How did I end up here?

Just one week ago I was on a quest for the sacred jewel shards, alongside Inuyasha, Sango, Kirara, Miroku, and Shippo. And now… I'm here.

Three years have gone by since I found Inuyasha bound to the sacred tree. Since then, I've developed my priestess powers, made my senses shaper, and gown into a woman of 18.

But I do know HOW I got here, physically, just not mentally.

A week ago I was madly in love with Inuyasha. Now… I'm not.

A week ago I hated Kikyo. Now… I don't.

A week ago I was impassive to Kouga. Now… I'm not.

So what exactly happened between now and a week ago? I'll show you.

"Kagome? Where are you going?" Sango asked me.

I stopped and turned around to answer the other woman, "I'm going to find Inuyasha. He's been gone for too long."

Sango gave me a discouraging frown and said, "Just be careful, okay?"

"Okay," I simply replied and turned back around, walking into the forest.

I had been walking for about 15 minutes, just walking along the dirt path through the forest when my thoughts wondered to what Sango had said. 'Just be careful, okay?' Did she really mean my physical well-being, or my mental well-being? It's true that when Inuyasha runs off like he did, it's usually because he knows that Kikyo's around.

He probably was with Kikyo… that dog.

My mind kept pondering the subject when I heard Inuyasha's voice. He sounded… like he was in pain! I ran to the groans and when I finally reached the source, I felt like my heart would split into millions of pieces.

There, before my very eyes, was Inuyasha and Kikyo… making love.

I burst out into tears and ran as quickly as I could from the repulsing scene. I heard Inuyasha calling Kikyo's name in passion, and her calling right back. That made me cry harder and run faster. I had no idea which direction I was going, nor did I care. I just wanted to get as far away from them as I possibly could. I started crying even harder, if that is possible, and I started running blindly, bumping into trees and tripping over roots.

I had to of been running for a good twenty minutes when I finally hit a tree so hard that I had to sit down. I wanted to keep running, but my body was exhausted. I don't remember anything else so I assume that I cried myself to sleep.

I woke up many hours later on soft, comfortable furs. I wondered if I had possibly died in my sleep, but thought better of it, and sat up. I looked around and saw an unfamiliar setting. At first, I assumed that some villager found me and brought me to their village, but then I saw the curious-looking wolf at the end of the bed.

I was confused for a moment, wondering if my mind was playing tricks on me, but then I took in the room as a whole. I was in the corner of the huge, airy room, on the bed of furs, which looked big enough for quite a few people. The floor was mostly flat rock, but some spots were covered with dried grass. The walls were also flat rock along with the roof, when it finally all clicked: Kouga's den.

This was perfect! I could be isolated for a little while and not have to see… Inuyasha. I started crying because the name hurt my heart, stabbing it again and again. The wolf at the end of the bed walked across the furs and sat right next to me. It whined and started cuddling my side. I couldn't help myself, so I hugged the wolf close and cried into its neck.

I stayed like that until I heard the voice that always made me feel loved… Kouga's. No matter how much I rejected him, he still loved me. That always made me smile.

The Wolf Prince walked into the room and looked at the wolf and me. He said something in the wolf language to the wolf I was hugging and the wolf gently pulled away from me and licked my cheek, bringing a light smile to my face. I watched the wolf leave and then looked to Kouga, who was now sitting at the edge of the furs.

"What wolf was that?" I asked.

"Ryouta," Kouga replied. "I asked him to watch you while I was gone."

"Oh," I was slightly embarrassed, for I knew that Kouga could smell my tears.

"Why were you crying?"

There it is. See? I knew he couldn't miss the 'stench' Inuyasha hated. "I'm sorry if you're offended by the smell…"

"Offended by the smell?" Kouga tipped his head slightly to the left, just like a puppy.

"Well… Inuyasha says that tears have a horrible smell," I could barley say HIS name aloud.

"They aren't very pleasant to smell… but you're wonderful scent is so wonderful, I can't focus on any other smell…" he smirked. He was always trying to sweet talk me…

I slightly blushed at his statement and suddenly found my hands very interesting.

"You still haven't answered my question…"

"Oh, right…" I felt like crying again, "I'd rather not talk about it…"

"Did mutt-face do something stupid?"

I nodded.

"Then stay here as long as you like," he gave me a genuine smile, and I couldn't help but think of how handsome he was at that moment.

A/n: So… how is it so far? I'd love for you to tell me…. Please! I can take flames and praise since this is like, what? My fourth fic? It is! Holy Crap! Anyways, this is just the beginning, and a small taste of what is to come.

And for those of you that are wondering, 'Why didn't Inuyasha smell Kagome when he and Kikyo were making love?' Well, in the first episode when Inuyasha thinks that Kagome is Kikyo, he says that she has Kikyo's scent. So since Inuyasha was so…engrossed in Kikyo's smell at the time, he probably wouldn't have noticed Kagome's VERY similar one.