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Five Years Later

Remus took a deep breath, his hand twitching to the frayed suitcase on the side of his knee. His fingertips brushed the brown luggage. He sighed, shivering at the same time as a cold breeze swept over his scarred face.

Over five years had passed since Sirius had kissed Remus on the train station, and given him that letter. Five years had passed and Remus hadn't done anything at all. The two friends hadn't stayed in touch either. They had not talked since their seventh year. The last communication they had ever had was that one kiss on the station. Five years ago.

Remus rang the bell again, a little impatiently, his feet shifting on the gravel beneath him. There was a thundering of footsteps muffled behind the door and he let out a sigh of relief – as least he was home.

The door in front of him creaked open and on the threshold stood Sirius Black. Remus gasped.

Five years had passed and Sirius was still the same. He had the same eager and shiny gray eyes. He had the sleek and perfect curtain of smooth black hair that fell into his eyes elegantly. He had the same figure, fit and muscled. He was still bloody gorgeous – as hot as he had been in Hogwarts. But somehow, his form was taller and much more mature-like. Remus' fingers on the suitcase's handle slipped.

"Moony." Sirius breathed disbelievingly, his lips parted in incredulity, his eyes scanning every part of Remus.

"It's great to see you, Padfoot." Remus said carefully, and felt himself being almost attacked in a hug from Sirius, his face in his neck.

"Oh my god, Moony," He mumbled, his breath hot on his shoulder blade. "It's been five years." Sirius broke away from him, tucking a strand away from his own forehead.

Absolutely speechless, Sirius opened the door wider for Remus to come into.

"What's with the suitcase, Rem?" Sirius asked confusedly as he walked in. "I thought you were living with your parents?"

"My parents are dead," Remus said carefully, trying to sound casual instead of frightened considering the subject of the conversation. "They died last week and I do not own their house legally."

Sirius stared wide-eyed at him. "Moony," He whispered heavily. "Are you homeless?"

"For a short amount of time," Remus said calmly. "I just hoped that before I would find a place of my own I could stay here with you."

Sirius' eyes were blank for a moment before he actually managed to smile. "Of course, you can live here!"

"And look–" The werewolf started, heaving his suitcase to his side. "I'm sorry for barging in like this, especially since I haven't even talked to you since we graduated–"

"We all stay busy." Sirius brushed off eagerly, dragging his suitcase upstairs for him.

Remus grinned slowly and nodded, following Sirius and unzipping his luggage. With the help of Sirius he was unpacked within the hour and the two of them were in the living room with a butterbeer each. It was darkening rapidly outside as the two of them settled onto the couch.

"So what have you been doing the last few years? You look weary."

"I'm still a werewolf, Sirius," Remus said slowly, readjusting on the couch. "You can't possibly expect me to look any healthier, do you?"

Sirius half-smirked half-smiled. "I guess not." He took another sip of butterbeer and wiped off his mouth with his sleeve.

"So how are you doing?"

"Normal. I've heard from James and Lily but not a word from Wormtail. It's strange, isn't it? We all made pacts to stay friends after school, but still…" Sirius said softly.

"I've really missed you, you know." Remus said gently. Sirius' head shot up and their eyes met in a slight pang. Remus smiled a little and Sirius looked away.

"Yeah, you too."

They were silent for a moment, Sirius playing slightly with his butterbeer. "Why did you never bring it up?" He asked slowly.

The smile slid off of Remus' face. "What?" He asked sharply. Sirius looked at him.

"That note."

"What note?" Remus asked quickly.

"Don't be thick," Sirius said impatiently. "The note I gave you in seventh year. Graduation."

Remus looked at Sirius a little impassively. "Nobody needs to know about that."

Sirius looked at him a little disbelievingly. He was almost denying that Sirius had ever given him that note, he was basically shooting him down.

"No, they don't," He said coolly. "But you should. Why didn't you ever say anything?" Sirius had stood up from the couch now, a rather livid something rising in his stomach. Remus had had five years, he had known for five bloody years – and yet here he was denying everything. Sirius' heart crumbled a little.

"Because it's too hard, Sirius!" Remus exploded rather desperately, his eyes already watering. "Why do I think I even came here today?"

"Because your parents are dead and now you are homeless."

"Well, that's not all," He said. "I came here because of that note. Because I had forgotten how lovely you really are, how you had been so selfless and courageous with that note, and how much I really love you, Sirius."

Sirius stared at him a little unemotionally. Then he threw his hands up into the air exasperatedly. "Five bloody years, Moony! I've waited five years, and now you tell me! Why not sooner?"

"What, are in love with someone else now? Am I not the topic-of-the-month?" Remus asked rather venomously.

"No! Remus, you were more than ever just a topic-of-the-month!" Sirius said. "But we could have been together for more than five years – five years! You never said anything!"

"I was never as brave as you!"

"So? You could have called – just mention the note – and I would understand. I didn't write that thing for nothing!"

"I know that! That's why not one day passes when I don't think of every word you've written in that thing! That's why it's in my suitcase right now upstairs! Don't you see, Sirius? It may seem rash and sappy but it's real, and I love you – but it's just not that easy to just bring it all up – it's not that simple! The only simple thing is that I love you!" Remus said loudly, his eyes blurry with tears. He had stood up, too, by now. He looked at his feet uneasily. "I love you, Padfoot."

The tension in the room was cut slightly, and Sirius stared at Remus doubtfully, both of them breathing heavily. He dropped the butterbeer glass he was holding with nimble fingers. It spilled and smashed in a furious fizz. Sirius walked forward, placing his elegant hands on Remus face and leaning in.

"I love you, Moony."

"I know that, Padfoot."

Their lips connected for the first time, in a blind attraction of love and lust and burning desire and passion. Sparks ignited in both of their mouths as Remus moved his hands into Sirius' smooth hair and Sirius brought his hands onto his waist, massaging his hips slightly.

Both of them groaned deep in each other's throats and pushed each other closer, their tongues fighting a rather desperate battle.

They pulled away, panting, Remus' hands sliding down to Sirius' jaw.

"Wow." Sirius said breathlessly, looking deep into Remus' eyes. He blinked.

Sirius moaned, pulling Remus' lips onto his again, where the previous passion was just as alive this time. More sparks flew from both of their lips as Remus cupped his cheek and twirled his fingers into the fine black locks in Sirius hair.

Remus' hand traveled down to his own pocket, where he slipped a small piece of parchment out of his jacket. The paper touched Sirius' hand as Remus slid the parchment into his palm, where Sirius' sweaty fingers jammed around it.

"What is this?" He asked, his lips still on Remus'. Remus smiled.

"Open it." He encouraged.

Sirius pulled farther away, undoing the many folds in the paper in his hands.


Sirius –

Today was graduation, as you see on the date up there. And while I have many regrets in my entire school career, I still regret one the most.

Which is probably that I've never told you how I really feel about you.

I love four important people in the world.

I love Lily and James, for their great friendship. I love Peter, because while he is clumsy, he is still loyal. But I love one person the most, and that is you.

But not like James or Lily or Peter. I love you so much that I just want to jump on you and kiss you. But I'll probably never have the guts to send this out. If you're reading this now, then I probably have, though.

You are wonderful, Sirius, and you should know that from the person who loves you the most.


Sirius laughed as he reached the end of the letter.

"See, Sirius?" Remus mumbled, a brilliant grin on his enlightened face. His pale hand caressed Sirius' cheek lightly. "I love you." Their foreheads rested against each other's.

Sirius looked at Remus' amber eyes – golden from the dim light – and slipped the paper into his jeans pocket carefully, his eyes still on Remus.

"C'mere." Sirius growled, pulling Remus closer to him and kissing him soundlessly on the lips again, and again and again and again.