Chapter 1

The names Ranger. Or at least thats my street name. My full name is Ricardo Carlos Manoso, Ranger's better. Ranger is feared, has respect and is street smart.

The woman I love is acting a little weird. Her name is Stephanie Plum.

I don't know what to do, earlier tonight we had a distraction job. She went in and lured this guy out. The guys name is Marco DeLache. It doesn't matter what he did it's how the night went down.


She strutted in wearing her little black dress. I watched her from the shadows as she sat in the seat next to him. She appeared to be talking to him, I could hear her over the mike. "Hey Marco."

"Garcia? Garcia Loswegas?" She stiffened.

"Stephanie. Marco, why'd you skip your court date?"

"Stupid fucking date, nobody cares about a date. Garcia, when was my date exactly? Because I ignored the judge, I was listening to my ipod." He said in rapid spanish.

"Sorry Marco. It doesn't matter if you didn't remember or if you were listening to music. You understand that I have to bring you in right?"

"Si Garci-"

"Stephanie." She said cutting him a look.

"Stephanie." She nodded then made a gesture towards her cleavage. He nodded in response.


"I was born ready." With that they linked arms and walked out.

End Flashback

She listened to spanish and responded. All week my men had been teasing her in spanish. She didn't say anything about understanding. I want to know if she really does know spanish, I want to know why he called her Garcia also.

I logged onto the search program in my office and typed in her name. Stephanie Michelle Plum. The information filled the screen. Parents, Frank and Ellen Plum, sister Valerie Plum. According to the database she moved here when she was 21, where from is unknown. She was not born here and this . Hmmm. Garcia Loswegas. I typed that into the program as well.

Born October 27th 1976, Parents listed as Carlos DeLache and Maria DeLache, brother Marco DeLache. Shit. She changed her last name when she was married. There was information from preschool, to her medical reports. Miscarriage. She had a miscarriage.

I read on, Says she lost her unborn child when she was hit by a drunken driver. After the miscarriage she enrolled in the Army. She was in the Military for three years, 18-21. She was at the top of the class in the military and had the opportunity to go into special forces but turned it down and left. Thats like me. Her records end there.

Babe, my babe, was pregnant at one point and was in the military. She knows spanish and acts like she knows none. She doesn't even carry her gun!

There was a knock at my door. "Come in."

The door opened and my second in command Tank walked in. "Bombshell's back from dropping off Marco. Thought you might want to know."

I nodded and he left. I defiantly want to talk to her.

I just had this Idea. I don't know if it's any good, but...I write all my ideas down, some I put on. :D