Title: Greatest Failure
Author: Isiri
Rating: T
Summary: AU Future; "Her skin was pale, so, so pale. It reminded him of the moon. Her skin that had always been warm and coloured peach was now cold and grey. Like the moon." One Shot. NaruSaku.
Dedication: To RavenScarlett-san, who drew the amazing picture that inspired this work.
A/N: It's really, really depressing, I'm warning you all now. Seriously, there's a major character death. I cried writing it, so I'm hoping you'll all get the feelings I tried to convey. Once again, inspired by RavenScarlett-san. A link to her picture is on my profile. Thank you for giving me the inspiration I needed to write this.

Disclaimer: Naruto and all related characters and logos belong to Kishimoto-sensei.

Greatest Failure

Her skin was pale, so, so pale. It reminded him of the moon. Her skin that had always been warm and coloured peach was now cold and grey. Like the moon.

Pushing the thought from his mind he brushed a stray strand of hair from her bloodied face. Scratches and cuts littered there, as well as along the rest of her open skin. Splashes of red coloured her entire body as if trying to help bring back that colour. that warmth which she seemed to be losing —seemed to have lost— back in to her.

He brushed another strand of pink hair from her drooping eyelids and vaguely realized his hand was trembling. But that wasn't important.

He watched silently as those lidded eyes, once a stunning emerald, but now nothing more then a hazed green, tried to focus on him, once, failed, again, failed once more, until finally they locked on to his red, feral ones.

A rush of emotions came over him; pain, regret, fear, anger— anger that she did that, something as stupid as that. And for what?

For what?

But he already knew. He already knew, and yet he still couldn't bring himself to say it, to believe it.

There were things that he wanted to say; I'm sorry; You idiot!; How could you?; Why?!?

"Why…" and he couldn't say it, couldn't finish it. But he had to because he needed to hear it, needed to hear her say it.

A foolish grin found its way to his face, yet some how he knew she could see the sorrow, the hurt, the raw pain that hid behind it.

He wished silently that she could see him as he had once been when they were still kids, before too long a use of the Kyuubi's power had tainted his eyes to the animalistic one's they were now. Before he had killed, been stained forever unclean, and life had still lead him— them, to be the naïve children they were.

"Sakura-chan, why did you do that?"

The tears fell before he even knew he was crying, mixing with the drying blood on both they're faces.

A strangled laugh bubbled through the fresh blood she was forced to choke out from breathing.

"Because, silly" and as she took that breath, her last breath, he couldn't breath.

"I had to protect my precious person, and our future Hokage."

Then she was still. Eyes closed, lips drawn, and fresh wet tears trailing down her frozen cheeks even after she was gone. And with her, a part of him he knew he would never gain back.

Slowly he trailed his hands down her face, cupped it as he had so many nights in a row while they slept in his bed, and then bent down and kissed her for the last time.

Still crying he grabbed her body and pulled her to his chest and held her while he screamed. To the sky, to Heaven, to her, and for hours he just sat there, holding her to his chest with the littered bodies of their enemies surrounding him.

He held her, the only woman he had ever loved, and denied letting her go, until the sky clouded over and it started to rain. Then with gentle, careful movements he switched her to his back.

Standing up he started forward, back to his— their home, eyes narrowed as he tried to control his anguish and his rage.

He wouldn't stop crying until he reached Konoha's towering gates.

Inside, his heart still continued to weep.

Overall, the ANBU mission was a success… But to Naruto, it felt like his greatest failure.

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