By ArkansanDragon

Characters based on the Disney Channel cartoon: American Dragon: Jake Long

(I do NOT own American Dragon. This show and all its characters belong to Disney.)

The Huntsclan are dead, Rose is left with no memory of Jake or her life as Huntsgirl. But when an old enemy returns and Jake and the others are captured; Rose is their only hope. Can she regain her lost memory in time to save them? But once she gets her memory back; will it be enough to save them? (Contains spoilers for episode "Homecoming"! AU: takes the place of the episodes "Nobody's Fu", "Being Human" and "Hong Kong Longs".)

Chapter1: Prophecy

It was afternoon in New York City. School was out and summer vacation was almost over. In the back room of a small electronics shop on Canal St., Jake Long and his best friends, Spud and Trixie, were busy helping Jake's grandfather, Lao Shi, track the movements of the unicorn herd that lived in Central Park.

"Yo, Gramps, why are we even botherin' with this? That herd's just gonna move around again anyway." asked Jake, bending over the map.

The old man pointed to the map and said "Jake, your duty as the American Dragon is to protect magical creatures. The more we know about where the unicorns will travel, the easier it will be for you to protect them."

"Yeah," said Spud, "This is just like one of those cattle drives! You know, 'get along there little doggies!' Yee-Hah!"

Trixie shot a look a him. "Spudinski, have you been watchin' those western movies again?", the African American asked.

"Yep." said Spud. Tall and thin, he was nearly as pale as Trixie was dark. Just then, Fu dog came up to them.

"Hey kids, so how's the trackin' goin'?" He looked around at them all. Spud was watching a fly buzz around his head, Trixie looked downright bored and Lao Shi was studying the map. Then the Shar Pei's eyes rested on Jake. The Asian American was staring off into space and seemed more distracted then usual. "What's on your mind, kid?" said Fu.

"Huh, What? Oh, it's nothing." said Jake, turning away from him.

Fu gave him a searching gaze. "It's Rose again, isn't it?"

Jake sighed heavily, "I can't help it, Fu. I know I should be happy for her, but... I still miss her."

"Don't worry kid," said Fu, "You'll see her again someday."

"Someday might come sooner than you think."

They all turned suddenly at the sound of the voice. Standing in the doorway were two girls. One was blonde and looked overjoyed to see them. The other had black hair and a sour look on her face. "Check it," said Trixie, "It's those freaky Oracle Twins again! How's it hangin' homegirls?"

"Hey, Kara. Hey, Sara. What's up?" asked Jake.

The blonde haired girl giggled at him, "We've got big news for you; my sister Kara has a prophecy!"

"So, that's a good thing, right?" asked Jake.

"It's a good thing." said Kara, "I just hate making prophecies, that's all. Oh great, here it comes..." All of a sudden her eyes shone with a golden light and she started to speak in a slow, hollow voice;

"In darkest hour when all seems black, one who was lost will return to you. When hope is dead and all seems lost, one with a dragon's heart shall be your salvation. When all is darkness, the one marked by destiny shall find their true power. Hidden power shall be revealed and light shall conquer darkness. When darkness falls, the one marked by destiny shall bring forth the light."

She blinked, and her eyes cleared. "Well, there you go." she said with a shrug, "Good luck." She and Sara turned to leave. Jake ran up to them.

"Wait!" he said, "You're just leaving? You're not even gonna tell us what all that meant?"

Kara glared at him, "Look Dragon boy, we just give the prophecies; we don't interpret them."

"Yeah, but-"

"Sorry Jake, but you're going to have to figure this one out yourself."said Sara. Suddenly their eyes glowed golden.

"By the way; Watch out for water mains." They said in unison.

Jake and the others looked at them, puzzled.

"Well that was new." said Fu dog.

"Uh...," said Jake "So was that a good thing or a bad thing?"

"We don't know, but you'll find out soon enough." said Sara with a giggle, "Oh, by the way-" Her eyes glowed gold again, "One of you won't be coming back this time." She stared into Jake's eyes as she said this. He didn't like the way she was looking at him.

He gulped, "Wh, what'd you mean 'won't be coming back this time?'"

"I don't really know," she said, then she giggled again, "but that just makes things all the more exciting! Don't you think so?"

"So," said Fu, "Anything else gonna happen that we should know about?"

Kara looked at him. "You're gonna win the lottery next week." she said, "her-ray, for you."

Fu dog jumped ten feet in the air yelling "WHA-HOO!!!"

Then Sara said, "Then you're gonna get stomped on by a unicorn! Oooh, I hope your health insurance covers that."

"Uh...but I still win the lottery, right?"

"Nope," said Sara with a giggle, "Because the unicorn eats your lottery ticket! Sorry."

"Yep, that figures." said Fu.

"Good luck Dragon boy; you're gonna need it." said Kara, and with that; they turned and walked out the door...