Hey. LightningHunter's re-written the first three chapters.

Well, Gamasenshi calls Naruto "Captain" this time round.

Chapter I: Inner Toad

The Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, staggered back from the jutsu he had just performed. The Kyuubi had been sealed into a newborn child, his child.

"You may have five minutes mortal, and nothing else!" said the voice of Shinigami.

"Gamabunta...to the hospital...I want to see Naruto and Sarutobi...one last time."

"I'll miss you as well, blondie," said Gamabunta, and with a few bounds, was by the hospital. He stopped by a certain ward, and the Yondaime entered through the window, meeting Sarutobi, the baby Naruto in his arms.

"Minato...but...you're alive...! But that jutsu-!"

"He gave me a couple of minutes," answered Minato hastily. "...Sandaime, I want my son to be seen as much a hero as I will probably be seen. That's my only request. Okay."

"I will inform the council. Your last words won't be forgotten."

Gamabunta idly blew a stream of smoke from his mouth. "It won't work. Humans aren't that sensible. The boy will be alone, and you know it."

"You can't be serious," said Minato, before he gave a hacking cough.

"You have too much faith in people."

"Why do you tell me this?" asked the Yondaime.

"Because...because...Jiraiya thought it was that kid he met in Rain, but...something tells me, that this boy will change the world as we know it. And the toads will always be with him."

And with Gamabunta's oath for his people, a sudden glow appeared around him, which flowed to the newborn.

"Ribbit," croaked Naruto, before falling asleep again.

"What- what was that?"

"The toads are his friends now," said Gamabunta solemnly.

"...Cool," said Minato, a slight grin on his face, before he took Naruto from Sarutobi. "I'm sorry for what I did. Your mother would never forgive me, but please, Naruto, could you?" His sigh was long. "Goodbye...son."

The Yondaime choked again, before quickly handing Naruto back to the Sandaime. He staggered to the window, and collapsed, as his soul flowed away, into the mouth of the Shinigami. Gamabunta disappeared, with his summoner dead.

Sarutobi summoned some ninja to take away the body of the former Hokage for his funeral, and meanwhile, he took Naruto to address the village.

Twelve years have passed since the fall of the Yondaime, and the sealing of the Kyuubi. Konohagakure slowly recovered from the death and destruction, and the village was now its normal, calming, cheery place.

Calming...as of ten minutes ago.

"Naruto!" screamed a chunnin, chasing the hooligan. "You won't get away with this!"

"Get back here, you little brat!" shouted another, also in the chase.

"Sorry guys, but just 'cause you're jealous doesn't mean you can catch me!" shouted the hyperactive blonde, wheeling around to display the well-known middle finger salute at his pursuers. "Right Gamasenshi!"

The toad perched on Naruto's head croaked at him, but Naruto could understand him perfectly.

"Damn straight captain!"

The chuunin duo came back to the ground level, after chasing the boy across the rooftops. They sprinted past a few fences...only for Naruto to reveal that he was hiding himself there as they missed him.

"Heh, losers or what?!" said Naruto. "Hell, no one's good enough to find me! Heck, I'm invincible!"

"Surprise, Naruto." A hand clamped down onto Naruto's shoulders, and the boy turned to see his instructor, Iruka standing there, looking very annoyed.

"Oh, uh, what a surprise to see you, Iruka-sensei," said Naruto, desperately trying to search through his mind to find some excuse. And speaking of his mind, he didn't know he thought of ramen that much.

"Back to the academy," said Iruka, dragging a protesting Naruto along, while the traitorous toad Gamasenshi actually had the audacity to chortle at him.

Once they had arrived back in their classroom at the Academy, Iruka, once again proved why every single student hated teachers, by punishing the entire class for one student's actions.

Namely, he forced them all to do a Transformation Test, causing all students to groan as they got to the front of the class in an "orderly" line.

"This is your fault, toad boy," said Ino.

"...Ino, look, Sasuke's going to make out with Sakura," replied Naruto boredly.

"What!? Where?! How dare she?! How dare he?!" Ino started screeching.

"Ino!" barked Iruka. "Detention afterschool!"

"Damn you..." muttered Ino, directing her comment at both Iruka and Naruto.

"This is so troublesome..." grumbled the lazy Shikamaru.

"Naruto, your turn!" commanded Iruka.

Naruto wondered about whether Iruka should be a military instructor, the way he barked his orders. He cracked a grin at the thought of Iruka wearing khaki and a helmet, shouting: "Drop and give me twenty!"

"Naruto, I said it's your turn!"

"What? Oh yeah, yeah..."

There was suddenly a great cloud of smoke, that didn't dissipate.

"Holy..." 'Please don't let him explode, please don't let him explode!' prayed Iruka.

The smoke began to clear away...to reveal a very attractive and very naked blonde girl, who seductively blew a kiss at Iruka.

"Gah!" Iruka, blood dripping from his nose, flew backwards into his own desk.

"Iruka-sensei, I didn't know you were a pervert! What kind of example are you setting for the children!"

"Stop making stupid techniques!"

The next day, the academy students were going through their genin examinations. Naruto, being second-last in the register, was about to finish his test.

Sadly for him, it was the Clone Jutsu, something he was hopeless at, due to the fact his chakra was simply too uncontrolled.

At the end of the day, Naruto was simply brooding- in a manner he had actually copied from Sasuke- on his swing, while his toad tried to cheer him up.

"Come on captain, something will turn up!"

"No it won't..."

"Naruto," said a voice, and Naruto glanced up to see Mizuki.

"Hey..." he greeted dully.

"Look Naruto, don't blame Iruka. He was just trying to watch out for you. After all, he can't send an unprepared person into the big world out there."

"Yeah..." said Naruto, privately not agreeing.

"...how about I tell you the secondary way of passing the test?"

"There's a secondary way?!" said Naruto, jumping up.

"Hah, I told ya something would turn up!"

"Okay… this is what you do."

After seeking a forbidden scroll, Naruto proceeded to learn the Shadow Clone Jutsu. However, Iruka then arrived, revealing that Mizuki had lied, and the treacherous teacher Mizuki suddenly arrived, who then revealed that Naruto was the container of the Kyuubi- well, actually he said that it had been sealed in Naruto, thus making Naruto the Kyuubi. Iruka then took a giant shuriken to the back for Naruto, before eventually settling down with Mizuki for the final showdown...

Sadly, Iruka was about to be killed, due to the fact he was injured.

And Mizuki was still taking his time to explain how Naruto was a demon.

"You're right...that's what monsters do," said Iruka.

Naruto's head sank. Iruka...didn't care about him? Iruka thought he was a demon?

"But not Naruto."

Naruto's head shot up as quickly as it had gone down.

"He's not a monster. He's no demon. He's Uzumaki Naruto, of Konohagakure. At one day, he'll be Uzumaki Naruto, Hokage!"

Naruto and Gamasenshi were sobbing with happiness. It was beautiful...yet somewhat ...corny, for lack of a better word.

"You know, I was gonna kill you after the little demon, but you're just annoying me! Die!" yelled Mizuki, charging with his oversized shuriken.

"Stay away, dumbass!" shouted Naruto, appearing in front of Mizuki, and kicked him in the jaw.

Mizuki fell back, before quickly standing, rubbing his jaw slightly. "That was a lucky shot! Now you're here, I'll take the scroll, and kill all three of you!"

"Anything you to do to Iruka-sensei or Gamasenshi… I'll pay back a thousand fold!"

"Oh yeah? Show me what you can do, Kyuubi!"

"Mass Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

Mizuki gulped, as he saw the thousand Narutos surround him.

"Well, if you're not going to attack..." shouted a Naruto.

"We'll go first!"

Mizuki's screams were heard far and wide.

Dawn broke, and a single Naruto stood over a battered up Mizuki.

"Okay, maybe I overdid it...heheheheh..." said Naruto, scratching the back of his head nervously.

"Hey...Naruto, come over here," called Iruka, and he waited for Naruto to approach. "I want to give you something. Close your eyes."

Naruto did so, feeling something like his goggles being pulled off his head and something placed there.

"Okay, open."

Naruto opened his eyes, to see Iruka without his forehead protector. He immediately raised his hand to his brow, feeling the metal of the Konoha headband.

"Congratulations!" said Iruka, giving him a thumbs-up. "You graduate! I'm supposed to give you a really boring and long lecture at this point, but screw that, let's get some ramen!"

Since Naruto's class was graduating, there was no need for them to be in the Academy the entire day. As it were, their teams would be told to them in the late morning, they could do things like sleep in, or in Naruto's case...

"Holy-!" Naruto gazed at the remains of his precious jumpsuit. It was horribly mauled, and he realised it hadn't been such a good idea to try taunting those dogs with meat from his ramen.

"Yo, captain!" croaked Gamasenshi. "Wear the outfit."

"But that's only for nightly pranks!" protested Naruto. "If I wear that, everyone will know that the "Nightmare's Terror" is me!"

"Yeah, about that captain...since it has orange and toads on it, who else could it be? They always knew, I just lied to make you feel better about it."

"Damn you!" cursed Naruto, as he changed out of his mauled outfit into the "Nightmare's Terror".

First, a black undershirt, that covered every last inch of his torso, even covering up to his fingers, to the top of his neck. Over it, he wore a sleeveless orange shirt, with the Toad kanji on the back, and a cartoon green toad on the front. Finally, the standard ninja pants, in black.

He usually wore a burglar mask as part of his "Nightmare's Terror" disguise, but seeing as the disguise didn't work, it was probably pointless, and so he chucked the mask straight into the bin.

"Ready Gamasenshi!" said Naruto, locking his front door and climbing to a rooftop.

'Ludicrous Speed!' shouted the toad.

Naruto went like he had been fired from a cannon, practically firing himself from rooftop to rooftop. It wasn't long before he was close to the Academy...but wasn't stopping.

"Okay, class," said Iruka, picking up his trusty clipboard. "I- What was that?" He said, after hearing a strange noise.

Suddenly, an orange-yellow blur burst through the window, landing with a crash on a desk.

To be precise, Kiba's desk.

"Bring it on, you little crazy mutt!" shouted Gamasenshi at Akamaru. "I'm the frickin Kung Fu Toad!"

"You will not defeat me this time! I am here to claim my family's honour! For I am...the Honourable Dog!" yelled Akamaru.

"Yeah, bring it on! I'll kick you like when I kicked your father in his scrotum!" replied Gamasenshi.

The two began grappling, and Naruto and Kiba pulled them apart, Naruto climbing off the desk as well, before taking a seat on the same desk as Sasuke, only not next to him.

"Eh? Naruto, what are you doing here? This is for people who passed," said Shikamaru from behind him.

"Look at the headband," said Naruto cheerfully, before he flashed his middle finger at the lazy Nara.


Suddenly, a troop of girls flew through the door, suddenly surrounding Naruto's desk...oh wait, it was Sasuke's desk to them. Bloody fangirls. They wouldn't take notice of Naruto unless they thought of him in yaoi scenes with Sasuke.

Naruto shuddered at the very thought, and every other straight male in the class did so, sensing the horror of yaoi scenes.

Strangely enough, a certain individual named Gai suddenly announced that he had thought of something particularly "youthful."

And the fan-girls were bickering...

"I'll sit next to Sasuke-kun!"

"No I will!"

"I will!"




"Ugly wh-"

"For the love of Kami, how about the lot of you rearrange this phrase and apply it to yourselves: "UP... SHUT"!" screamed Naruto.

"You bas- eh? What's up with that stupid cartoon toad, toad boy?" said Ino. "You should stick with...the black shirt," she said, poking the dark fabric on his arm. "Oh, wait. This is your Nightmare's Terror outfit."

"Hey, stop that," complained Naruto, annoyed with the...poking.

"But you look good," protested Ino. "I could just imagine you and Sasuke-kun-"

The fangirls suddenly stopped with dreamy looks in their eyes and giggled, as Naruto was on the verge of throwing up...as was every other straight male in the room.

And even more strangely enough, that certain individual named Gai suddenly gathered his team in a group hug, claiming it was the "youthfulness" of the moment.


"And Team 7, Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke."

"No!" shouted Sakura, standing up. "Iruka-sensei, why do Sasuke-kun and me have to be held back because of this stupid toad boy Naruto? He didn't even graduate!"

Iruka grinned inwardly, before stating: "Well, Sakura, Naruto was able to learn a jounin-level technique in under an hour, and defeated a renegade ninja, all yesterday, and I decided he was more than qualified to be a Genin. So, really, I hope you and Sasuke aren't holding Naruto back."

The class sat silent for a full thirty seconds, setting a record never seen before in the Academy, second of course, to back in old '83, when the students never showed up, thus making the Academy the quietest it had ever been.

'The hell?' thought Sasuke. 'The dead-last...? Hmm...I'll see how strong he actually is...'

Iruka then finished rattling on about the other teams, and then the students swarmed out of their class, eager for lunch.

Sakura-and just about every other girl in the class- was about to approach Sasuke and ask him to have lunch with her, when the class noticed Sasuke move towards Naruto.

"You. Dead-last," said Sasuke, arrogant superiority in every tone. "Fight me."

"Eh? Why?"

"Because I want to see whether it was true that you could defeat a renegade ninja," said Sasuke.

"Two rules then," said Naruto. "One, taijutsu only. Two, no killing or permanent damage. Deal?"


The two faced off, waiting for the wind to blow so they could have a properly traditional fight.

"Hey, Gamasenshi, is it time to use that style?"

"Yeah captain, beat his ass, then I'll beat that little mutt's ass..." Gamasenshi trailed off, glaring at Akamaru, who growled back.

Naruto changed his stance out of what had been a cross between the Academy stance and a basic street brawler, to what looked like a crouching stance.

"I know you like toads, and maybe can talk to them, but this is just ridiculous," said Sasuke. "Toad taijutsu? Guess you really are a toad boy."

Naruto leapt forward, a powerful kick landing on Sasuke's chest, sending the Uchiha into the fence.

"You're gonna lose, especially if you underestimate me," said Naruto, cracking his fist in his most menacing manner.

"I needed a new training log anyway...this is perfect," said Sasuke, also changing his stance.

"That style? It'd work better if you had your kekkai genkai, hmm?"

The two commenced their battle, clashing, Naruto using powerful kicks and swipes with his hands, and Sasuke was punching and kicking, but his kicks could not stand up to Naruto's.

Eventually the two broke away, panting.

"So...your "Toad Taijutsu" is able to equal the Uchiha style...you invented this?" demanded Sasuke.

"Hey, Gamasenshi helped me with it... and although it's incomplete, I suppose yours is as well, since you can't use your bloodline. But now...let's end this..."

The two leapt at each other, their fists held back ready to strike...