got a chance to meet your son. He's a really brave man with a heart of gold. He cares more about the others than himself and-," Mirillia turned her gaze towards the spoken man with a tint of pink on her face. "He means a lot to me," she finished.

Mirillia blinked as she realized that she had spoken from her heart and turned ripe red. "E-excuse me!" she said flusteredly as she gave an apologetic bow to the Elthsmans before running downstairs and then outside to catch some air.

She avoided the front entrance that was filled with reporters but took the way to the courtyard. She locked the door as she walked in and then sat down on the wooden bench. Mirillia took heavy breaths and she recalled what she had just admitted. I-i... can't believe I had just said that! How am I ever going to face him again? Then she exhaled. But it is the truth.. the truth that I had been keeping all along.. he probably doesn't care anymore about me... "I-i wish I didn't say that," Mirillia whispered sadly to herself as she began to feel worse.

"Well I don't," said a male voice.

Mirillia spun around immediately. There, on the window sill was none other than the tanned blonde. He jumped off the sill and landed onto his feet gracefully. Then he walked over to where Mirillia was and leaned forward towards the girl while putting his hands at each side of the wooden bench. "H-how long have you been there?" Mirillia stammered.

"Long enough to know how you feel. Now, did you mean what you said?" Dearka asked seriously.

Mirillia blinkws. "A-about what?" she asked nervously.

"About how I mean a lot to you," Dearka replied cooly.

Mirillia blushed as she lowered her gaze from his. There was a moment of silence. "Did or didn't you? Please answer me, Mir," Dearka pleaded.

"I-i..." Mirillia swallowed. "I-i meant every word I had said!" she yelled out with her face as ripe as a tomato.

Dearka looked surprised for a moment before he smiled and gave her a bug. "D-dearka?" Mirillia stammered in surprise at his actions.

"Thank you Mir, that meant a lot to me," Dearka replied.

Mirillia returned the hug and buried her head into Dearka's shoulder. "I should be the one to thank you. Even if it took a while, I found that I had begun to love you and I still do," she admitted. "Especially when Tolle died, I had trouble getting over it, but you helped me to overcome it and it also helped me to realize the truth,"

Dearka smiled widely as he released her. "That's good since you already know my feelings," he said as he took her hand.

Mirillia blushed slightly before tilting her head so that it laid gently on his shouler. "Yeah.." she whispered.

While back in the hospital, a midnight-haired boy remained seated while watching the others. At first he felt a pang of envy towards his friends but then shook it off as he knew that instead, he should be happy for them. But despite that, he still couldn't help but feel a gap in his heart.

His mother had died a while back while his father didn't care whether his son lived or not. Athrun shook his head to clear his mind. So what? It wasn't like he expected his father to come and see him. Father was probably in some important meeting someplace else in the world. Besides, he wouldn't even come if he was free.

Athrun sighed as he leaned back on the couch and closed his eyes. As I laughed with my parents, I suddenly felt a sharp pain go through my heart. As I turned around to figure out what was wrong, I realized that I had selfishly been happy with my family while some of us didn't have them. I looked around for Mirillia but then I noticed Dearkawas gone as well. So Dearka would most likely be with her.

Then I looked around for Athrun and saw him lying down. I felt a horrible sensation as I realized that he must be hurting. There wasn't much I could do for him and I knew that if I tried to comfort him, he would deny it. But at the least, I could get him something to drink. "Mother, Father, I'll be right back. I'm going down to the cafeteria," I said.

Ulen tilted his head. "Whatever you want, I can go get it," he offered but I shook my head. "Thanks, but it's okay. You and Mother can wait here," I said as I went for the direction of the stairs to the first floor.

As I walked, I noticed Kira was looking at me. I could tell that he was wondering when he should tell my parents about his true identity. I nodded but mouthed later. As soon as I saw that he understood, I went down the stairs quickly. I was so concertrated on how to cheer up Athrun that I didn't realize how fast I was going and ran into someone. It was like running into a stone solid wall! I cried out in surprise as I sort of bounced back and was about to fall when that same person quickly grabbed my arm. "Are you okay?" asked a deep voice/

I nodded numbly as I opened my eyes. "S-sorry.. I wasn't watching where I was going," I stammered in embarassement.

I took notice of his appearance and saw that he was middle-aged with greying hair. He had pale eyes and a pale face that told me that he didn't get much sleep. "You do realize that this is a hospital, don't you?" he asked in a serious tone.

I nodded again. "I know... I said I was sorry," I repeated.

I felt this stranger scan my face throughly. "You're a patient here, aren't you? What are you doing out of bed? You should go rest up at your young age," the man advised.

I scowled. Who was this man to order me around?! I barely even knew him for 3 whole minutes! "Jeez! This is the second time someone told me that! Not to be rude, but whatever I do doesn't really concern you! First Athrun and now-" I mumbled but the man interrupted me sharply. "Athrun.. did you say?"

I blinked. My anger was replaced with surprise. His tone of voice sounded surprised yet sad at the same time. "Y-yes sir.. It's none of my business, but.. do you know him?" I asked carefully.

The man wearily placed a hand over his eyes and sighed. In that moment, it seemed that this man in front of me had leapt forward in time and aged. He looked like he hasn't slept in a week or even more. There was a moment of silence before the stranger removed his hand and reopened his eyes. "Yes... I'm his father," he said quietly.

Had I been carrying anything, I would have most likely dropped it. "H-his father?... Patrick Zala?" I repeated, not believing that I was talking to one of the two top leaders of the supreme council and also one of the most powerful men in the country.

Patrick nodded as I suddenly realised that Athrun looked nothing like him. He must look more like his mother then. "Seeing that you know him, are you a friend of his?" Patrick asked.

I nodded. "Yes, I met him during the trip on the Archangel and we became fast friends," I answered.

And we've became a bit more than just that... I thought. But I'm not going to tell him that just yet.

"I see.. Athrun didn't even tell me that he was going on that trip," he murmured more to himself than to me, but nevertheless, I still heard it.

I also couldn't help but to see that Patrick was looking very pale and tired. "Would you like some coffee?" I asked, pulling out some money that my parents had just given me.

Patrick nodded tiredly. "Yes, but I can buy my own," he said as he went to the nearest vending machine and ordered some ice cappachino. (A/N: In asian vending machines, they sell just about every type of drink there is lol.)

I, myself ordered some soda. I turned to face Patrick. "Are... are you here to see him?" I asked quietly as we sat down on the counch in the main room on the first floor.

Patrick stopped sipping and lowered the cup. "Ah! Y-you don't have to answer that if you don't want to... it was none of my business," I said quickly in case he didn't want me intruding on his privacy.

Patrick gave me a small smile. "It's okay. I was planning to visit Athrun, but then I wasn't sure that I should because maybe he wouldn't want me to. Maybe you've even heard from him that our father-son relationship isn't that good. But if you don't mind, could you tell me a bit about him?" he asked.

I thought it over for a moment before replying. When Athrun had described his father way back on the island (A/N: Ch.11 The Promise), I had imagined a cold-hearted man, but Patrick here didn't seem that way to me. He looked really sad and lonely. And it also seemed to me that he regretted not spending any quality time with his only son.

I nodded. "Sure. I've only been friends with him for a month, but during that time, I've learned that he's a very kind person. Athrun cares very much about everyone and loathes fighting or any type of violence. He tries to avoid it as much as possible and only fights to protect himself of anyone else that he cares about. Athrun likes to take time to understand people, a quality that many people I know don't have. He's a good listener as well because whenever I feel upset, I know that he won't mind if I spilt my concerns on him," I said. "Truthfully, I'm really grateful to have met him,"

Patrick gave me a sad smile. "He's very much like his mother and very different from myself," he said.

"His mother?" I repeated in curiosity.

Patrick nodded and took out his wallet. As he opened it up, I saw a picture of a 5-year old Athrun, a younger Patrick Zala and a young, but beautiful mother. She was laughing, not only with her smile, but her eyes as well and I knew instantly, though I never met her, that she was a very kind person and a loving mother. Patrick was right when he told me that Athrun was exactly like his mother. Right from the head to the toe they were alike in appearance.

"When she had died, I was broken down into many pieces. I never believed that it would hurt so much. The pain of losing someone precious to you. It hurt so much that it seemed that I was unable to cry," Patrick spoke sadly. "It was my fault that Lenore was killed because we always got into many arguements, causing her to become stressed. Even though he never said anything. I'm sure Athrun blames me for it. I made a horrid mistake by avoiding Athrun and leaving him to the care of the maids because he reminded me too much of the only woman I ever loved," Patrick swallowed.

"I spend most of my time in my office and buried myself in work to keep my mind off of my broken family. I hardly ever came home since my office was like a second home for me. During that time, I didn't know how Athrun was doing at all, even if I was his father. A lot of time passed for my pain to ease just a little,"

"One day while I went home late at night, I accidentally knocked a photo off of the shelf. As I picked it up, I saw that it was a picture with the three of us; the picture that you just saw. Lenore was smiling as cheerful as ever as she hugged Athrun. She loved him very much while I had ignored him, always. It was then that I realised that he also needed me as well. Lenore would love him to the ends of the earth and now, she was gone. Even if she is gone, I felt that maybe if I could love him twice as much, it would cover the missing link that Lenore had left," Patrick explained quietly.

"However, things didn't go as I had hoped. I started to come hom earlier and earlier to spend some time with Athrun, to ask for forgiveness, but by then, it was already too late; the wound in his heart had turned to a scar. Athrun became quieter and more mature than anyone his age. He always locked himself in his room even when I wasn't around. I had also heard from the maids that every weekend, Athrun would sleep over at a friend's house, mainly Kira's. And most of the time, I was home on the weekends. I knew by then that it was no longer possible to heal that scar and then now, I had heard from Kira's parents that Athrun had gone on a boat trip without telling me, but that wasn't all,"

Patrick swallowed before continuing. "My world turned black when I had heard that the very same charter boat that Athrun was on, disappeared. Some people pitied me while most said that it wasn't a huge shock considering that I wasn't close to my own son. It hurt very much to acknowledge the truth in the words because they were right; we eren't close at all. I had always hoped that maybe, just maybe I could let him see how sorry I was for my mistakes in the past and let me love him again, but then, I saw that that hope was like a fire in the rain when it was said that all of the passenger perished along with that boat,"

"However, I wouldn't believe it. I spend every moment of my time recruiting search-and-rescue squads, but still, it wasn't enough. But then some place else, I heard that there might have been sightings of survivors and I hopped on the fastest jet to get there, but it had turned out to be something else. There had been many reports, but like the first, they were all false. I almost lost hope until there was a report on a gigantic mushroom cloud in the sky and the rescue of a few teenagers. And those teenagers who claimed to come from the very boat that I had been looking for. And so.. I got onto another jet to come here, wanting to see Athrun and maybe even speak with him," Patrick ended his tale.

By then I had entirely stopping sipping my soda. The way he told it to me was very dramatic, but it also explained why he looked so sad and tired. I knew I had to do something; for the two of them. Athrun, who believed that his father was a cold-hearted man and no longer loved him while Patrick lost hope that he could ever make Athrun see the truth behind his words. I turned to face him. "Chairman, you should talk to him, because if you don't, Athrun wouldn't know that his father cared for him all along. I'm sure he would want you to talk to him," I said.

Patrick thought it over before finally agreeing. "Alright, it couldn't possibly get any worse.. By the way, what is your name?" he asked as we began to climb the stairs back to the second floor.

I stopped. It was then that I realised that I hadn't given him my name. How rude of me! "Ah... right... It's C-cagalli," I said as my face was tinted red with embarassment.

Patrick gave me a smile, an actual read smile as we reached the second floor. As soon as we reached the top of the stairs, everyone's eyes were on us. Athrun leapt up from his position and I saw that his eyes gleamed with fury. "Father! What are you doing here!" he demanded harshly.

I was speechless at his reaction. Even from what Patrick had told me just a moment ago, I couldn't believe that I would ever see Athrun so angry again like how it was when we were captured. Patrick walked up to his son and held out his hand. "I-i was worried about your health," he said quietly.

I looked on in horror as I saw Athrun lost his coolness and slapped his father's hand away. "Don't touch me! Don't even come near me! I don't want to see your face... ever!" he yelled angrily as he ran past us and headed towards the first floor.

I realised that I had only made things worse for the two of them and that what I did made the crushing blow for the chairman. "C-chairman... I-i" I stammered in shock.

Patrick interrupted me and gave me a sad smile. "It's alright... thanks for trying, Cagalli... it was more than anyone has ever done," he said as he walked sadly and slowly to the third level, not meeting anyone's eyes.

I clenched my fists. Why did this have to go all wrong? They were father and son for crying out loud! However, I knew I had to set things right. I took off to look for Athrun with hearing faint calls of my name behind me. I jumped the last few steps and searched the whole first floor for a blueberry-head, but nothing. Damnit! Where did he go?! I ran outside and looked around. All I saw was a sea of people walking from place to place. For all I knew, Athrun could've been a long way from here already. Then my eyes got caught on a midnight haired teen as he walked across the street. "Athrun!" I yelled as I rushed out onto the street without thinking.

It was then that I realised that I was on the street. A car was headed straight for me and I shut my eyes tightly while waiting for the impact to come. But it never did and as I reopened my eyes, I saw that the car had braked. "HEY PUNK! WATCH IT!" the driver yelled furiously.

I blinked several times before comprehending that I was still intact. I said a very rapid thanks and ran across the street. Whether the driver understood me or not, I didn't care. If he was nicer, than I would have said it better, but whatever. Anyway, where was Athrun now? Oh great, he disappeared again. I ran, searching wildly for him like on a goose-chase. I passed by an outdoor restaurant and stopped for a moment. "Hey you! -Yeah you! Come over here for a sec!" I called over a teen who seemed to work at the place.

"Can I help you?" the boy asked, who was blonde and had tinted glasses.

"Yeah... have you seen a blue-haired guy with emerald orbs and was about... this tall?" I asked as I described him.

The boy thought for a moment. "Hmm... have I?" he wondered out loud while I was gritting my teeth.

Was this guy going to help me or not?! "C'mon, please! It's an emergency," I pleaded.

The boy grinned. "You shoulda told me from the start. He ordered a drink on the go and then went that way," he pointed.

"Thank you!" I breathed as I ran in the direction that was given to me.

"What a wierd girl... anyway, back to work!" the boy said as he resumed taking orders.

Along the way while searching endlessly for a certain somebody, I ran into a lot of things that slowed me down and when I finally went to the park to find him, I (with a miracle) found him sitting quite collectedly on a beach while looking at the lake. At the moment, I was not happy; not at all. "A-athrun," I spoke out loud, interrupting his thought.

He turned at the mention of his name and looked at me in surprise. "Cagalli? What happened to you? You're all sweaty," he said.

I gritted my teeth but decided to drop it. "Nothing... say, can I join you?" I asked as I cleared away the black storm cloud that was in my head.

Athrun shrugged as he moved over slightly. I took my seat and then looked out to the lake as well. It was a while before I could find the right words to say. "Athrun... do you really hate your father so much that you cannot bear to be in the same room as him?" I questionned quietly.

Athrun looked down between the gap in his folded hands. "Yes," he replied simply.

I saw that he had a permanent frown on his face. "Why don't you ever give him a chance? He's not what you think he is," I said as I brushed his bangs away from his eyes.

Athrun looked up and I saw that he was furious. "I told you already Cagalli! He's the reason Mother died! And did he grieve for her? NO! It even made me to believe that he wanted her to die! He left me when I needed him the most!" he shouted angrily.

I felt my face grow hot with anger as I heard all of this from him. "You don't know anything about your father! You never spent any time alone with him... none! So how are you supposed to know he wasn't grieving like you were? For all you know, which is nothing, he buried himself in work just to ease the pain!" I shouted back.

Athrun looked shocked to say something at first, but then narrowed his eyes which were filled with tears. "I hate him!" he said harshly.

I cupped his face and made him look me straight in the eyes. "You hated him, because you were afraid to love him. You were afraid that you were going to be rejected from your father, the one you look up to most. Your father loved your mother very much and he still does! And she's not the only one! He loves you very much as well, Athrun..." I swallowed. "But, by the time he realised that his son was left unloved, he tried his hardest by patching it, but it was too late then! He tried to spend some time with you, but you didn't let him. Sure he made some mistakes, heck, even I make mistakes, but that doesn't mean that he had stopped loving you. So go back, talk to him and tell him that you love him very much as his son,"

Athrun looked at me painfully as a small tear fell down his face. A long moment passed before he spoke. "I-i didn't know..." he whispered softly.

I knew he was hurting very much so I hugged him tightly. "I know you didn't know, so that was why I knew I had to talk to you. But it's okay now, it's never too late to patch things with your father. Better late than never, right?" I said as I felt him wrap his arms around me as well.

He nodded. "Thanks.. Cagalli," he said as I felt a small smile come across my face.

We went back to the hospital and I prayed that it would be fine, but I shouldn't have worried. Athrun found and approached a leaving Patrick Zala. "Father..." he started out as I saw that he swallowed visibly, obviously nervous.

Patrick turned and looked at his only son through wide eyes. It had been a long time since he heard Athrun call him father. "Y-you don't have to say anything, but I want you to listen to me," Athrun spoke. "I've only just realised thanks to a little help of how selfish I have been. Before... I had seen the truth but refused to believe it. I-i was afraid... afraid that maybe you didn't want me anymore after the accident involving mother. But Cagalli made me face the truth about you... about us... and now I realised how much I missed you,"

I felt my eyes moisten slightly because I knew that he was speaking directly from his heart, which was extremely hard. I think Patrick knew it as well, since he hugged his son tightly. "You weren't the only one being selfish... I had been as well. I'm so sorry that I left you when you needed me the most, but what you just told me made me the happiest man for a long while... thank you, son," he whispered.

I saw Athrun smile happily and knew that no matter how difficult it had been for him, he was truly sastified now. But then to my horror, as soon as Patrick released his son, he fell down. "Father!" Athrun cried out in shock while I cried out, "Chairman!"

We both quickly bent down to check up on him and I also sighed in relief as soon as I heard a gentle snore. "It's okay, Athrun... he's just extremely tired. I couldn't even believe he had the strength to stand up all this time. Your dad's a strong guy," I said.

Athrun gave a smile and nodded. "I know," was his reply.

A few days later, all of us were released from the hospital and the first thing we did was to the funeral of all those who died at sea during the trip. For Heine, For Kisaka, For Tolle, For Rusty... it was hard to see someone dried-eyed. We remembered their heroics, their friendlyness and their bravery.

We also had a funeral for the not-so-good guys like Yuna and the pirates since no one deserved to die, no matter what they had done. Like I've said before, life is a precious thing and is easily taken away, so you had to treasure it.

Everyone took turns to take a small bundle of flowers to throw into sea. And as I walked up to do the same, I saw the setting sun. I remembered it was the same sight as it had been on the Archangel and on the island as well. And then I threw the bundle into the sea along with my last thoughts for the people I have met. For Heine, because he was a kind person and the best first mate I've ever seen. For Kisaka, a true captain that came along once every decade. For Tolle, who was a true friend and one for I'll miss so much. For Rusty, the one who at first had a confused mind but listened to his heart in the end. Also, he's one that I'll shall never forget...

After I had finished, Lacus began to sing softly to ease our sadness a little. Her melodic voice was soothing and we all felt the burning sensation grow a little lighter. As her voice echoed throughout the night, I felt that those who I've recently thought about could finally rest in peace as the struggle was finally over. I tilted my head so that it laid on Athrun's shoulder. He looked at me with a mutal smile. "It's finally over..." he said.

I nodded. "That was what I was just thinking about," I admitted.

Athrun grinned. "Then the two of us are the same," he whispered

Several years later... "Athrun! Where are we going?!" I demanded as I felt my boyfriend grin from ear to ear.

"Someplace that you'll never forget," was all that he said.

I growled slightly under the blindfold. "Then why did you ask me to dress formally? And why do we need a chopper to get there?" I demanded making him sigh.

"Enough questions, I'll answer everything and then pose a question of my own when we get there," Athrun said.

Luckily for him, the chopper landed soon and he helped me get down. "Why does the ground feel so uneven?" I asked as I felt my foot sink.

Athrun said nothing as he pulled me along, guiding me. "Are we there yet?!" I yelled.

He chuckled. "Yeah, we're here," he said as he pulled off my blindfold.

I gasped as I saw the sight before us, a rising sun. And guess where I was? The place where I felt that I had spent my entire life on; the island. It was the exact same. It brought back a lot of memories, some good and some bad. It was the exact same place where I had spent the night with Athrun, talking about the past. "Cagalli.." I heard him call my name.

I turned to find him kneeling on one knee. "We've been through so much together so I know I'm doing the right thing when I ask you, Will you marry me?" Athrun asked as he held out a beautiful red ruby ring.

I was in surprise, but my eyes were moist as I hugged him with a small cry of delight. I had been waiting for him to ask me that since we've met. "Yes!" I replied as Athrun placed the ring on my finger and hugged me tightly.

I was the happiest girl that day and I knew that the trip had been fate to bring us together and my friends as well. As soon as we got back, we had a wedding ceremony and to my surprise, everyone had already knew about his proposal, all except for me. I was a little mad at first, but then how could you be mad at Athrun Zala? The wedding was a sucess and as I tossed the bouquet of flowers, Mirillia had caught it next and her boyfriend, Dearka hoisted her up in the air and swung her around happily. And during that day, Kira told the truth to both of our parents and with both sides agreeing, Kira stayed with his adoptive parents, but moved next door to us so that meant that he visited very often. In the end, it was a happy ending as Athrun kissed me blissfully like he had done back on the island.

Speaking of the island, an object laid abandoned on the ground. On a closer look was that it was a pocket knife, the very same that had protected me all of those times, but I no longer needed it since I had all I needed. My friends, my family and finally... Athrun...

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Now... onto my next fan fic:

Title: Silent Whispers

Parings: AxC with minor KxL

Rating T (to be safe)

Summary: 10 years ago, I witnissed the death of my best friend at a young age. Now at 16, that very same person, now as a spirit, has continued to haunt/pester me until I can rid of my guild and find true happiness.

Hope to see you there! 3