Two rather tipsy imperial officers discuss why their side always ends up with the most unpleasant force wielders.

Lieutenant Jecib Smyt snorted indignantly. "What do you mean you wish we had Luke Skywalker? He's the worst flaming Rebel of the lot!"

"All the rebels like him though, and he's loyal to them. Anyone here like Joruus C'Baoth? I met him once, and he gave me the creeps. As for Darth Vader, I've heard he'd as soon kill you as look at you." Second Lieutenant Tonas Biggs shuddered.

"Joruus C'Baoth was a right ryshcate, from all I've heard." Smyt said.

"Yeah." Both officers stare at the wall.

"Why does our side never have any force-wielders who are normal - like, you can imagine going out for a drink with them after a battle?" Biggs asked. "It's not fair."

"Skywalker's probably just as nasty as our lot – its rebel propaganda that they're otherwise. Power corrupts, you know." Smyt added knowingly.

"and absolute power… uh, never mind." Biggs went rather red. They both drank again.