Tragically Beautiful

Chapter4: Bring the Inner Beauty Out

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Darlee's eyes shot open at the sound of her alarm clock. She slapped at it until it stopped that annoying beeping sound. She looked over to see Maria still asleep in the queen sized bed beside hers. Darlee looked out the window, the sky was cloudy and it was raining outside, and she also noticed the grumbling sound in her stomach. Darlee sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed. She put her glasses on and then went to get ready.

About fifteen minutes later, Darlee was dressed and ready to go get some breakfast. As soon as the door shut, Maria sat up and dialed a number on her cell phone.

"Okay, she's gone. How much did you buy?" Maria studied her nails.

"How does six hundred dollars sound?" Torrie asked from the other line.

"You spent six hundred dollars on makeup?" Maria laughed.

Candice grabbed the phone from Torrie. "We weren't sure what colors would look right on her, so we bought one of everything, except for foundation."

Maria heard a beep on her phone. "Candice hold on a second, Kel is calling me." Maria pressed the send button and spoke with Kelly. "How are you, and Brooke coming along?" She asked with curiosity.

"We're going to have to kidnap her earlier, I need her to try these clothes on." Kelly huffed into the phone.

"Alright, we'll figure something out." Maria blew kisses into the phone and then hung up.

Meanwhile, Darlee was walking down the hotel hallway. She got on the elevator and pressed the button for the main floor.

"Hold the door!" She heard someone call out. She quickly pressed the 'door open' button. The door dinged and opened again, only to reveal a relieved Randy Orton. He looked up to see Darlee. He smiled. "Hey, what are you doing here?"

Darlee rolled her eyes. "Well, it's pretty crazy, but I'm staying in this hotel like the rest of the staff." Darlee was surprised at herself for the sarcastic comment, she didn't know why, but she felt most comfortable in the company of Randy.

Randy stepped into the elevator. "Uh, of course you're staying here…at the hotel. I meant what were you doing up so early." He corrected. Darlee raised an eyebrow at him, he looked sort of nervous.

"I was just going to head out to get some breakfast while the others were still asleep." If Darlee only knew what they were up to." She stepped off of the elevator on the main floor, with Randy close behind her. She stepped out of the door out into the rain…the rain! She hadn't even thought about bringing an umbrella.

Suddenly, here was a pop noise next to her. Darlee looked over at Randy; he had a large black umbrella over his head.

"It's a lot drier under here you know." He smirked, and Darlee blushed. She stepped under the umbrella and quietly thanked Randy for his generosity. The two made the walk across the parking lot to Darlee's car. They got in laughing and talking. Darlee pulled her wet hair out of the ponytail and squeezed it as dry as possible. Randy watched her as she took off her glasses to wipe them dry. In that split moment the gray light coming into the car lit her eyes up and made her appear angelic. Darlee turned to look at Randy. "What? Is there something on my face?"

Randy laughed. "No, its nothing." He quickly turned to look out the window.

"Getting tired of the Divas?" He asked, referring back to their conversation in the elevator.

Darlee pulled the car out of the parking space and headed out onto the street. "No, they just remind me of my sister Dixie sometimes." Randy noticed that when she said 'sometimes' the 'I' sound was dragged out with a southern drawl.

"Why do you do that?" He asked her.

"Do what?" She looked confused.

"Hide your accent, it's cute." Darlee sighed.

"I didn't always hide ma accent you know." She ad let her southern drawl come totally out.

"Well, why did you start?" Randy asked.

"I didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb with the city people in New York. I was already going to have a hard time because of my who my parents are." Darlee quickly realized what she had said.

"Who are your parents?" He asked.

"My mother is friends with the Dean of F.I.T." Darlee told him. It was true, her mother was friends with the dean of the school, Darlee just left out the part about the two million dollar donation her mother made to the school the year before Darlee applied. "But after I started designing, it was clear to everyone that I had that talent." Darlee pulled the car to a stop at a red light.

Randy couldn't help but notice the smile on her face when she talked about designing fashion.

"Maybe you could make me something sometime." He smiled at her.

Darlee glanced over at him and began to laugh.


"I'm good, but not that good, menswear is a specialty that I haven't even come close to mastering, and I'm not wasting my time with it." Randy shook his head at her honesty.

"What, you just don't feel like it?" He asked playfully. Darlee turned and looked at him for a second and rolled her gray eyes. "If you must know, not only do I not feel like it, but I don't have the right taste for men's clothing or for men in that matter." She mumbled the last part.

"What was that?" Randy asked.


"So, what's so bad about your sister Danny, was her name?" He asked.

"Dixie, Dixie is my older sister." Darlee turned into a parking space. "There's nothing bad about her, she's a just a bit on the high maintenance side, and she's kind of spoiled." Darlee shrugged her shoulders as she started to get out of the car. Randy grabbed her arm and made her stay in the seat before he opened his door, and then his umbrella, and dashed around to her side of the car. He then guided her out of the car under the umbrella and closed the door for her. Darlee looked at him and smiled. "Quite the gentlemen."

Randy smiled back at her. "I've got a mother and a sister, of course I am."


Darlee came back to the hotel humming a song to herself. Breakfast with Randy had been the best breakfast she'd ever had. Randy had been such a gentleman, he was funny, they both liked sports, however, Darlee was a Dallas cowboys fan, while Randy was a St. Louis Rams fan. They had talked about everything from television and movies, to books. Darlee found out that Randy's favorite book was Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, it surprised her because Randy didn't strike her as the reading type. Darlee sighed as she stepped onto the elevator. Before, she just thought he was cute. It had now become a full on crush. She really liked Randy, but she knew he could never be physically attracted to her, she wasn't that girl, and after her past experience, Darlee had had enough of athletes with cute faces. Sure, Randy was incredibly good looking and sweet, but he reminded her of…him, she couldn't get passed it. Darlee looked up as Dave Batista got on the elevator. He smiled when he saw Darlee and she smiled back.

Dave seemed like a nice guy; he was one of the first people to introduce themselves to her. Dave would usually make small talk with her in the hallway to make her feel more comfortable, and now; here they stood in the rising elevator in total silence.

Dave turned to Darlee. "Look, Darlee, I've been meaning to ask you something…" He started.

Darlee smiled unsurely at what he was about to say. "Which is…."

He nervously stuck his hands in his pockets, and nervously looked down. "Would you like to have dinner…with me?" He asked her.

Darlee thought for a moment, she had sworn off the young baby-faced athletes, but Dave seemed much more mature. Dave really did know how to treat a girl, he had always shown Darlee respect. "I would love to Dave, that's really sweet of you." Darlee smiled

"Great, how about after the show?" Dave asked.

Darlee smiled, "Yeah sure, see you at the arena Dave." She said.

"Yeah see you." Dave said with a sexy grin.

Darlee smiled as the elevator got to her floor and she walked out. She walked to the hotel room and unlocked it.

When the door to her room opened, Darlee had expected to see the Divas up and hanging out in the room, but it was surprisingly dark and quiet.

"Maria? Are you up?" She called into the room. She waited a few moments, but got no response. She listened carfully to see if she could hear any sound from Torrie and Candice's room next door, but she still got nothing. Darlee sighed and stepped into the room, closing the door behind herself with a soft click. Darlee flicked on the lights. The first thing she saw in the room was the seemingly endless sea of designer clothing bags filled to the top with names like Dior and Vera Wang on them. Darlee walked more into the room, closer to the bags. She felt herself be grabbed and thrust into a chair. Kelly and Brooke held her down as Candice started to tie her wrists to the arms of the chair, and then her ankles.

"What the hell is going on!" Darlee screamed.

Maria bent down in front of her with a smile. "We're kidnapping you." She said happily. "Lighten up sweetie, we're giving you the makeover of a lifetime." Maria clasped her hands together excitedly.

"You guys think I'm ugly?" Darlee asked.

Maria knelt in front of her and held onto her shoulders. "No, we think you're fuckin' gorgeous. We need you to see that you're fuckin gorgeous too." Maria smiled.

Darlee sat down in a chair and the girls began to work on their masterpiece. Torrie she first removed Darlee's glasses, and then got started in on her makeup. First she put on the foundation, then black mascara and eyeliner, an olive green eye shadow on her eyes and a pinkish-red lip gloss for her lips. Torrie started putting in the fake eyelashes, the expensive ones that had to be done one lash at a time with tweezers, as Torrie went along, she explained to Darlee how to do it, so she could do it on her own. Darlee couldn't believe they were doing all of this for her.

"Can you guys untie me please? I'm getting a cramp in my leg." Darlee begged, Candice sighed and untied her so Darlee could stand to stretch.

As Darlee stretched, her vintage Led Zepplin t-shirt rode up and exposed a scar on her mid section. The divas all stared at it, trying to figure out what it was. Darlee looked around at them. "If you want to know, I'll just tell you." She shrugged as she sat down.

The five Divas all looked down slightly embarrassed. "Sorry, we didn't mean to stare." Maria apologized.

"It's okay," Darlee smiled reassuringly.

"Do, what is it from?" Candice asked.

Darlee sighed, she couldn't keep him a secret forever. "It's my c-section scar." She told them.

"You have a kid?" Brooke asked surprised.

Darlee smiled as she thought of her son and nodded. "I have a son, his name is Kristian and he's turning four in a few months." Darlee said with a smile.

"Really?" Maria asked as she curled a piece of hair on Darlee's head. "You don't really look like you were pregnant at all." She said.

"When I broke things off with his father, I started taking early morning jogs." Darlee explained, once again hiding her accent a bit. Candice to give her a look, "Hon don't hide your accent the boys go crazy for that little southen drawl." Candice told her, trying her best to imitate Darlee's accent.

"Really?" Darlee asked.

"You bet your Alabama ass they do. Hold still so I don't burn you." Maria rolled another lock of dark hair around the curling iron.

"Oh right, sorry." Darlee swiveled her head back to facing straight.

"Darlee suck in your cheeks like a fish kiss." Torrie instructed as she swept the brush across Darlee's cheeks, emblazoning them with a light pink color blush.

"What about the father?" Kelly asked.

"I don't really keep in touch with him." Darlee said, the girls could tell that she didn't want to persist with the subject of her son's father, so they decided to drop it. "He goes to see Kristian at my grandparents' house when I'm not with him."

"Oh." Brooke said.

Torrie smiled and started to put on the pinkish-red lip gloss. Once that was done, Brooke handed Darlee her outfit and her accessories. Darlee came out of the bathroom wearing a long sleeved Chanel black and white sweater, white cargo short-shorts, and a pair of black wedges with the white Chanel emblem on the heel. Her accessories were a simple long strand of pearls around her neck, matching black and white bracelets, and a pair of simple silver hoops. The last step was for Darlee to put in her contact lenses, as soon as she did, she could see herself clearly in the mirror. Darlee could barely recognize the girl staring back at her, with the luscious hair, and the captivating gray eyes. The most shocking part was the breasts, the push up bra they had bought her made her b cup look like a c cup. Darlee reminded herself of her mother, she had the same gray glassy eyes that made her mother famous.

Maria leaned down to her side and placed her hands on her shoulders. "What do you think?" She asked.

Darlee was speechless. "Wow…this is so sweet guys, thank you." Darlee smiled as the others cracked smiles too.

"You're going to have Randy eating out of the palm of your hand." Candice told her as she looked at her own hair in the mirror.

Maria looked over Darlee, mission accomplished. Darlee was an absolute knockout, now the trick was getting her to believe it.

"What if I don't want him to?" Darlee flopped on the bed, letting her feet dangle off the end. "What if I want someone else?" She watched the divas' sideways expressions. They all looked confused and couldn't catch on.

"You like someone else?" Kelly asked.

Darlee nodded her head as much as her position on her stomach would allow. "I got asked out this afternoon."

The Divas all looked at her shocked. "Who?" They asked in unison.

Darlee hesitated before telling them. "Dave, Dave Batista."

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