Title: Only Fantastic?
Author: Isiri
Rating: K
Summary: Ah, the fun of a simple retrieval mission. Neiji, Tenten.
A/N: 'Cause couldn't you so see it happen? xp

Disclaimer: Naruto and all related characters and logos belong to Kishimoto-sensei


They were bleeding, loosing their grip, and dangling off the edge of a cliff with all chakra resources exhausted.

If they fell they both knew there was no way they'd survive.

Tenten gave Neiji a sour look. "Well, this is fantastic."

Neiji snorted as his fingers slipped another inch. "Only fantastic?"


A/N: Inspired by some commercial on T.V. I saw.

On a personal note, I'm going on a temporary hiatus. Saturday night, my step-father, Ron, died in a motorcycle accident and the funeral is on Friday and I need some time to heal. It would mean a lot to me if those of you who read this authors note would keep Ron in your prayers. Thank you.

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