After a severely awkward moment when I realized that Kouga had indeed known I was mentally raping him, I hopped over his laid-out form to grab my school clothes.

No doubt he could smell certain things emanating from me... crap.

I quickly changed into one of my spare high school uniforms, considering the one I'd worn five days before was still centuries away from my grasp. I peaked into my room to find Kouga with his normal armor on and smirking at me.

He kept smirking all through our 'unusual' breakfast, as Kouga called it. I then explained that I had to go to school for the day and left him in the care of my mother. He didn't seem too happy to see me leave without him, but didn't complain like another demon I know.

I spent the day turning in late homework assignments, garnering more homework, dodging Hojo, and giving excuses to my friends. Friends who kept bugging me about my two-timing, silver-haired, gang-driven boyfriend. Not helpful to my mental state, especially since the interrogation went on between ever-trying lectures.

When my final class ended, I basically ran back home. I didn't really know why I was so determined to get home quickly that day, but I think it was to assure myself that Inuyasha wasn't the one waiting for me.

Souta beat me home from my old middle school and greeted me in the kitchen with a smile and handed me a handwritten note from my mom.

It said:

I took Kouga out to the market, be back soon after you get home. Love, mom.

"What?" I practically yelled, scaring Souta a bit.

"It'll be fine, Kagome. Inuyasha goes out all the time when you're not around," he tried to calm me down as I furiously dialed my mother's cell phone number.

While it rang, I heard the front doors slide open and the familiar voices of my wolf demon and mother.

My wolf demon?

"Kagome? Souta? Are you both home?" my mother called, then saw both of us round a corner into their sight.

Then I saw Kouga, in modern clothes. (I would have killed my mother if she had taken him out in that fur skirt and armor... Inuyasha looked weird enough in his fire rat robe.) His hair was the same, minus his trademark furry headband, making me even more curious as to whether the matching leg-warmer things came off. He wore one of my dad's old t-shirts, even though it was a couple of sizes too small and showed off his muscled arms. He also wore some black slacks, from my father or brother I wasn't sure, but they were a tad too short for his height. His feet were bare, however. Guess mom couldn't convince him to put shoes on or she was worried that his sharp toenails would tear through.

He looked a bit odd, at least he did to me. But it was cute.

Then I asked, "Where's your tail at?"

He grinned and turned to show off his larger-than-normal butt.

"We made it seem like he had a large backside," my mom giggled, then told Kouga he could pull his tail out, making him sigh in relief.

"It hurts to have it all folded up like that," he said, then gave his tail a few strokes, then letting it fall back behind him. I wondered if his tail could feel loving strokes...

We walked back to the kitchen and put away the groceries as we talked.

"I can't believe you took him out, mom!" I said as I tried to discretely catch glances at Kouga's form.

"Well, he wanted to see a little more of the world, and he blended in just fine. He fit pretty well in your father's old clothes," she smiled back at Kouga. "He was quite the gentleman. I'll have to go out and get him some better-fitting clothes for next time."

I knew I should have said that there would not be a 'next time,' but I really wanted there to be a next time. My family, even grandpa, liked Kouga. They never spoke of Inuyasha like this.

Souta wanted to show Kouga some of his video games, giving me and mom a good opportunity to talk.

"Kagome, Kouga told me about Inuyasha and you," she said, turning from her preparations to make dinner to face me.

I turned as well, then sat, feeling where this conversation was going. "What did he tell you?"

"How he found you. How you stayed with him... and what happened with Inuyasha," she sat as well, then put her frail hand on my bow-calloused one. "Kagome, are you alright?"

I nodded, thinking about the last five days in my head. "I found Inuyasha being intimate with Kikyo, and then, after I had been with Kouga for awhile, he was perfectly comfortable with her in the travel group."

She waited, encouraging me to go on silently.

"But... while it still feels awful that he wants Kikyo... I think I am okay with it. Kouga's been with me... and has been nothing but wonderful to me... Everything is just kind of fuzzy and it all has happened so fast."

"Well, darling... I did like Inuyasha, but after he has hurt you, and is okay with hurting you, I don't really like him anymore."


"Seriously, Kagome. I only want someone to be with you if they are wholly dedicated to you, and they treat you like you are the only woman that they have eyes for," she thought for a moment, keeping her hand on mine. Then she went on, "Your father was like that. To me, it seems, Kouga is very similar. He only told me about how much he admires you, and adores you, Kagome. I mean, if he wasn't from the feudal era, I'd think he was overly obsessed with you. He has been nothing but polite to all of us. Has he always been this way?"

I smiled, and said, "Yes. He even made a point to seek out my traveling group to see me, or even give me flowers. And I found out from another wolf demon that he gave me his bed and had been sleeping on the floor. Every person in his tribe respects him... but I feel like if I were to pursue a relationship with him, it wouldn't be totally honest. I'd feel guilty."

"Inuyasha obviously doesn't feel guilty."


"What's keeping you from Kouga, Kagome? Even an old lady like me can see attraction between you two."

I thought about my answer, and said, "If I were to chose to be with Kouga, it would be forever, mom. And he's so serious about it."

"Forever? Girls around here would kill for a promise like that, especially from super-model material like Kouga," her eyebrows wiggled, making me laugh.

"Wolves 'mate for life,' and have some pretty unusual methods to find and obtain their mates, mom," I said, seriously, then paused. "He is kind of super-model material, isn't he? Especially with his chest exposed..."

"Kagome? Don't tell me you've done-"

"No, no, mom," I quickly stopped her. "He just slept without his armor on last night. No worries," I assured her, "he slept on the floor and I slept in my bed."

My mom's lips pursed, and then turned to a smile. "Well, that's a bit of a let-down."


"What? I'm not that old, I can appreciate a well-crafted man when I see one!"

I walked into the living room to tell Kouga and Souta that dinner was ready. Instead of the video-game playing I had expected, I found Kouga showing Souta how to kick somebody in the gut with impeccable precision. Souta wasn't too bad either...

"Hey, Kagome," Kouga smiled even though Souta had landed a good kick to his gut. Oh, to have demon strength...

"Dinner's ready, you two," I said smiling at them both. "Souta, would you run out to tell grandpa?"

After he had obediently run off, I walked up to Kouga and hugged him around the middle.

"Thanks for the affection, Kagome. Not that I'm ungrateful or anything but...?"

"Thanks for being so kind to my family. And me, Kouga," I said.

He accepted without hesitation and brought his arms up to encircle me back and rested his face on top of my head. "I told you I'd do anything for you. And I like your family."

I smiled and pulled away, almost feeling regret that I had to let go. "Come on, once dinner's done, we should make our way back to your time," I said, then led him by his clawed hand to the kitchen. Then, realizing that he did not have the furry arm warmers on his forearm, turned back to face him. "Kouga, don't you usually have fur on your arms, and on your forehead?"


"Do they come off? The ones on your legs too?" I asked, finally asking the question that had been bothering me since I'd met him.

"Yes, the do. You thought those were attached to me?"

"I wasn't sure... they always confused me."

He smiled and then began to lead me to the kitchen, and said, "Well, I'm glad you can now imagine me without those articles of clothing too."

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